Book cover of “Surrender to Your Hidden Desires“ by Margaret Igbinai.

Surrender to Your Hidden Desires

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Margaret Igbinai.
“I want you. I want to own you. I want to possess you.” “And what do I get in return?” “Your life back. If you can survive a month with me, I promise to make your life better again. What do you say?” “Fine.” Rachel Rivers has it all — her TV show, her successful career, and a husband she loves. But everything starts crashing down when she dis... 

Chapter 1

“Remember ladies avoid the men with the silver tongues and limp cocks. That’s the show tonight, see you tomorrow.”

Rachel laughed at Dana’s obscenity knowing the audience must be laughing their asses off at tonight’s show. Dana said whatever crap her brain could think of in a snap, damn the consequences, which worked because Rachel brought the brains to their show CELEBRITY, LIFESTYLE AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN, and Dana brought the sp***.

“And that’s a wrap. Great show tonight Rachel, the audience must be wishing tomorrow night came sooner. Dana you might need to tone down on the language,” Ben warned. He managed the show and co-produced it which pretty much meant he was one of the reasons they were very well paid in their media firm, ABN.

“Whatever,” Dana muttered already poking around her bag for a packet of gums. “Want a piece?” she offered.

Rachel waved off her offer.

Popping a gum into her mouth she switched her heels for a pair of flats. “I got a date tonight, wish me luck.”

“You don’t need luck, if he doesn’t ask for another date he’s an idiot.”

Dana smiled and waved good night.

Rachel, star of the show and mega-popular TV host, watched her friend and co-host strut off to the main media hall. She loved her co-host but Rachel was more of a family-value, family-building kind of woman, unlike Dana who loved the one-night stands. At age 26, some would say Rachel was enjoying success too early in her career but anyone who knew her knew she deserved it. After working as the Chief Editor of her high school newspaper she knew journalism was the place for her. Unlike many others who had had to fuck their way up the ladders, Rachel was different, she never had to spread her legs for any newspaper, or radio owner, all she had to do was flash her dimpled smile and she was employed. Throughout her 26 years on earth, she only had one man in her life, Jacob Henderson, who she met in college. They shared the same strong values, and within months of meeting, they were married.

Being married didn’t pose a challenge for the men who wanted to get under Rachel’s skirts because she was just that pretty but Rachel brushed them all off because; She was principled.

She loved her husband. Yes, she married young, yes she got famous young, and yes she has thousands of money stored up in bank accounts for when she was ready to start a family but she never let that get into her head.

This was why, as the dutiful wife that she was, she was getting ready to go home, make some delicious dinner, and get naked for her husband.

She pulled into the driveway of their modest home with a small foot-sized swimming pool in front under a shade, a garage attached to the house, and a fair large garden of herbs and flowers. As she climbed up the stairs leading to the hallway connecting the living room, the first thing she noticed was her Golden retriever, Bella, unattended in the hallway chewing on a pair of female shoes. Which was weird because her daytime sitter who liked to refer to herself as a babysitter rather than a dog sitter, was supposed to be watching and managing her dog.

Scratching Bella’s ears as the dog excitedly licked her fingers Rachel scanned the living room and the kitchen through the open kitchen door. A sudden shriek from upstairs changed the direction of her thoughts. There was a loud thud and another shriek.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to die…!”

Oh shit! Gabby was most likely in trouble.

Happiness turning to panic, Rachel ran up the stairs to the master bedroom and found it empty but there were clothes strewn all over the carpet. Panic turned to apprehension.

The noise was coming from the master bathroom. The shower was turned on and water spilled out from beneath the door.

“Gabby?” Rachel called out refusing to believe what her rational mind was telling to her. Her husband’s clothes and her sitter’s, the shower running…no way. There was no way Jacob would do such a thing.

Putting her hand on the doorknob she opened the door and wished she was blind. The laughing and shrieks and thuds stopped altogether and at that moment Rachel thought her heart was going to stop too.

Wet and slick with water and soap and Jell-O and cum and whatever else was mixed in there that Rachel did not want to know about, Jacob and Gabby stared at her wide-eyed.

Jacob was the first to react. Dropping Gabby’s slippery leg off his shoulder, he slid out of her. Gabby didn’t have the grace to look remorseful as she closed her legs and sat at the edge of the tub, naked and slippery.

Gulping past the bile in her throat Rachel took a step back and almost tripped. When Jacob reached out to help her she slapped his hand away, her other hand seeking support on the door frame.

“Will it help if I say sorry?”

Rachel gapped at her husband of 4 years unable to comprehend that the man who stood beside her on red carpets, holding her close, kissing her face, and being so lovey-dovey over her while their pictures were splashed on the numerous Family friendly articles she wrote was the same naked man standing with his dingdong out, red and erect asking if apologizing was going to change the sight before her eyes.

“She’s 17!” were the first words out of her mouth.

“And old enough to choose whoever I want to fuck,” came Gabby’s saucy reply.

Rachel didn’t hear her, the blood in her ears roared too loud for her to comprehend anything anyone was saying. Bella had made it up the stairs and was oblivious to the pandemonium as she chewed on Jacob’s discarded briefs.

“And you left the dog unattended!” were the next words out of Rachel’s mouth. “Why do I pay you?”

“Thanks for noticing that I’m naked and in a precarious situation with a teenager,” Jacob shot out, sounding almost pissed that Rachel wasn’t saying anything about the elephant in the room. Too bad the elephant was beginning to deflate.

“You disgust me! The both of you!”

Without waiting for a word – not that Gabby or Jacob was willing to say anything else since there was no denying what had happened – Rachel turned, picked up her bag which had fallen on the floor, and sped out of the room. As she ran down the stairs and got into her car she realized strangely that her eyes were dry and she was thinking rationally again.

Well well, who would have thought?

As she drove off into the road wondering if she was insane for not crying after discovering her husband and her underaged sitter having the super hot sex she could never give him, her phone rang. It was Dana.

Her date was a no-show and she was looking for a drinking partner. The way Rachel saw it she was the only available candidate for the job.

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