Book cover of “She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Ⅱ“ by Mr. Yan

She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Ⅱ

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mr. Yan
  • Uploaded by user277780
They say the greatest blessing is marrying the idol you always dreamed of. But Qiao Lian knows that reality is different... The Internet claims that Best Actor Shen Liangchuan is a male god who is unaffected by any sexual drive, but Qiao Lian vehemently disagrees. It's a lie! From the outside, Shen Liangchuan seems like the perfect husband—handsome... 

Him and Her

Late night.

In a lavishly decorated bedroom, the dim yellow lights contrasted the silence and the mysterious atmosphere of the night.

Qiao Lian sat on a large classical-style bed, uneasily clutching onto her sensual nightgown.

She had always been a fearless person. However, upon thinking of what was about to happen, she was filled with anxiety. Qiao Lian bit her lower lip and her deep, dark eyes floated subtly towards the direction of the bathroom.

The sound of the running water stopped, and the bathroom door opened. When the tall Shen Liangchuan walked out of the bathroom, he made the spacious bedroom look cramp. He exuded an inherent, distinguished aura.

Qiao Lian's heart jolted, and she quickly stood up.

This man was her newlywedded husband, yet this was the first time they were meeting.

He donned a white bathrobe, his hair still dripping wet. His facial features, including a sharp nose and thin lips, were more distinct and handsome than what they looked like on television. His long, almond-shaped eyes also felt sharp, but cold.

"Mr. Shen, this is the first time we're meeting. It's my pleasure," Qiao Lian forced a sweet smile and tried her best to use a light, relaxed tone to greet him.

Just as she finished speaking, his gaze darkened. There was a sense of danger that flashed within his eyes.

"Our first meeting?"

His voice was deep, and the coldness in it left a chill in her heart!

There was a certain sense of sarcasm in the way he spoke. Before Qiao Lian could figure out what he meant, he suddenly turned around and switched off the lights.


The sudden darkness startled Qiao Lian. The next moment, she felt someone grab her waist tightly. The room spun around her and she fell onto the bed, pinned by a bulky stature emanating a strong masculine scent.

His actions were extremely rough, entering her without any foreplay. What followed felt like a tempestuous ravage across her body.

Every push he made felt like he was using his utmost strength. Until the end, she could not feel any tinge of pleasure from the sex. It felt like she was going through a cruel punishment.

When the deed was done, Qiao Lian laid on the bed weakly, feeling pain in every part of her body. Her nasal tip was filled with the aggressive, masculine scent. Before she was even able to catch her breath, he clutched at her chin and forced her to look him in the eyes.

In the dark, she could not see the complex emotions churning in his eyes. All she could hear was his deep and cold voice warn her, "Ms. Qiao, I do not want news of our marriage to be leaked to the public, so as to prevent unnecessary problems from occurring during our divorce in the future."

Qiao Lian was dumbfounded.

They had just finished with such an intimate act and were both still unclothed, but he was already going to turn against her?

She clenched her fists and suppressed the humiliating feeling in her heart.

Right. This marriage itself was just a deal after all.

She needed money, and he needed a child.

It was only right and proper for him to ask for a hidden marriage.

"Mr. Shen, you don't have to worry about it," Qiao Lian took a deep breath, then lowered her eyes and replied obediently.

He stood up and walked towards the bathroom without a trace of care. After he took a shower, he changed and left.

It wasn't until Qiao Lian heard the car engine start that she realized he had left.

He had actually left her alone in their room on their wedding night?

Qiao Lian was momentarily dazed. After regaining her senses, she rolled over in bed and fell asleep while hugging the blanket.

In the middle of the night, her phone on the nightstand buzzed several times. The lock screen showed a preview of Weibo's most popular headlines:

[HOT! According to inside sources, Best Actor Shen Liangchuan was registered married today!]

The Weibo post exploded across the internet like an atomic bomb.

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