Book cover of “Starting With A Divorce“ by Gloria Warren

Starting With A Divorce

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Gloria Warren
  • Uploaded by user936703
After three years of marriage, Cason Baldry's first love returned to the country. Ainsley Easton received the divorce agreement from Cason, the man she had loved deeply for three years. At the entrance of the Civil Hall, she overheard Cason confessing to his first love, "It has been three years, but I have never had sex with her. I only love you." ... 

Chapter 1 Divorce

"Sign it."

A cold and deep voice sounded from above Ainsley's head. Then a divorce agreement was handed over. Ainsley was slightly startled. She silently raised her head and looked at Cason with a wry smile on her face.

So that was how it was.

No wonder Cason had called Ainsley this morning to tell her that he was coming back at night and that he had something to tell her.

Ainsley was happy for the whole day, but she didn't expect Cason to talk to her about this thing.

The three-year marriage was finally coming to an end.

Ainsley silently took the divorce agreement. She clenched her hands slightly. After a moment of silence, she said hoarsely, "Do you have to divorce me?"

Cason frowned and looked at Ainsley, who had been his wife for three years.

It seemed that Ainsley had just cleaned the room. There were still beads of sweat on her fair forehead, and there was obvious exhaustion and confusion in her eyes. She didn't wear makeup, instead, she wore a pair of glasses.

Ainsley looked gentle and simple, but boring.

It was such an ordinary and dull woman who had been Cason's wife for three years.

Cason slowly withdrew his gaze and snapped the cigarette in his hand. Cason said, "Sign it. She's back. I don't want her to misunderstand me." His voice was light but firm.

Ainsley was stunned. The tip of her tongue was slightly bitter. She knew the woman Cason was talking about.

Kaliyah Packer was Cason's first love.

For Kaliyah's sake, their marriage remained in name only. In the past three years, Cason had never had sex with Ainsley.

Cason seemed afraid that Ainsley would not agree, so he added in a low voice, looking at her, "It's a divorce by agreement. You don't receive higher education, so you can get houses and cars after the divorce. In addition, I will compensate you 12 million dollars."

The two of them got married for the sake of Cason's grandfather, so they also signed the pre-marriage agreement. What Cason gave Ainsley was far beyond what she deserved.

Although Cason didn't like Ainsley, Ainsley had indeed done her best in the past three years. Cason gave Ainsley so much money because he knew she paid a lot all these years. What was more, Ainsley, a woman with only a high school diploma, really needed money after her divorce.

Ainsley understood what Cason meant. She flipped through the divorce agreement, and finally lowered her head and nodded slowly, saying, "Okay, I will sign it."

Ainsley picked up the pen and signed her name neatly. She looked at Cason. There was a deep look in her eyes, behind her glasses. It was hard to tell if she was sad or unwilling.

"Don't worry. I will move out in the next two days. I won't disturb you."

Cason nodded and said, "Thanks for your deeds in the past three years."

No matter how boring, stiff, and ordinary Ainsley was, Cason had to admit that she was indeed a qualified wife.

All these years, Ainsley had taken care of all the people in the Baldry family. Cason was busy with his career, and with Ainsley there, he could press forward without any scruples.

However, Cason finally decided to divorce Ainsley.

Ainsley found it funny. She had sacrificed so much for Cason and wasted three years of her youth. She didn't expect that all she would get in return was Cason's gratitude.

Cason didn't notice the smile in Ainsley's eyes. He took the signed divorce agreement and received a call from his assistant. He glanced at Ainsley and said lightly, "I have to go to the office to deal with something. You can ask for Janet's help if you are in need."

Ainsley nodded.

Cason walked out of the study. Lindsay Mayne, his mother, who was in the living room, nervously went up to him.

"How is it? Is she willing to sign it?"

Cason frowned slightly and then nodded.

Lindsay breathed a sigh of relief and nodded happily, saying, "It's good that she signed it. I haven't felt at ease since the time you married her. You've been married for three years, but she hasn't been pregnant. She doesn't talk much. Maybe she has some bad ideas in mind."

Cason did not say anything.

Lindsay sighed and added, "Previously, your father insisted that you marry her, and I did not agree. What could an orphan who lived in the Salter's home be good for? Luckily, you are divorced now. When you marry Kaliyah, I will be completely at ease. Only a woman like Kaliyah is worthy of you."

Kaitlin Baldry, who was at the side, nodded happily and said, "That's right. Cason, I feel ashamed to have that kind of sister-in-law. If Kaliyah becomes my sister-in-law, there will certainly be many people envious of me in the future."

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