Book cover of “She Returns as A Billionairess“ by Fiona Jaramillo

She Returns as A Billionairess

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Fiona Jaramillo
  • Uploaded by user233334
Hendry Lowery and Kaylah Delgado had been married for three tumultuous years. Throughout their marriage, Hendry never cared about Kaylah, treating her with indifference and neglect. Kaylah, with a heart full of hope, believed that even a stone could be warmed over time. But each attempt to connect with him only led to disappointment and heartache. ... 

Chapter 1 His Mistress

After Kaylah served the last dish on the table, she saw Hendry walking in with Alondra Galvan.

During their three years of marriage, Hendry always ignored Kaylah.

Every night Hendry wasn't with Kaylah, Alondra would send messages or photos of her being intimate with Hendry to show off.

Hendry didn't want to marry Kaylah. So their marriage was unhappy.

Alondra leaned against Hendry. "Kaylah, I'm so sorry to disturb you. Did you make all of this? How amazing! You are much better than me. I am too weak. Hendry feels I'm pitiful, so he never lets me cook."

Kaylah bit her lower lip. Alondra's appearance made her once again realize that Hendry didn't love her.

"Wow! I never expected a mistress to be so high-profile."

Alondra looked aggrieved. "Kaylah, don't misunderstand the relationship between me and Hendry. The doctor said I couldn't eat too much takeout food. I heard that you are good at cooking, so I begged Hendry to bring me here. I just want to enjoy your cooking.

Kaylah clenched her fists. "Ms. Galvan, are we very close? How can you address me by my name? I cooked for my husband, not you."

Hendry frowned. "What are you doing, Kaylah? Is this how you treat your guest? It's just a meal. Don't make a fuss over nothing."

"That's right. Serving us is your job since you married my brother. No big deal to have one more person eat here." Upstairs, Cecilia Lowery said with an impatient expression.

"Besides, if not for you, Alondra might have married my brother." Cecilia habitually sat at the table and patted the seat beside her. "Alondra, come and sit here."

There were four people at a table. Cecilia and Alondra talked to each other closely, while Hendry and Kaylah looked at each other in disdain.


The phone rang. Hendry picked up the phone and answered a few words. Then he hung up.

"I have something to do at the company. Kaylah, take care of them. I'm leaving first. I won't be back tonight."

Hendry left in a hurry.

Kaylah looked at the two people at the dining table and lost her appetite. "I'm done eating. You can do as you please."

After that, she turned and went upstairs.

"Is Kaylah unhappy? It's all my fault."

"Alondra, don't worry about her. Try this..."

Kaylah lay on the bed, constantly recalling the past three years.

When she first met Hendry, who was going to give a speech at school, she fell in love with him at first sight.

Marrying him was her dream.

But after marrying him, her beautiful dream became nothing.

He was as gentle as she thought, but he never showed her any gentleness.

He was as strong as she thought, but he was unwilling to protect her.

In order to maintain this fragile marriage, she put down everything. She worked hard every day to take care of the whole Lowery family, doing housework and taking care of her in-laws.

No matter how many difficulties Hendry's mother and sister had given her, she would endure them one by one and never cause trouble for him.

She thought that as long as she worked harder and endured a little more, he would see how good she was.

However, he still ignored what she thought and brought Alondra home for dinner.

Maybe he would divorce her and marry Alondra soon.

Bang bang!

There was a knock on the door.

Kaylah opened the door and saw Alondra looking wronged. "Kaylah, I'm sorry. I didn't know that today was your three-year anniversary with Hendry. I shouldn't come here to disturb you."

"Hendry is not here. You don't have to pretend to be pitiful." Kaylah wasn't in the mood to deal with Alondra, so she talked in a direct way.

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