Book cover of “Simulation towards Immortality in a Group Chat“ by Ethereal Like A Dream

Simulation towards Immortality in a Group Chat

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ethereal Like A Dream
  • Uploaded by user359833
One day, Wang Ping found himself joining a transmigrators' group chat, a unique forum where each member could randomly transmigrate to different worlds and obtain their own exclusive cheats. Wang Ping believed he was about to reach the pinnacle of his life, ready to embrace the endless possibilities and adventures that awaited him. But then, realit... 

Chapter 1

"Unbelievable! I write so well, but I only have 56 subscribers! That's ridiculous!"

Wang Ping looked at his author's dashboard on the computer, where there were only 56 initial subscribers, and felt frustrated.

Just like his name, Wang Ping was merely an ordinary person in his ordinary life.

He had completed nine years of compulsory education and then went to college.

After graduation, he worked as a waiter and a screw assembler.

His girlfriend, who deemed him useless and aimless, had left him for another man.

This made him even more depressed and immersed in the world of novels.

Every time he saw an author posting something toxic, he would criticize that author, questioning their ability to write novels.

Then he heard that writing novels could make money, so he thought that after reading novels for so many years, it wouldn't be so hard for him to write one.

But there was no "then".

From the beginning, when he couldn't even write a sentence, to the point where he could finally write more fluently, he had spent so much energy and effort.

However, when his first book was published, it only had single-digit initial subscriptions, which almost made him collapse.

Although his second book had better subscriptions than the first one, the result was still disappointing.

Most importantly, he didn't have the money to stay in a rental apartment and focus solely on writing novels anymore.

"Sigh, it's true. No industry is easy."

Wang Ping looked at the instant noodles on his cluttered computer desk, took a puff of a cigarette, let out a deep sigh, and stared blankly at the ceiling.

Now he was 25 years old, and he had no idea how to live the rest of his life.

At 25, with no savings and being an orphan, marriage seemed unlikely for him.

If he were to get sick, it would be a catastrophe.

"This Earth OL is so bad, I would be better off not playing it!"

Wang Ping breathed out a ring of smoke and grumbled.

"Ding, Transmigrator Chat Group invites you to join. Do you want to join immediately?"

It was at this moment that a mechanical voice suddenly rang in Wang Ping's mind.

Then, a pale blue virtual luminescent screen appeared before his eyes.

On it were the options "'Yes" and "No"


This made Wang Ping snap back to his senses and rub his eyes, thinking that he might have had both hallucinations and auditory hallucinations.

However, even after rubbing his eyes several times without the luminescent screen disappearing, he couldn't help but get excited.

"Chat group!?"

"So it turns out that I am a winner in life with a golden finger. It's just that this golden finger has come a little too late in life."

Wang Ping excitedly rubbed his hands together.

Many novel protagonists were ordinary people who obtained golden fingers during their most desolate moments, which then led them to soar high in life and reach the peak of their lifetime.

He guessed that was probably his case, too.

However, a chat group storyline was somewhat outdated in the world of web novels.

Moreover, chat groups were usually a collective golden finger and not a personal one.

If it was a harmonious and helpful chat group, that would be great.

But if it was a highly competitive and scheming chat group, it would be quite troublesome.

"Whatever, even if it's a dark chat group, as long as I can lay low, reduce my desires a little, it will be fine."

Wang Ping thought to himself:

All he needed was to improve himself a little through the chat group, make some money and enjoy life in this ordinary world of his.

That's right, even after joining the chat group, he only wanted to live a more affluent, peaceful, and happy life.

Although this might seem a bit lacking in ambition, it was already much better than his previous life.

Of course, this was based on the assumption of joining a chat group with a not-so-good atmosphere. If it was a chat group with a great atmosphere, he would still fantasize about attaining extraordinary powers and immortality.

As numerous thoughts flooded his mind, Wang Ping chose 'Yes.'

"Ding! Congratulations on joining the Transmigrator Chat Group. The transmigration will begin in half an hour. Please be mentally prepared."

The system voice sounded, leaving Wang Ping stunned.

"Transmigration? What the hell is this?"

While Wang Ping was still in shock, new messages appeared in the chat group.

"Ding, congratulations to the 66th group member Wang Ping for joining the Transmigrator Chat Group."

"Ding, congratulations to the 67th group member Chen Kang for joining the Transmigrator Chat Group."

With the appearance of these two group messages, the group became lively.

Wu Jun (20): "Oh, two new members at once? Welcome!"

Liu Mei (15): "Two more unfortunate souls? Poor them."

Zhang Hu (5): "Silent tribute. I wonder if these two can survive."

Fang Yun (3): "It's tough. None of the recent ten newcomers have survived. It's really sad."



Looking at the chat content in the group, Wang Ping was a bit dumbfounded.

Huh!? What did these group members mean? Did people often die in this group?

Just as Wang Ping was about to speak, the other newcomer interrupted.

Chen Kang (67): "Senior transmigrators, what do you mean all the recent ten newcomers died!? Is this group a trap? Frightened.jpg"

Fang Yun: "Heh, you figured it out pretty quickly, knowing that this is the Transmigrator's Chat Group, and calling us senior transmigrators. Just as you said, this group indeed has a trap, and it's a huge one."

Chen Kang (67): "..."

Wang Ping (66): "...."

Zhang Hu (5): "You can see the order we joined the group through the numbers next to our names. Now look at the group member list and see how many names are still there."

Following Zhang Hu's words, Wang Ping hurriedly looked at the group list.

Then he saw a scene that made his scalp tingle.

Group members: 7/67.

A series of dark avatars and names.

This meant that out of the 65 previous group members, only five had survived?

This death rate was absolutely off the charts!

For a moment, Wang Ping felt numb, and a sense of panic began to breed within him.

He thought that a golden finger had come, but who would have thought that it was actually a death warrant.

Wang Ping (66): "....Can I withdraw from the group now?"

Chen Kang (67): "....Same question as the guy above."

Liu Mei (15): "Hehe, no can do. Once you've joined the group, there's no going back. Instead of being frightened, it's better to prepare for the transmigration in half an hour. That way, your chances of survival might be slightly higher. But of course, it's only a tiny bit."

Wang Ping: "....Why do you say that?"

Liu Mei (15): "The transmigration you're imagining probably involves soul travel, with a nice family, or at worst, is a classic orphan setting, right?"

Chen Kang (67): "Isn't that the case?"

Liu Mei: "Hehe, of course not. The real situation is that this chat group randomly selects a world and throws you into it. In other words, your identity is completely unrecognized. To the people in the Exoteric World, you're just a strangely dressed and possibly foreign-speaking, unregistered oddity. I don't need to tell you what the consequences might be."

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