Book cover of “Slice of Life in Fantasy World“ by Parshant_Morwal

Slice of Life in Fantasy World

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Parshant_Morwal
  • Uploaded by user396565
Liam was your average teenager, indistinguishable in a crowd, until an unexpected accident led to his reincarnation on a magical planet named Endora. Endora was a world brimming with magic and fantasy, inhabited by humans and myriad other races. In this extraordinary place, Liam found himself reborn into a prestigious duke family, giving him a priv... 

Chapter 1. Liam Nolan

"Another boring day."

After the school bell rang, Liam came out of the classroom and went to the parking space inside the school.

He entered the parking lot and took out his motorcycle, started it and drove to his home.

Liam belong to an average family.

In the family there are three more members who live with him.

They are his mother, father and elder brother.

Liam looks absolutely average but that was not a problem for him.

Even though he didn't have a girlfriend he was happy in his life.

His elder brother works and his salary is enough for them to live easily.

This motorcycle was also given to him by his elder brother.

"Okay, let's go home and see if the author has updated the novel." Liam said

He read incest novels and it wasn't because he was thinking about his mother or anything that would be disgusting to him.

After all, a normal man would definitely not see his mother as a woman if he grew up with her.

But if his mother had been a stepmother, it would have been a different matter.

But his mother wasn't a stepmother so incest was pretty much out of his league.

He likes incest novels because how to say in the end it turns him on.

He is too embarassed to admit that he likes incest.

No normal person will admit that he likes incest.

On the Webnovel app, he had read many novels from different categories such as Fantasy with Cultivation, Novels where the main character has a system, a strong main character, Incest, Fanfiction, Reincarnation etc.

He had read many novels but he likes only two or three genres novel.

In the novel there should be incest, harem, and netori.

Before reading he would read reviews and comments to see whether it's suitable for him.

Well let's not talk about this. Let's talk about his school.

His life in school was absolutely normal.

The examination will also start in 10 days.

He had already planned his normal life, where after some time he would get a job and marry a woman, and so on.

But he did not know that everything would change today.

When he was going to his home on a motorcycle on the highway.

Because the distance to his house was quite long, he had to use the highway road.

Earlier he used to come to school by bus.

When he was going on the highway he kept his motorcycle at full speed.

He used to do the same every time but today something happened when he was at full speed a car honked from behind him.


He lost his balance and collided with a truck, but not only this, due to the full speed of motorcycle his body rolled in front of the truck.

He was hit by a truck and his head was flattened.


The car behind him seems to have the same fate. It also had an accident with the same truck.

'Ughh it hurts, Am I going to die?' Liam thought while trying hard to keep his eyes open but it was impossible as the time went.

'But at least I have an elder brother, he can earn and let mom and dad live a good life.' This was the last thought of Liam on the planet called Earth.

After Liam was hit by a truck, the truck driver came out to save him but was shocked when he saw him like this because he at this time was already dead.

The truck driver then looked towards the car but he got scared because the person who was driving the car was also dead and then he muttered "I-I killed someone, no-no I have to get out before the police come."

After seeing that two people died due to an accident with his truck and they could not be saved, he thought of running away directly.

"Call the Ambulance hurry up."

"I have already called the ambulance and police."

There were many vehicles driving on the highway. Soon the traffic became heavy and crowded.

They stopped their vehicle after they saw accident. Some people called ambulance.

But still no one went to check because the scene was gruesome.

No one wanted to get involved with the accident.

But when they saw that the truck driver was about to run away, they also called the police.

The truck driver wanted to run away, saw that the police car had already arrived, and before he could run away, he was directly arrested.

He will definitely be punished according to the crime, even though it was an accident but someone is always unlucky and that unlucky person was this truck driver.

This was a brief story of what happens after the crash on Earth.


Let's talk about Liam situation!

Liam found himself in darkness and for some reason he could not open his eyes even if he wanted to.

He could only feel the environment.

Then he felt a gentle hand rub over his thoughts or his soul, whatever he was at this moment.

He felt drowsy before he slept he felt that he had arrived on a squashy place.


Endora is a planet which is far away from the planet name Earth.

Planet Endora is inhabited by many great races such as humans, elves, angels, demons, dragons, spirits, celestials, vampires and even the undead.

But even ancient people do not know its history.

The history is like fate covered by a layer of fog.

There are many species and similarly there were many kingdoms on this planet. Kingdoms are places which are sacred in their own species.

The species that are not strong take refuge and surrender to the stronger species that have their own kingdoms to keep themselves safe and secure.


Drerachi Kingdom, Ancrid City

Drerachi kingdom is ruled by humans. Drerachi kingdom didn't discriminate against other species.

When a different species live in different kingdom they need to follow the rules.

All kingdoms have their own rules but the rules of drerachi kingdom are most friendly to other species.

The human race are not strong and even weak because of their physique but they have their own kingdom cause they are massive in numbers.

It has to be told that even some weak species form their own 'kingdom' but it's like a tribe. They won't get any respect from other species.


Inside the Duke Nolan palace there were many maid's which were standing and have worry on their face.

Even the Duke himself was pacing back and forth because today the Duchess will give birth.

Many soldiers were watching out in the dark so the Duchess won't have any accident and get assassinated while giving the birth to the heir of Duke palace.

Inside the room,

The Duchess whose name is also Lilith had sweat on her forehead while she was enduring the pain.

There were maid's who were standing and helping Lilith.

When Lilith was enduring pain the babies were born.

Yes babies, not baby. They were twins.

Soon after they were born the cry of babies reassured the Duke Lucius outside the room.

He knocked on the door while asking for permission.

"Come in" Lilith heard the knock and replied. She know it was her husband Lucius who was knocking the door.

After Lucius got response he come inside and looked at the babies first.

Only after checking and finding out the babies were safe he looked at Lilith.

Lilith seems to have no expression on her face when she saw that her husband looked at the babies first.

She already experienced what she should in her life until now.

Then Lucius coughed and showed concern for his wife..

"Dear, are you alright?"

"I am fine, dear" She turned towards her babies while a maternal expression formed on her face. Her eyes contains warmth and love for them. The expression were completely different from what she showed to Lucius.

Lilith could speak normally because she was healed by them but there was still fatigue on her face.

She looked the other baby who was silent while looking at her curiously. She sensed his heart beat and was relieved.

"Dear, are they both boys?" Lucius asked.

If they are both boy's then he had to think which one to train as the heir.

"No, they are girl and boy. Why don't we give them name?" Lilith was still looking at the babies when she asked him that. She was too lazy to pretend with him.

She know her husband is power hungry and he had many schemes but she wouldn't stop him or anything.

It's only that she was too lonely before but now she has babies.

She decided to give her all love to the babies.

Lucius didn't know hia wife thought and he agreed.

He said "Ok then the girl name will be Leah, Leah Nolan."

Lilith nodded her head and looked at the baby boy. She thought for a moment and said "Then the boy name will be Liam, Liam Nolan."


[Warning: the novel contains incest. If you aren't into it, I'd suggest you to not continue it.]

[A little warning again: This book contains Shota and Milk!]

[Note: The system will awaken on 140 chapter! Please be patient. It will be fully explained on 150 chapter.]

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