Book cover of “Tale of Yandere Twins“ by Odayaka

Tale of Yandere Twins

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Odayaka
  • Uploaded by user679154
When a meteorite struck Earth, barely a million humans survived the devastation. Society's laws crumbled as chaos reigned, and people did as they pleased with no one to stop them. But amidst the anarchy, a new power began to awaken in ten-year-old children: Ether. This unique ability, deadly in the hands of its wielders, promised both hope and dang... 

Chapter 1

A desolate Earth, e­xtending endlessly be­fore the observe­r's gaze. It stood as a haunting reminder of the­ catastrophic event that had unfolded and ravage­d everything in its path.

Skyscrapers, historical monume­nts, and even entire­ continents crumbled into rubble, le­aving behind a mere handful of surviving lands.

The once­ blue and cloudy sky had transformed, becoming e­nveloped in a dense­, oppressive gray haze.

It drape­d the desolate landscape­ with an eerie shadow, as if e­choing the world's devastating destruction.

The air hung heavy with the scent of ashes, permeating the atmosphere, and the cries of birds echoed through the area, adding to the eerie ambiance that enveloped the surroundings.

Amidst this nightmarish world, a recently constructed kingdom rose defiantly, like a beacon of hope in the midst of hellish despair.

Its formidable walls, crafted to withstand the harshest of trials, remained unblemished, standing tall against the relentless forces of devastation.

Within the protective walls of the kingdom, life carried on, a stark contrast to the desolation that loomed beyond.

The city's streets, though noticeably quieter than in days of old, bustled with the movements of its resilient residents.

People went about their tasks in near silence, their interactions sparse and often laden with the weight of their circumstances.

Markets still operated, but the once-vibrant trading had dwindled to a more modest scale.

It was a blend of modern conveniences and traditional village life, a proof of the adaptability of humans in the face of adversity.

Typically, the kingdom's resident's major source of entertainment was engaging in two things, one was gossip and the other was the topic they were talking about right now.

"Did you see that idiot's face when he challenged the king for his throne and his wives? He actually believed he could defeat the king after winning that competition."

Mocking laughter rippled through the crowd as the man's words echoed in the area, and it was abundantly clear who they were discussing.

"Should've seen the sheer terror on his face when the king crushed him with a single move. The king is in a league of his own when it comes to Ether users."

Another person chimed in, and the rest of the crowd nodded in agreement, their laughter continuing as some cast a glance at a tall structure in the distance.

Within the Solunar kingdom, two colossal entities captured the attention of its inhabitants due to their immense scale.

One of the two things was the

"The Crucible of Destiny".

The arena which was the main source of people's entertainment.

The imposing structure and the grandeur of the arena display the amount of battles the arena has been through and the intensity of the events held within its confines.

It stood as a witness to both the grandeur and brutality of the civilization that had given birth to it.

The walls of the arena bore cryptic inscriptions, intricate carvings, and enigmatic depictions of both sun and moon, casting an aura of both awe and trepidation over the space.

These arcane symbols hinted at secrets buried within the arena's history.

Yet, the walls also bore grim testimony to the countless battles that had unfolded within this hallowed ground.

Stains of blood marred the stone surfaces, each splattering a visceral reminder of the brutal contests that had taken place, narrating tales of human valor and unbridled savagery etched into the very stones themselves.

The big gates of the arena had carvings of suns and moons on them, each facing the center of the kingdom.

There, you'd find the second massive building of the kingdom—the Royal Palace. These symbols connected the arena and the palace, showing the importance of both in the kingdom.

The colossal castle that stood proudly at the heart of the Solunar Kingdom was a true architectural masterpiece, surpassing all other structures in magnificence.

The grandeur of the Royal Castle was unparalleled, emanating an atmosphere of enduring and ageless elegance that left all who beheld it in awe.

The castle seemed like a shining orb amidst a sea of darkness. The castle's walls, adorned with intricate tapestries and golden accents, bore witness to centuries of history.

The majority of the surviving human population found refuge within the boundaries of this kingdom, living under the rule of their king.

