Book cover of “Stealing the Protagonist’s Yandere Lovers“ by Sheizzcoldasice

Stealing the Protagonist’s Yandere Lovers

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Sheizzcoldasice
  • Uploaded by user848294
The world of novels is a vast realm of fantasies, a refuge where people escape from reality into their own secret worlds. These stories are teeming with protagonists and antagonists, along with a colorful cast of supporting characters that add spice to the narrative. But what if you were suddenly and forcibly thrust into one of these stories agains... 

Time to create my own destiny

"Wow this novel world is too wonderful, the protagonist can have fun with girls plus have super cheat ability with so much shit luck and these villains are just second-grade, rich spoiled second generations. Trust me, if I get a chance I will show what a person can achieve by relying on himself …...hmmm?"

Suddenly the space around the boy distorted and a black vortex appeared which started sucking him against his will.

He felt a strong pull on his body, he screamed with all strength he could muster with his weak body, "Hey I was just joking, I don't wanna go anywhere. Shit, I have everything here which includes family, money, reputation, business...I refuse to go."

He struggled frantically trying to run away but the strong suction lifted his body and he disappeared, at the same time vortex closed.

He felt the world around himself revolving crazily, he could see the familiar planet Earth getting further and further away, soon he saw different galaxies, and then a strong force pulled his conscious to an unknown world.

His mind was no longer able to cope with distortions of space and time and he soon lost consciousness.

Slowly he opened his eyes, but before he could react a chalk hit his head.

He saw an angry teacher looking at him, "Elandor, I know it's the last day of school can you please not daydream, we only have a few minutes left before you guys graduate and chose the path of your future dreams!"

"Listen carefully, else you may be kidnapped by somebody to a job that you do not want."

Elandor suddenly felt a lot of information transmitting to himself and felt like his brain is gonna short circuit.

He grumped that the advice given by this old hag is too late, he has already been kidnapped.

"So I took over a body with the same name and what's this? A classroom? I am back to being graduated? This is so unfair I spent so much hard work in building my business and now I have to start again?"

So many mixed feelings filled his head finally he decided, "This is wrong, I am just a normal person who is an orphan and I don't even have a strong background nor have those so-called systems you read in novels."

'Wait system, yes system I remember when you call it, it appears …. System ….. system ...

…system ?'- he called in his mind for 3 minutes.

"So no system? Shit! I'm really on my own. Oh my gosh! At least I have experience and memory of my past life's 30 years".

"Hmm looking around there are so many girls and few boys in this class what's with this situation?'

"Lemme first recollect my memory and sort all the information I just got which caused my head to short circuit".

He was taken aback, "So this world is similar to his previous one but has a touch of the medieval period with lots of kingdoms. It's more like a world dominated by swords and spears, there are mages too but information about magic seems to be in a mess right now in my head. Also, there are adventurers in this world who are very strong due to their strength and have various abilities".

"So this class's purpose is to prepare students to become adventurers and only top-grade students can attend this class, So at least I'm talented enough to pass a test to sit in this class, hahaha! how can the boy who was top on the national examination fail a mere adventure class test!"

"So basically once I get out from here after getting my graduating certificate, I need to form a party and register at an adventure guild, then rank up while getting various abilities like magical skills, pieces of magical equipment, godly artifacts etc."

He exclaimed inwardly, "Wow so high-rank adventures are strong enough to walk freely across land and oceans and they also have many cheat like abilities. It's too crazy, it's just like those op characters we see in the action movies."

There was also information regarding other basic stuff regarding this world in his mind but he was already too stressed out with so much information load that he ignored that part.

He was so excited that he stood up and banged his fist on the table and shouted, "Bring it on, I will be the strongest adventurer."

Suddenly the lecture room fell into silence and all stared at him blankly.


He felt too embarrassed that he hurriedly sat down and slowly said, "Carry on...I just got carried away by my emotions of setting on a new journey as an adventurer".

The girls sitting around giggled at his embarrassed expression and some secretly whispered to each other, "How cute! Uwuuuu!"

While the boys just thought that he is another enthusiastic person who doesn't have the patience to run wild.

The mood of the class was changed to laughter and discussions from the initial serious silence.

The female teacher shouted, "Enough …..seeing how excited you all are, let's just end today. Collect your graduation certificates and run out ."

"Finally the batch of little troublemakers will leave", she sighed to herself like she was comforting herself with sweet words in mind, "just wait for a little and then I can finally have my long vacation."

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