Book cover of “Signing In for Eight Years, I Was Exposed as a Zillionaire!“ by Rain Butterfly Dances To The End Of The World

Signing In for Eight Years, I Was Exposed as a Zillionaire!

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Rain Butterfly Dances To The End Of The World
  • Uploaded by user872564
Ye Xuan transmigrated back to when he was an infant, cradled in the embraces of his nine older sisters. To his astonishment, he activated the God-tier Sign-in System. [You are hugged by your eldest sister, the COO of a financial conglomerate. You signed in and obtained RMB 100,000,000.] [You are fed medicine by your second sister, crowned the God H... 

Divine-Level Sign-In System!

"Wow, how cute."


"I want to kiss him first."

"I'll go first."


"How noisy."

When Ye Xuan heard the voices beside him, he was furious. He tried his best to open his eyes and saw a beautiful nurse hugging him. This nurse looked like she had just started her internship.

There were also a few beauties surrounding him, all of them looking at him. Each of them was extremely beautiful. In an instant, Ye Xuan thought that he had come to a country of women.

Some of the beauties looked to be around 18 years old, while others were slightly immature and looked to be only 14 or 15 years old. However, they were all extremely beautiful.

Ye Xuan was speechless.

He was filled with doubt, but after a while, Ye Xuan realized something. Had he been reborn?

Furthermore, he had been reborn as a baby!

Good lord. This was simply a terrible start. Even the Creator could not do this to him.

He still had several gigabytes of "learning materials" in his old hard drive.

What? Did you say that several gigabytes of data could only store a few videos?

Sorry, he was talking about several gigabytes of compressed data.

"I want to go back!"

"I'm going back!"

Just as Ye Xuan was roaring in his heart…

A light screen popped up in front of him.

[Detected that the host has been reborn. Please bind to the Divine-Level Sign-In System.]

[Host, would you like to bind with the system?]

The Divine-Level Sign-In System?

Ye Xuan was stunned for a moment and stopped struggling.

[Once again, would the host like to bind with the system?]

[Are you going to bind with the system or not?]

Ye Xuan was speechless. Why was the system so anxious?

He would bind with the system!

Damn it. Whoever didn't bind with the system was a coward!

[Congratulations to the host for binding with the Divine-Level Sign-In System. The system will randomly trigger a sign-in at a specific scene or moment.]

[Scenes that trigger a sign-in can be repeated.]

These words popped up on the screen.

Ye Xuan looked forward and understood.

Then, the screen popped up again.

[Detected that the host is currently being carried by Second Sister Ye Ying. You have received the opportunity to sign in. Do you want to sign in?]

"I'll sign in."

Ye Xuan couldn't speak and could only chant in his heart.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in and obtaining the Divine-Level Acupuncture Technique.]

The Divine-Level Acupuncture Technique?

What was the point of having this? He wasn't Nurse Rong1

Furthermore, who was Second Sister Ye Ying?

Was this the name of the beauty in front of him?

Second Sister?

Could the other beauties be his sisters?

Thinking about this, Ye Xuan became excited.

Who cared?

He would enjoy this first!

Then, Ye Xuan moved forward.


Meanwhile, Ye Ying, who was hugging Ye Xuan, felt someone rubbing against her and immediately shouted. Then, a girl beside her smiled and said, "Second Sister, he's treating you as his mother."

"But I'm only 16 years old. I'm not his mother."

Ye Ying looked at Ye Xuan, who was in her arms. Everyone came over and saw that Ye Xuan stopped rubbing against Ye Ying. He even had a sweet smile on his face and looked satisfied.

"Look at him. He's not crying."

"Good boy."

"That's right."

"He's even smiling. He looks happy."

Everyone spoke. Then, Ye Ying, who was carrying Ye Xuan, frowned. "I heard from the head nurse that if a child doesn't cry when they're born, they might be suffering from a lack of oxygen or a blocked respiratory tract."

As she spoke, Ye Ying slapped Ye Xuan's butt.


He didn't cry.


She slapped him again.

He still wasn't crying.

Ye Ying looked at Ye Xuan in her arms and saw him looking at her with a bitter gaze.

Ye Ying was speechless.

Was he so stubborn?

If Ye Xuan could talk now, he would curse. He was in so much pain!

The next moment, he saw that Ye Ying seemed to have made up her mind.

Pa! Pa! Pa!


Then, a loud cry resounded throughout the entire room.

The next day, everyone left the hospital. Ye Xuan was being carried by Ye Wan.

[Detected that the host is being carried by Big Sister Ye Wan. You have received a chance to sign in. Do you want to sign in?]

Had he triggered another sign-in opportunity?

Ye Xuan's heart jumped.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in. You have received 100,000,000 yuan.]


Was this a hundred million?

A hundred million yuan?

Was it that satisfying?

[The amount has been distributed to the system's customized bank card.]

Then, Ye Xuan got into a Rolls-Royce.

They headed home.

Along the way, be it the buildings, the green plants beside them, or the asphalt roads that glowed under the sunlight, everything revealed the aura of money and nobility.

When they arrived at the villa area above, Ye Xuan's horizons were broadened. The villas here were all really grand. Some of them even had mastiffs that were as tall as adult women.

A while later, they arrived at the villa.

Ye Xuan was carried by Ye Wan. He looked at the majestic gate in front of him. The huge courtyard showed how extraordinary this villa was. Not only that, but there were also stone carvings in the entrance hall and courtyard. Every decoration improved the style of the entire courtyard and villa.

It could be seen that the design here was definitely made by a top designer.

"Little brother, we're home." Ye Wan smiled at Ye Xuan. Then, she turned around. "You guys, aren't you going to help Mom up?"

The girls behind helped a woman down and everyone walked into the villa.

At this moment, Ye Xuan was overjoyed. What kind of family was this?

However, Ye Xuan also understood that the probability of triggering this system was quite high. It could be triggered at least once a day. Right now, it was only triggered by his Big Sister and Second Sister.

Would the other sisters trigger it too?

In an instant, Ye Xuan understood that he could only live like this for now. After all, he was just a child and couldn't speak. He could only babble.

Moreover, it was impossible for him to work in the future. He could only live like this for now. Every day, he could only get his sisters to rub their chests against his face and head.

When they reached home, Ye Xuan was placed on the exquisite crib by his Big Sister and was surrounded by a few sisters.

In the blink of an eye, eight years had passed.

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