Book cover of “Saving Nora“ by Xamueladex

Saving Nora

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Xamueladex
  • Uploaded by user428174
Nora Smith had always been mocked for her appearance. Overweight and self-conscious, she had never known intimacy or affection. Her world was turned upside down when she suddenly found herself pregnant, a mystery that left everyone, including Nora, bewildered. Adding to her distress, Nora's father had betrothed her to a wealthy family, a decision m... 


Five years later.

"Mommy, wake up. The plane I'd taxing".

The crisp voice made Nora open her eyes, upon which she immediately saw a delicate, adorable and young face.

Cherry Smith's big grape-like eyes blinked, and she rested her chin on her hands. "Mommy, did we come back to the states this time to look for daddy?"

Nora stretched and sat up lazily in her comfortable business class seat. She said lightly, "You don't have a father".

Cherry sighed like an adult. "I'm not a three year old anymore. I'm not going to believe your nonsense. I don't have a father? Surely I couldn't have just popped out of a rock, right?


Nora didn't reply, as she tied up her shoulder length hair. Her fair skin and sharp, pert nose, coupled with her rosy lips and graceful figure, made her a beautiful sight on the plane.

Cherry continued to mumble dissatisfiedly, "If it isn't to look for daddy, then is it to look for my elder brother?"

Elder brother…

A cold glint flashed past Nora's downcast almond shaped eyes.

That year, she had actually given birth to a pair of twins- a boy and a girl. However, Nora's father had disregarded her wishes and forcibly abandoned the two children.

She had climbed down from the delivery bed and fought with all her strength. In spite of that, she had only managed to save Cherry.

After that, she even went into critical condition. Had her aunt not rushed back in time and took her overseas to recuperate, she would probably have ceased to exist in the world.

It took five years before she finally recovered. Her obesity, which was caused by the mistaken use of hormones during her childhood, was also finally cured.

On the surface, her return to the states this time was because the Grays had finally agreed to call off the engagement, so she had come to handle the affairs.

However, the most important thing was actually to continue looking for her child.

Half an hour later, the plane came to a complete stop.

Nora let cherry, sit on the suitcase. Then, she walked while pushing the suitcase forward.

As soon as she turned on the phone, she received a call. On the other side of the line was a frivolous but lively voice. "Anti, you have to be carful!"

Nora asked casually, "Why?"

"Justin Hunt, the head of the number one family in the states, is currently collecting your personal information from all around the world. He's probably not going to give up this time until he finds you!"

The voice sounded a little like it's owner was gloating.

Nora said, "…Oh"

"Anti, you were overseas previously and weren't in his territory, so you were able to avoid it perfectly. But now that you have returned, you won't be able to escape anymore! As the most prestigious surgeon around, can't you just treat his grandmother's illness? I heard that Justin Hunt is very generous, and is even a man so handsome that it's hard to come by one like him. Maybe the two of you can even develop a romance that will move one to songs and tears!"

Nora yawned lazily.

The number one family was a big family with a big business. Interpersonal relationships within it were complicated. Treating the illness of someone from there might even end up involving the struggle for power and inheritance. Why would she involve herself with the open and secret fights of such top-class rich and powerful?

She was back in the states to look for her son. She mustn't cause complications.

As she approached the exit, Nora suddenly spotted a familiar figure in the arrival hall in front. She replied perfunctorily, "I'm not blessed enough to enjoy such beauty."

After hanging up the phone, she tossed the phone into her pocket and cast her down coldly. She didn't expect to see an old acquaintance so soon.

A man stood at a prominent spot at the exit of the airport. He was wearung a suit and looked quite bright and cheerful. He looked a little more mature than how he had been five years ago – he turned out to be her fiancé, Anthony Gray.

With a pick-up placard in his hand, he stood there impatiently and grumbled, "When is that damned ugly fatty coming out?"

Behind him, his butler said, "Mr. Gray, please be patient. The old sir has specially instructed you to refrain from making things too ugly even if you are calling off the engagement."

Anthony frowned. He looked a little irritated. "Patience, isn't it more like disgust? She was so fat previously, and she must even be fatter after she gave birth. She probably wants to save the engagement even more strongly now, right? Why am I so unlucky to become entangled with someone like that?!"

His words reached Nora's ears, but she didn't bat even an eyelid.

In the past five years, she had repeatedly brought up her desire to break off the engagement. However, neither the Smiths nor the Grays had agreed. Who exactly was entangling with whom?

She couldn't be bothered to pay attention to that man and intended to leave immediately with Cherry.

After grumbling, Anthony turned — and his eyes lit up!

The beautiful woman, who was the first to walk out of the airport, was gorgeous and unbelievably stunning. It was as if the entire airport had lit up a few notches brighter the moment she appeared.

Seeing the woman getting closer and closer, Anthony straightened his back and neated his luxury suit. Then, he smiled and asked confidently, "Hi beautiful, can I ask your name?"

He was the exact picture of a male peacock with it's train spread open.

Nora paused and looked at him coolly.

"Nora Smith."

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