This unique circumstance made this kingdom not just a singular entity but the sole human kingdom in the entire world.

Inside the castle's majestic halls, chandeliers bathed the spaces in a warm and welcoming radiance, their light revealing lavishly adorned chambers and opulent furnishings.

As one passed through the grand entrance of the castle, they were greeted by the grand throne room, its magnificence extending a regal invitation.

In the end of the room was an artistic throne. Upon this imposing throne sat a man in his twenties, a commanding figure who effortlessly exuded an aura of authority.

He was engaged in conversation with his trusted advisor. They were in the middle of a conversation. Their exchange displayed the weight of responsibility that rested on his shoulders.

His features were sharp and chiseled, characterized by a strong jawline that emphasized his unwavering resolve.

His eyes, deep and penetrating, bore the wisdom garnered through years of rule, coupled with a hint of the burdens he carried as a monarch.

They possessed a striking shade of emerald green. A rare and captivating hue that appeared to peer into the very souls of those who met his gaze.

His long and wavy black hair cascading down to his chest swayed as he reclined in his chair.

His attire was nothing short of majestic; the golden outfit he wore appeared to be intricately woven with great care and precision.

Adorning his head was a jeweled crown, a potent symbol of his authority and position as the king of this Kingdom.

The coldness and unwavering decisiveness in his eyes served as an irrefutable evidence to the trials and tribulations he had endured.

As the king conversed with his advisor, his gaze shifted towards the entrance of the throne room, where two women exuding elegance and grace made their entrance. The huge bumps in their abdomens were prominent signs of their pregnancies.

Queen Erla was adorned in a green dress that harmonized with her verdant hair, cascading gracefully down her back and swaying with each step she took.

Her features were strikingly beautiful, marked by delicate, high cheekbones and eyes as blue as the clearest sky.

In contrast, Queen Seraphina held herself with the unwavering demeanor of a seasoned warrior who had weathered countless battles.

Her beauty was of a distinct variety, with fiery red curly hair that framed her face. Her attire struck a balance between practicality and comfort, often adorned with leather accents and earthy tones, emphasizing her connection to the land.

She chose to wear minimal jewelry, favoring pieces that symbolized her deep affinity for nature, including leaf-shaped brooches and wooden accessories.

They soon found themselves standing before the king, who regarded them with an expectant gaze as if anticipating their words.

Both of them were accustomed to the king's demeanor, which often bordered on indifference, and did not take offense.

"Arion" one of the queens began, her voice steady and composed, "we recently had a check-up with the doctor, and it appears that I will be due tonight. They will be bringing their equipment here to the castle as well. As for Erla, her due date falls between today and tomorrow."

The king nodded expressing his understanding as he turned to his advisor who understood what he meant and took his leave.

As soon as he left the hall Arion turned to look at Seraphina with a neutral gaze.

"You can begin preparations for the procedure and arrange for a maid to assist you," the king instructed. "I must attend to some matters concerning the challenger from yesterday.

As for you, Erla, I advise you to rest until tomorrow. I'll have maids and doctors keep a watchful eye on you, just to be cautious.

I won't tolerate any complications regarding my potential heir or heiress. Keep that in mind, both of you."

Feeling the coldness behind his words both shuddered a little and nodded in agreement, even though they are strong they know they are no match for him.

His Ether ability is just too broken for them.

"Now, both of you, take your rest," the king ordered before adding, "I need to attend a meeting with my advisor."

The queens offered their pleasantries and took their leave, heading out of the hall. As they departed, Arion's gaze remained on them, his eyes reflecting a calculative glint.

Exiting the hall, both queens went their separate ways without exchanging a word. Erla made her way to her bedroom, and as soon as she entered, her graceful and compassionate aura vanished, replaced by a cold and calculating demeanor.

She gazed down at her large belly, whispering while caressing the bump, "Now, it's all up to you two. I will do anything I can, even if it means using you two. After all you might be my last hope." After saying that she continued to walk forward, gaining back her warm aura.

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