Book cover of “Territorial Men: Xandros“ by DelaillahXXX

Territorial Men: Xandros

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: DelaillahXXX
Xandros Estofanno is known as the territorial man. From the moment he lays eyes on Ameira Sy, he is captivated by her beauty. He is willing to give up his respectable life for just one night with her. Until a way for them to be together is made possible by their destiny. What will happen if Ameira finds that the man she is seeing is her ex-boyfr... 

Chapter 1

Her hips were shaking and circling uncontrollably while dancing when she was following the rhythm of the music from the DJ here at Terro Club. She was a bit drunk but didn’t want to stop dancing and drinking alcohol.

She was Ameira Sy, and she was having so much fun as if there was no tomorrow. Why? Because her boyfriend, for almost a year, broke up with her, and she wanted to forget all the pain that night. Ameira thought he was the one for her since they were dating with a marriage on their minds. Or maybe she just assumed things since they talked about their future together.

Ameira was now 25 years old and worked as a consultant in a not-so-popular small agency in town. She loved to travel, but her ex-boyfriend Mateo was always against that hobby. Ameira loved her boyfriend so much that she allowed him to decide for herself.

“Fuck, Ameira. After doing everything he wanted, choosing him over myself, is this what I get in return? He just dumped me like that?! That’s bullshit! No! He’s bullshit!” she whispered and paused a bit from dancing. Ameira was resentful, especially since the man didn’t even give her a reason and just broke up with her that day.

Because she was busy cursing her ex-boyfriend in her head, she was unaware of the man sitting on a stool who seemed attracted to her. She had no idea that her dance, messy hair, and body gave too much erection between the thighs of Xandros Estofanno.

It was usual for Xandros to feel that, and he couldn’t take his eyes off the lady as he drank his wine and bit his lip.

Xandros Estofanno was a young man aged 27. He didn’t have a job, but he invested in Terro Club, which was very popular in that area. He also had investments in big and famous companies, so his money would continue to flow into his hands even if he were not working.

He was rich and handsome, and women were always chasing him, but even so, they still eluded him. Why? Simply because he didn’t want short commitments. But as he stared at Ameira for a long time, he felt his principles change.

‘Fuck! She’s hot!’ Xandros said to himself. ‘I am a decent person, but goddamn, I’m willing to forget that so I can have a one-night stand with her.’

He couldn’t take his eyes off the lady because he feared losing her. The song was almost over, but he was still staring at her. Xandros was not confident enough to approach the girl.

‘Is she alone? Or she’s with someone? I hope it’s the first option because I don’t want to get into a fight if she’s already committed to another man. I hope she’s still single.’

It didn’t take long for Ameira to feel tired, so she decided to get ready to go home. She also lowered her dress, which was slightly raised due to her wild dancing. She had work the next day and didn’t want to be late, so she had to leave even if she wanted to stay at the bar for a while.

“The party is over, Ameira. It looks like you enjoyed yourself today, so it’s over.”

She didn’t want to go home anymore since she would only remember her ex-boyfriend there. Her apartment was their make-out place. But she couldn’t do anything about it.

“Just don’t he dare to show his face to me, or else I’ll kill him! Grr!” She grabbed her bag furiously.

Xandros unintentionally took his eyes off the young lady when suddenly, a woman appeared before him.

“Hey, handsome,” said the woman with a flirtatious tone. “I’m Fatima. And you are?”

“I’m sorry. I’m not interested,” Xandros directly refused her.

“What? Are you rejecting me?”

‘Jeez! I don’t have time to entertain her, but I don’t want to be so rude.’

Xandros peeked at the lady on the dancefloor, and when he saw she was about to leave, he immediately stood up.

“Hey! I’m still talking to you.”

“I’m sorry. I’m with someone,” Xandros said seriously.

“With someone? I’ve been watching you here for a while now. You don’t seem to be with anyone.”

He ignored that and once again looked at the young lady’s place and quickly frowned when he couldn’t see the woman there.

“Where did she go? Fuck!”

“Hey. Answer me, who’s with you?” Damn, this girl!

“I’m sorry, I have to go.” That was all he said, and then he left.

Xandros ignored the crowded, narrow way on the dance floor to look for the woman, but he failed to find her. He looked around but didn’t see the only woman who got his attention that night. Xandros felt annoyed. Now, he was even more clueless about how he could know the woman because he had no idea who she was at all.


At the office of his friend Gael Terro, the bar owner, he was sitting on the couch, drinking some canned beer.

“Can I see your logbook? I mean, the logbook of the bar.”

His friend Gael couldn’t help frowning because of what he said. “Of course not,” Gael firmly answered.

Xandros stood up from the sofa to approach his friend. But before he could speak, Gael asked, “Are you out of your mind? That’s private. The names in the logbook are confidential. Besides, what do you need? What are you up to?”

“I saw a woman earlier. She caught my attention, so I had to find out who she was,” Xandros seemed desperate. “I need to know her name. I need her contact number. So, can you help? Can I see your logbook?”

The logbook he referred to was the list of people who entered Terro Club that night. He hoped this would be the way for him to meet and see the girl again.

Gael laughed at him and even shook his head. “You are out of your mind, Xandros.”

“I’m being serious here, Gael.”

“So, you will use the bar’s logbook to find the girl you’re referring to? Without any idea who she is? Come on. My bar is famous, so many girls and boys come here. Tell me. How can you find the girl in my logbook with only a name written on it?” Gael answered.

Xandros was quiet because of that. He realized that his friend was right. He couldn’t help but sit on the couch again and take a deep breath. Then, reality hit him.

“You know what? If you meet the girl you’re talking about again, destiny will make that way for you. Don’t rush it, and wait, okay?”

“Whatever. There’s nothing more I can do,” Xandros answered and drank again.

Xandros couldn’t get the girl he saw at the bar out of his mind. He knew he wanted to meet the girl, but as his friend Gael said, it seemed vague.

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