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Talent Swallowing System

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: vinayraj
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"There is no fairness in this godforsaken world." — Leo. As ferocious beasts and hideous monsters emerged, humanity teetered on the brink of extinction. Despair loomed until otherworldly beings, calling themselves ‘Gods,’ descended to aid the survivors. They rebuilt cities from the ruins and left behind a mysterious gift, awakening latent talents w... 

I promised him to take his talent

The outer section of Phirie city,

'Clip clop clip clop~.'

A horse cart peacefully moved along a muddy road with a medium-sized, fully covered box.

Two middle-aged men wearing long T-shirts were riding that horse cart, and occasionally, they would look at the box behind them.

"Brother Mason, will anyone believe that the kid killed his own parents?"

Grady asked Mason while looking at the box with a calm look.

"Of course, everyone will believe it because they are not his real parents. As for the main reason why he killed them was, because of the grade 3 awakening serum."

Mason kept his look on the road as he replied to Grady without glancing at him.

"But, still…"

"Stop bothering about it. Our job is to kill the boy and his friend before making their bodies disappear."

Mason was annoyed with Grady's questions as he continued, "As for the other things, there are others who will take care of it."


Grady became silent as he understood what Mason's words meant.

'I need to get out of here.'

At the same time, inside the fully covered box, a 12-year-old kid listened to their conversation, became furious, and wanted to come out of the box.

However, he could not move his finger, much less his body.

'Is it because of that injection?'

Toby remembered getting injected with something before passing out and concluded that the effects of the injection were still present.

'Sigh…Am I going to die? Without parents, Ryan and others will become orphans and endure many hardships. I need to get out of here at any cost.'

Toby was having mixed emotions as he thought about his siblings.

Even though they were not his real siblings, they were more than real siblings for him.

Toby was furious, scared, and hopeless as he knew even if he came out of the box, he would be killed as he didn't awaken any 'Talent' to fight adults with 'Talents'.

'Sorry Joel, because of me, you are also….'

Looking at his friend beside him, who was also captured along with him, Toby could not help but feel guilty.

'Why did they kill my parents? Why are they framing me? Who wants to do this to my family? My family is neither rich nor powerful. So…why? Just why?'

As he felt it was his last moments before getting killed, Toby only had questions in his head as he felt dizziness takeover his head again.


Nearly a decade later,

"D..don't come near me...Leo…Please forgive me."

Marco looked at a young man, completely covered in blood, and anxiously begged him not to come near him.

"Didn't I already say not to mess either with me or my people?"

The young man covered in blood didn't have any emotion on his face as he slowly walked toward the young man with a bloodied silver coloured sword in his hand.

Behind him, over 100 corpses were lying on the ground, completely covered in blood.

"Just because you are the grandson of a Supreme hero gives you the right to kill anyone?"

"I may not be powerful enough to go against your grandfather now; however, when I become powerful, I will go to 'Everlasting city' and make it 'Neverexisting city'."

Leo didn't stop walking as he spoke one line after another with an emotionless look, making Marco shiver even more.

"Please…forgive…me…I know I am wrong and I should have never done that to…."

"B*stard, get away from my son."

Before Marco could finish his words, an angry voice came from the distance as a middle-aged man flew at incredible speed towards Leo.

"....Father, kill this b*stard."

Seeing that his father had come to his rescue, Marco was no longer fearful and asked his father to kill Leo.

"B*stard…today is the day you will die..Haha."

At the same time, he didn't forget to laugh at Leo's bad luck.

"Do you know what? I was actually waiting for your father…Hehe."

When Marco thought Leo would be shivering and begging him, he saw a cold smile on Leo's blood-covered face.


"Son, are you alright?"

Martin landed in front of his son and hurriedly checked for the injuries on his body.

"I am alright, father. But, you have to kill that b*stard. As you can see, we can't let him…."


Once he checked that his son was not injured, Martin heaved a sigh of relief as he didn't bother to listen to his son's words anymore.

Instead, he looked at Leo with a furious look on his face and shouted.

"Call of Undead"



Soon, countless undead beings came out of the ground and stood before Martin and Marco.

There were mutated beasts, monsters, and even humans among those undead beings, each with a strength ranging from rank 4 to 8.

"You killed an entire elite team of my Everlasting city. As a compensation, you will become one of my undead beings today."

"Everyone, attack."

As soon as he finished his words, he commanded his undead beings to attack Leo.

"That's not going to happen. Instead, your talent will be mine today."

Even when such a powerful undead army was coming at him, Leo was calm as he countered Martin with a challenge.


Martin and Marco raised their brows as they didn't understand Leo's words.

"I know you can't understand my words right now but soon, you will…Hehe."

Leo said to the father and son duo with a slight smile on his blood-covered face before muttering, 'Vladimir, Victor, you can take care of them.'

Soon, two silhouettes came out of Leo's shadow while emitting black mist from their bodies.




The two black-coloured silhouettes were very fast as they destroyed the undead beings with a single slash.

"Father, what's happening? What are those silhouettes.?"

Marco asked his father as he could not see what those silhouettes were and how they were able to destroy his father's undead army so easily.

"Shadow vampires…why are they following that b*stard's words."

Even though he could not see the appearance of those silhouettes properly, he could guess what they were, and he was shocked that Leo could control them.

"Son, let's escape."

After seeing two shadow vampires destroying his undead army, Martin decided to escape with his son using his second talent without any hesitation.



"Not so soon."

However, Leo appeared behind them and pierced his silver sword into Martin's heart.


Detected a super rare talent, 'Call of the Undead'. Do you want to swallow it?

As soon as Leo killed Martin, a system notification rang in his head.

"Of course. I promised him to take his talent."

Leo smiled slightly as he replied to the system in his head.

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