Book cover of “Seducing My Best Friend“ by Fan_girl1122

Seducing My Best Friend

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Fan_girl1122
  • Uploaded by user732670
Jace is a hot, rich, and handsome playboy, the most desirable bachelor in New York City. His relationships are fleeting, changing girlfriends as often as he changes clothes. Marriage? No way. That is, until Sophia enters the picture. Sophia is Jace's best friend. She understands him like no one else and never judges his lifestyle. Their bond is str... 

A virgin

Entering his apartment, Jace took her directly to the bathroom and ran the shower on. Cold water ran through her body giving her chills but she was burning inside due to the effect of the drug .

Irressisting the need rising in her body , she grabbed the corner of her blouse and pulled it over her head . Without thinking she grabbed Jace's collar and brought him closer slamming her breasts onto his rock hard chest and planted her lips on HIS....

The moment Sophie's lips touched Jace's, there was a spark . His brain went off and all the thoughts went out . Only desires took over his body.

He never felt this before. The kiss was so pure .... Forbidden....It was wrong ..... But it felt so right.... She was his best friend. His baby girl... His sunshine ... who made him happy with her sweet smile..... But here , in this moment , she was in his arms .... kissing him like her life depends on him. She hadn't kissed anyone before nor was kissed.

It was her first kiss. She didn't know how to kiss but she felt as if she didn't kiss him , she would die .

Jace froze at first as he was surprised by her . But when her lips started causing an unknown pleasing sensation, he kissed her back .

His lips started moving on its own ... Perfectly moulding with her lips. His tongue was coaxing her lips , asking for entrance ....

The moment he entered her mouth , exploring every corner of her . He was lost.

Last thread of resistance which remained in his mind broke and he took full control over their kiss, giving in to his desire to have her.

His hands explored every part of her body, pulling her close in spite of being already close enough , so no air could not pass between them.

Cold water running over them , Jace broke the kiss pulling away just to put them on her neck, kissing and nipping on the soft skin there. Sophia was writhing and moaning aloud. She was rubbing her lower part on his body .

He couldn't help but feel the need seeping from her body to his . He picked her up and took her to his bedroom without breaking their kiss.

He put her on his bed. His eyes ran over her body . His eyes darken seeing a hot and wet Sophia writhing in his bed asking for his touch.

He gathered all his strength and looked away, saying , " Sophie , you need to sleep. You are high due to drugs. Please baby ! Try to sleep . "

" No Jace! I can't sleep. I am feeling so hot. Please Jace do something . I feel like I'll die ". Sophie cried ... Her eyes were half open . Her lips were trembling. She lifted her hand to call him near her.

"Fuck...." Jace cursed under his breath.

In two long strides he was close to her . pulling his t-shirt over his head , he bent down to take her lips in his mouth to give an open mouthed kiss . He moved his lips from her lips to her cheeks . He started kissing her jawline moving towards her neck . Sophie was moaning , seeking for relief. He unclasped her bra and removed her jeans.

His lips fell on her soft nipples and he wanted nothing to suck and lick her full and soft bosom. He took her soft bud in his mouth and sucked on it until it became hard and aching red. He gave his equal attention to her other nipple making it hard and red so painfully.

When he was satisfied with his artwork his lips traveled south. He left wet kisses over her stomach and halting over the belly button he licked and circled his tongue in it. Sophia moaned and curved her back pressing his head down on her body . His lips traveled down towards her apex.

His head disappeared between her legs . His tongue started licking her core , his lips massaging her sweet p***y. Sophie's moaning became loud. She was writhing and thrashing her head. She never had any man there.

Jace was lost in her sweet taste. Her moans were like some music for his ear.

He looked up to see her face which was flushed red . He was panting and heaving trying to control . He asked her, his were eyes dark filled with l**t ," Tell me.... What do you want Sophie? "

Sophie could not think straight . Her mind was dizzy and her body was burning . " I want you Jace . I want this pain off."

She whispered, " Please Jace something to make this pain go..... ahhhhh...."

In a blink , Jace's clothing was gone and he positioned himself between her legs . His m*****d touching her sweet core.

He bent down to take her mouth again in a deep kiss and wanted to taste her lips. When he moved up his head to look at her, his eyes asking for her permission. He was breathing heavily as he was stopping himself with difficulty.

"Sophie ! Are you sure?" He asked her one last time.

Sophie didn't answer as she wasn't able to form a word. She just arched her back in urgency, rubbing herself on him.

He need not to ask again as he got his clue.

With a jerk ,he entered her core breaking her resistance. Sophie cried out loud.

He froze knowing the fact that she was a virgin. He mentally cursed himself for his impatience. He would be slower and gentler, if he knew that she was a virgin.

He bent his head and kissed her forehead , nose moving down to capture her lips, trying to sooth her pain.

She cried in his mouth and soon pain was replaced by pleasure. She tapped on his shoulder to tell him to move .He took the hint and started t*******g in and out of her. Soon their bodies started moving together in a perfect rhythm.

She cried reaching her climax , panting hard . Her face was flushed red , her eyes were closed.nHe kept moving in her , thrusting hard and fast in her sweet vagina . Soon Jace also released himself inside her sweet core.

Jace pulled out and lied beside her pulling her into his arms. Soon sleep engulfed them. A sweet smile spread on Jace's lips. He knew their relationship would be changed after this.

He was so mesmerised by this moment. He knew at this moment Sophie was his . He would do anything to keep her in his life.

He was afraid how she would react in the morning when reality would hit her hard.

But was sure they'd find a way to start their life and friendship new. He didn't want to think about the future . He just wanted to devour the happiest moment of his life....



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