Book cover of “Slumdog Billionaire Husband“ by Rayden Berg

Slumdog Billionaire Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Rayden Berg
  • Uploaded by user970719
He was the strongest weapon of the Night Watch, a Slaughterer whose very name shook the world. Feared and revered, he was a force to be reckoned with, unmatched in skill and resolve. But three years ago, during a critical mission, he was seriously injured and lost his memory, becoming a shadow of his former self. Found and saved by a kind stranger,... 

Chapter 1 Divorce

At a construction site in Los Angeles.

Gerald Kenneth looked a little embarrassed. He was wearing a vest, revealing his skin that was a little tanned, and his strong muscles. He was carrying around five bags of cement on his shoulder.

It was his mission this morning. He could get paid 64 dollars if he moved the whole truckload of cement from the construction site's gate to the designated spot.

Beside him was a hot short-haired woman. She was gesticulating with her hands and explaining something to him patiently.

"Mr. Kenneth, please believe me. I am not a liar. You are indeed the ace of our mysterious army 'Night Watch'. You are our strongest weapon. Three years ago, you disappeared on a special mission. Now it seems that you were badly injured on that mission and that you have lost your memory, so you remember nothing."

Gerald looked relaxed as he carried the cement, which was about 440 pounds. He stopped and glanced at the woman. "Don't keep me from my work, OK?"

The woman was right. Gerald only had three years of memory. He could not remember anything before that.

The mysterious woman was stunned. Looking at Gerald, who was carrying cement, she felt that her nose was a little sour. Gerald used to be famous in the world and was known as the strongest combat force of Night Watch. Someone called him Slaughterer. And now, he was a worker at some construction site!

"Mr. Kenneth, as long as you come back with me, we will find a way to help you remember everything. And you don't have to work here. You will have countless wealth..."

Gerald didn't bother talking to her. He got back to work!

The beautiful woman pursed her lips and gritted her teeth. "Mr. Kenneth, think about it again. I will come here again tomorrow!"

Ignoring the beautiful woman, Gerald moved the cement to the designated place and threw it on the ground. Countless dust splashed and fell on his body, making him look even dirtier.

Yet he was long used to it. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and planned to continue walking toward the door. Meanwhile, a car stopped not far away. A middle-aged woman in gorgeous clothes got out of the car and walked towards him. She wore a mask and walked carefully with every step as if she was afraid of dirtying her black shoes!

"Mom!" Seeing her, Gerald was somehow nervous.

It was his mother-in-law, Mary Bennett!

"I'm not your mom!" Mary looked at the dirty Gerald with disgust and then took out a document from her bag. "This is your divorce agreement with Irene. Sign it now!"

Gerald's expression changed slightly. "Why... Why?"

When he lost his memory, he was saved by Shelton Everett, Irene Everett's father, Mary's husband. Under Shelton's direction, he married Irene. Yet three months after their marriage, Shelton passed away.

For the past three years, Mary and Irene looked down upon Gerald all the time!

They had no jobs and relied on Gerald to work and earn money at the construction site, yet they still had a lot of dissatisfaction with him and felt that he was a loser.

"Why? No reason. You can't offer us the life we want. Tell me, what else do you have besides brute force?" Mary rolled her eyes at Gerald and said. "Irene's new boyfriend is rich. See my bag? It's worth 5,000 dollars! It's from my new son-in-law. And he is going to send a BMW to Irene today. What about you? How much money do you get from being dirty every day? We can't even buy a more expensive bag..."

Anger rose in Gerald's heart. Over the past three years, he had worked hard and given every penny he earned to Mary and Irene, but... They still despised him! In three years of marriage, he had not even touched Irene's finger once.

"Cut the crap and sign it!" Mary sneered. "After that, we are done with you. I have packed your things and sent them to the security booth at the gate of the construction site. You can get them yourself!"

"I have given you all my money. I don't have any money on me now. And you're kicking me out now?" Gerald pulled a long face.

"That house is ours. You are not allowed to live there after the divorce," Mary said with disgust.

Gerald gritted his teeth and said, "But I put a down payment on the house with the money I earned!"

Mary smiled contemptuously, "Irene's and my names are on the deed. It has nothing to do with you. Just sign the papers. My shoes will get dirty if I stay here any longer!"

"Phew!" Gerald tried hard to suppress his anger!

For his promise to Sheldon, his benefactor, he had worked hard for three years, trying to win Irene and Mary's favor and maintain the marriage!

Now, there was no need!

He took the agreement, signed it, and stamped it!

"At least you are sensible!" Mary looked at Gerald contemptuously. Then she said, "Irene is so unlucky to be stuck with you for the past three years. Fortunately, it is over. She can continue to pursue her happiness."

By that, you mean finding herself a rich man! Gerald sneered silently.

"All right then. From now on, you have nothing to do with us. Don't pester either Irene or me. You disgust me!" before leaving, Mary couldn't help but mock Gerald.

Looking at Mary, who was leaving, Gerald was frustrated!

He thought, the world is made of fucking money!

Thinking of the beautiful woman just now, Gerald gritted his teeth and quickly ran towards the construction site's gate!

The beautiful woman was still standing on the side of the road near the gate. She was talking to someone on the phone!

"OK, boss, I'm taking a taxi. I'll be there soon!"

Seeing Gerald coming over, she hung up the phone and said to Gerald, "Mr. Kenneth!"

Gerald exhaled and said, "You didn't lie to me?"

"No!" the beautiful woman said happily. "Are you willing to go back with me?"

"No. If you didn't lie to me, prove it. You said if I went back, I'd have untold riches. Then prove it. For example, you may transfer tens of thousands of dollars to my bank account!" Gerald looked at the beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman frowned. Then she thought of something and said, "I have an ongoing mission, and I have to carry it right now. How about this? There is a Diamond Card of New Bank in your personal belongings, and the password is your birthday. Your money has always been on this card and has not been touched. You can check it at the bank."

Gerald's expression changed. He did have such a card, but it was different from a normal bank card. He didn't even know it was a bank card. It had always been there, and he had never touched it!

He glanced at the beautiful woman and then turned and ran to the security booth.

"Gerald, a woman just sent you a package. She said it was yours!" the security guard saw Gerald and said with a smile.

The man called it a package, but it was just a big garbage bag. Mary drove Gerald away, and she didn't even want to let him have a suitcase!

Gerald smiled bitterly and then rummaged through the garbage bag.

There were only a few clothes in the bag. He rummaged for a while and found a faded blue card with many diamonds painted on it.

"Sir, I'll leave it here for a while. I'll go out and be back in a moment!" Gerald smiled at the man.

"Sure. But don't delay your work. You still have to carry a big truck of cement. You'll get scolded again if you don't finish it in time," the security guard warned.

Gerald did not say anything. He didn't care about the cement anymore.

He took the card and ran to New Bank nonstop!

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