Book cover of “Son-in-Law From Rags to Riches“ by Olivia Garcia

Son-in-Law From Rags to Riches

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Olivia Garcia
  • Uploaded by user499791
Joshua Palmer had endured three long years as a live-in son-in-law. Every day, his wife called him a loser, his mother-in-law looked down on him, and his relatives dismissed him as insignificant. He was the first to rise in the morning and the last to go to bed at night, constantly subservient to others, his life a routine of menial tasks and silen... 

Chapter 1 His Dignity Is Shattered

"Mom! Please give me back my 50 thousand dollars. My sister is counting on it! She cannot afford any more delays!"


Joshua slumped to his knees.

His mother-in-law, Heidy Shaw, slapped him on the face with a snap.

"Piss off! You good-for-nothing jinx! When did I owe you money?"

"The insurance company said you took the claim money!"

Joshua was anxious.

Three days ago, his sister was seriously injured in a hit-and-run car accident.

The medical bills made him overwhelmed.

Finally, the insurance company issued the insurance claims. However, Heidy took the money!

Heidy argued, "So what if I took the money? You've been living off our family these years, and this is what you owe me! Joshua, look at yourself. You're a man, yet you can't even pay for your sister's medical bills. What's the point of living? If I were you, I'd kill myself!"

After that, Heidy complained to Pamela Windsor, who was playing on her phone on the sofa, "This husband of yours is nothing but a total loser! A poor bastard who can't make any money!"

"Mom, he is just an employee. How can he save any money?"

Pamela looked at Joshua kneeling on the ground. Though she loathed him, she felt pity for him.

Then she added, "Mom, maybe you should give him the compensation money. After all..."

"Shut up!"

Heidy yelled, "The money is for your brother's marriage. No one can lay their hands on it!"

She stepped forward and kicked Joshua in the stomach. "You won't get your money whatsoever. Just forget it! You want the money? Over my dead body! Come at me if you dare!"

Joshua clutched his stomach, seething with anger.

However, he glanced at his wife, Pamela, and he could only endure.

Heidy sneered, "I knew it! You're such a coward. You wouldn't dare to do anything. Get lost! A parasite like you is not for our family! Get a divorce with Pamela as soon as possible. We will be total strangers from now on!"

Heidy said and pushed Joshua out.

Pamela did not stop Heidy and looked disappointed with Joshua.

During the whole process, Joshua's father-in-law, Donte Windsor, kept reading the newspaper and pretended that nothing had happened.


The door was closed.

Joshua was disappointed outside.

After three years of living under their roof, he knew Heidy was harsh, but he did not expect her to be so heartless.

"One way or another, I'll get the money for the operation!"

Riding on the electric scooter, he went to the construction site to ask for his salary.

Joshua majored in architecture and worked in a construction company after graduating from university.

To put it nicely, he was a construction technician, but in fact, he did the same work as an ordinary worker. He worked from dawn to night, earning only 800 dollars a month.

Therefore, Heidy looked down on him utterly.

Half an hour had passed.

Joshua arrived at the construction foreman's room.

The foreman, Reagan Wyld, was playing cards with a few construction workers, and there were several stacks of bills on the table.

Joshua begged in despair, "Reagan, can you settle the wages you owe me now? I haven't been paid in six months! My sister needs money for her operation urgently..."

Reagan smoked and said impatiently, "Damn it! You can see nothing but money, right? How am I supposed to pay you when I haven't received the project funds?"

"Reagan, if you haven't received the project funds, why did everyone else get paid but me?"

Reagan and the few supervisors looked at each other, and he suddenly sneered, "To tell you the truth, I deducted your salary!"


Joshua was stunned.


Reagan flicked the cigarette butt on Joshua and looked at Joshua with a playful expression, "A piece of trash like you married the most beautiful woman in New York, which is so unfair! If you're unhappy about it, find someone to fix me!"

Joshua didn't say a thing.

Reagan had been around New York for many years, and he had some influence!

Joshua was nothing in front of Reagan!

Reagan continued to grin. He said, "There's another option. You can get your wife out and let me and her have some fun. If I'm satisfied, I will give you 30 dollars! How about that?"

The other supervisors also booed,

"I'll chip in 30 dollars as well. When Reagan is done with her, let me have my turn!"

"It's best to let the dumbass watch us while we're doing it. I've heard that Pamela is still a virgin! Tut-tut, I'm sure she will satisfy us greatly!"

Joshua could not bear such filthy words anymore!

"Fuck you!"

Joshua raised his fists and rushed to them.

Joshua punched Reagan in the face.


Reagan took a few steps back and immediately flew into a rage. "Fuck! Beat the crap out of him!"

The few supervisors and some workers outside rushed toward Joshua.

Joshua was outnumbered and defeated soon.

He was badly beaten up.


Reagan stepped on Joshua's head and peed on Joshua.

"Carry him out and toss him away!"


The night fell.

Joshua squatted by the road and cried.

His dignity was shattered today!

Few people knew that Joshua was the eldest son of the Hugh family in Washington.

It was a sad story about why he ended up here.

Twenty-five years ago, his father, Seth Palmer, became the live-in son-in-law of the Hugh family in Washington.

A year later, the eldest daughter of the Hugh family, Kenna Hugh, gave birth to a boy.

The boy took Kenna's surname and was named Joshua Hugh.

Seth was cowardly and humiliated by the Hugh family. Even a servant could bully him.

Kenna, on the other hand, went on the racket, enjoying the company of countless men.

What was even more outrageous was that not long after, Kenna, who was domineering, had openly found another man for herself!

A lot of successful men had mistresses.

And Kenna, the daughter of a big family, could do whatever she wanted!

The second man who entered the Hugh family became Joshua's father in name.

Later, the man and Kenna had a son.

Therefore, Seth's status had even plummeted.

Even Joshua, who was also Kenna's son, was far less favored than his brother.

Ten years ago, Kenna divorced Seth and kicked Seth and Joshua out of the Hugh family.

"The base-born man and his bastard son don't deserve to be in our family. From now on, they have nothing to do with us!"

Kenna said those words harshly!

After leaving Washington, Seth and Joshua went back to New York to live.

Joshua changed his surname to Palmer.

Later, Seth adopted a girl as his daughter, who was seven-year-old younger than Joshua.

Though they lived poorly, they were happy.

However, good times did not last long.

Three years ago, Seth disappeared for a month for no reason and came back with a terminal disease.

They had borrowed countless money to treat Seth, but things didn't work out at last.

Seth died.

To repay the debt, Joshua, who had just graduated, gave up his dignity and became the live-in son-in-law of the Windsor family!

During these three years, he lived a humble life.

Joshua tried a million ways to pay for his sister's medical bills this time!

He even had to bite the bullet and contact his mother, Kenna, whom he had not talked to for ten years, to borrow money!

But Kenna only said coldly, "You're not my son. Having you was the stupidest decision of my life!"

Then, she hung up the phone!

Joshua never felt this desperate.

"My hands are tied. This is my last resort. Leyla, I hope you can live happily ever after..."

Joshua stood up and looked determined.

He was going to jump to his death from the construction building.

He wanted to make it look like an accident at work.

In this way, he could obtain 100 thousand dollars as compensation!

"I hope the money won't be taken away by Heidy!"

Joshua was about to enter the construction site.

A black Rolls-Royce suddenly stopped in front of him.

The car plate showed that it was from New York State.

An old man in a suit walked out of the car.

He looked very noble.

He bowed to Joshua. "Mr. Palmer, I'm sorry for having kept you waiting!"

Joshua was stunned.

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