Book cover of “Surviving in Woman's World as a Novel Villain“ by ForManaga

Surviving in Woman's World as a Novel Villain

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: ForManaga
  • Uploaded by user401163
A twenty-year-old boy finds himself transported into a female-dominated novel world, but not as the protagonist or even the main villain. Instead, he becomes the green tea boyfriend of the powerful female CEO heroine, making him the first target for the novel's protagonist. Terrified for his life, Alex knows it's impossible to defeat the protagonis... 

1. Woman's World

"Take this money and never show your face in this city again."

In a room that looks much like a college dormitory, a beautiful and charming woman is standing in front of a teenager while a check for 1 million dollars lies on the coffee table.

Opposite the woman is a handsome man, who appears lost in thought, completely ignoring the woman. This enrages her, and she slams her bag on the table to get his attention.


"What? It's not enough to buy you? Then tell me, how much do you want to leave my sister alone?" The woman was extremely angry and slammed her hands hard on the coffee table, giving the teenager a disgusted look as she spoke these words.

'What the hell is happening? Why is this woman giving me money? Wait, who is she?'

The teenager didn't pay any attention to the girl but thought to himself. One moment, he was reading a "dog blood" romance novel, and the next, he was here. He was reading the novel because he had already read through most of the good Xiaobai novels, and to avoid boredom and to not run out of good novels to read, he reluctantly decided to read those "dog blood" romance novels, where logic didn't exist.


The woman roared loudly, bringing Alex back to his senses.

"If you think you can disrespect me just because my sister is supporting you, then you are very mistaken. She only likes your pretty face, so tell me, who do you think she will choose? Her blood sister or a green tea, white face like you?"

The woman stood up, showing her seductive figure. She was angry that this man was using her sister for her money. It had only been 1 year, and her sister had already spent hundreds of thousands on him. Although that amount of money was nothing to them, this man, who was spending so much, wouldn't even let her sister touch him. So she felt pity for spending money on someone like him.

"Say your price and break up with her, then never show your face to her again."

The woman took a deep breath to calm herself and finally said these words. She didn't want this man to be with her sister. If it wasn't for her sister's objections, she would have put him six feet under a long time ago.

Alex didn't answer right away but started sorting out the new memories in his mind. He realized that he had been transported, not just to a woman-respected novel, but to a novel where he was an early, low-level villain.

This novel was a weird one, not just because it was a woman-respected world, but because the protagonist of this world was a man. The protagonist went around showing his "manliness" to win the hearts of beauties everywhere. The heroines, too, were different; they were gender-switched romance novels with male leads, such as a domineering president, leader of the mafia, long-lost son or daughter of a powerful hidden family, a hidden master in the city, etc. Their personalities were the same, but they were all heroines.

The person in front of him is the little sister of the first heroine in this novel, the domineering president, Alia. Alia is the president of one of the top ten beauty companies, Exotica.

He, on the other hand, is the first green tea villain, who used his good looks to become the boyfriend of the first heroine. He exploited her for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but she was a smart woman and never handed over the money to him. Instead, she paid for his expenses, such as college fees, clothes, and luxury brand items.

Her sister and the original owner of the body never realized why she did this, but Alex, who knows Alia's domineering personality, understood. She was using her money to control him. People like that don't typically care about small amounts of money, but as a domineering president heroine, Alia is obsessed with control.

She wants to be in control of everything, so if she can control him with money, she will use it. After all, she needs him, not because she loves him, but to show off. He is a very handsome man, and in a world where women respect appearance, he can easily outshine other male models.

Therefore, she used him to showcase her status among high society. In Alex's eyes, this was a mutually beneficial relationship, as both he and Alia were getting what they wanted. However, Rose, Alia's sister, couldn't see this and barged into his college dormitory to bribe him to leave her sister.

If he followed the original plot, he would have strongly denied her request and thrown her out of his room. However, he now dared not to do so, as he knew that if he did, Rose would meet with the protagonist and use him to tempt Alia to give up on him.

As soon as the protagonist enters the story, his bad luck starts, as he is only used as a device to slap him in the face by the author.

"888,389! This is my price to leave her." After thinking about a solution, Alex spoke these words with a heavy voice, as if he couldn't bear to say them, but he said them anyway, putting a weight on his chest.

[Ding! Conditions are met! The Female Raider System is binding...

Congratulations. The Female Raider System is bound.]

As soon as his words were spoken, a mechanical voice echoed in his mind, and a blue system panel appeared in front of his eyes.

(Note: The story will be different from what you're used to, with lots of lemons, so stay tuned ?

Ohh and here is Discord Server Link :

Thanks for reading and have a good day?.)

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