Book cover of “Surviving Daughter of Tyrant King“ by Kim_Terhaar

Surviving Daughter of Tyrant King

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Kim_Terhaar
  • Uploaded by user681869
In a kingdom plagued by royal dilemmas, Queen Genevieve and King Philip's quest for an heir was fraught with heartache and tension. Despite their efforts, they were unable to conceive, leading Philip to take a mistress, Eleonor, as his second wife. However, Eleonor would never be queen unless Genevieve renounced her title. Eleonor’s first daughter ... 

The protected sins of a perfect son

In a dark hallway of the Aoraki palace a faint sound of muffled screams were not heard as Theodore had his sister, Juliana, pinned against the wall. Her forehead was pressed against the stone wall while her brother cupped her mouth with one hand while the other was firmly on her hip. Before any monstrous deed took place Julianna clamped down on the palm of his hand which received a loud yell, "son of a". As he pulled away, Julianna was left with enough room to turn around, but before she was able to make an escape she was stunned by a sharp slap to her cheek by her brother. Ignoring his bleeding hand he forcibly pushed her back, but was caught off guard by his father booming voice: "what the hell is going on here". Theodore turned to his father with a face full of rage and spewed lies that he knew his father would believe. "Father she was trying to seduced me, you know how women are and when I told her it was wrong she went feral and bit me." Theodore raised his hand to show his father saying "see".

Enraged King Philip grabbed Julianna by the hair and dragged her from the hallway to the palace square where a tall wood post was used for public punishment. Binding her wrist to the post he called out to one of the guards, "gather those you can as witness and hand me your whip, this whore of a daughter is going to learn a valuable lesson today." Walking up to the post with the whip in hand, he spat, "do you have anything you wish to say." Juliana raised her head, but keep silent for she knew that the king would not believe her. Angry that she dared to look him in the eyes he ripped the back of her dress open to reveal her bare back. Addressing the crowd of servants and nobles alike the King roared: "my daughter has drawn blood from her brother, the heir to the thrown, and must be punished for her actions, an eye for an eye, blood for blood." He raised the whip and brought it down on the pale flesh of Julianna's back. As her skin split she clenched her teeth not wanting to give her father the satisfaction of hearing her scream. He lifted his arm and once again brought the end of whip against her now blood spattered skin, leaving another long gash. He repeated this movement once more before the queen arrived.

Queen Genevieve, Juliana's mother, had been at a luncheon with her ladies when news was brought to her about her daughter's punishment. She rushed out and quickly made her way to the square where the scene before her made her stomach churn. Angrily she spoke out, "you shall not lay another hand on my daughter for whatever she may have done does not warrant this type of punishment or public humiliation." She continued to say quietly so only her husband could hear, "this is a family matter not a political one and so help me I will share with the people what a tyrant you truly are if this continues. I have kept a lot of your secrets Philip and even let you take that wench of a second wife, so I suggest you call the healer right now." Fuming, Philip shouted out, "everyone continue your work or return home, and bring the healer for this", he pointed down at her daughter then turned to walk away. Genevieve, crouching next to her only child released her bound wrist and covered Juliana with her shawl. While the people dispersed Eleonor walked up to chastise Genevieve and Julianna, "you can't just walk on in here without not even knowing what 'it' did" she argued, angry that the punishment was halted. Genevieve ignoring Eleonor helped her daughter to her feet and pushed passed Eleonor who scoffed and stated, "you better keep one eye open because as soon as you aren't looking I'll take my own revenge for my son."

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