Book cover of “That CEO Haunted Me“ by Dansstory

That CEO Haunted Me

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Dansstory
"You know, I wish I stayed in a coma much longer so I didn't have to see your happy life with your new wife. I don't want to see you hug and love her like you did to my mother. I don't want to see all of that." "Angela, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to keep this all secret from you, sweetheart." Chris knelt beside Angela's bed. "I was just waiting for ... 

Chapter 1. The Accident That Changed Everything

A lavish party was held inside a mansion that looked like a palace from the outside. Rows of luxury cars alternately stopped in front of the luxury house. Men and women were seen coming to the party, dressed in lavish formal attire. Some of them brought their children dressed in elegant clothes. Dozens of servers took turns serving the guests who had filled the party.

There was a brown-haired girl wearing a red ribbon in her hair, just standing quietly next to her parents, who were busy talking to their business partners. Her hands were busy inserting the chocolate cake offered by the waiter who had passed before her. Occasionally, her eyes looked upwards, watching her parents, who sometimes laughed when they were talking to their business partners. The mother, who felt cared for by her daughter, lowered her head and stroked her daughter’s hair to fix her kid’s hair band, which looked sagging.

“Mom, when are we going home?” she said innocently. Both parents, who heard that coming out of their daughter’s mouth, felt awkward with their friends, who also looked uncomfortable with the girl’s words.

“Wait a minute longer,” whispered the mother.

Hearing this, the daughter named Angela decided to leave her parents. She walked towards a table where various kinds of food were served. She regretted attending this event; her parents had asked her not to attend. However, Angela still insisted that she also wanted to participate in the party held by one of her father’s friends. And now that she had come to the party, nothing was exciting for her to do other than stand silently next to her parents and introduce herself to her father’s and mother’s friends.

Angela looked at the food in front of her with enthusiasm. Her eyes seemed to sparkle when she saw a variety of mini-sized cakes that looked delicious. She looked confused about which food to take because everything looked delicious. Angela finally decided to take the strawberry cheesecake and eat it on the spot. Occasionally, her eyes were busy following the movements of her parents, who did not stop talking to their friends.

“I’m very sleepy. Until when should I be at this boring party?” Angela muttered. It was past her bedtime. Angela could not stand alone, and her mind drifted to her comfortable bed at home. Angela walked over to her parents and gently pulled out the dress that her mother was wearing.

“Mom, I’m sleepy,” Angela whispered in her mother’s ear. The mother then stroked Angela’s head and whispered to her husband. The father then glanced at his daughter, who had closed her eyes a few times and yawned a little. The father then smiled in amusement at his kid’s behavior, which he thought was funny. Angela’s parents then asked her to wait for them for a while because they had to say goodbye to the person having the party. Angela was patiently waiting for her parents alone. It didn’t take long for her parents to approach Angela, and they walked towards their car. Arriving in the car, Angela immediately expressed her feelings.

“The party is boring, I don’t like it.”

Chris Goldenheart II, her father, smiled at his 12-year-old daughter’s chatter. He liked the nature of his very talkative daughter.

“When you grow up, you will also attend parties like this,” Chris said.

“Being an adult is very boring.”

Chris and his wife, Martha Wilson Herbert, smiled at the words that came out of Angela’s mouth. Their daughter, who would soon enter her teens, still made them exasperated with her behavior.

“Being an adult is also fun, sweetheart. Because if Mommy wouldn’t grow up, Mommy couldn’t possibly have you.”

“But Johnny said adults like to fight. Like Mom and Dad.” When Angela brought up her friend’s parents at school, Chris and Martha looked at each other.

“If they fight, it’s a sign they don’t want the people they care about to do bad things.”

“Daddy also gets angry with you if you do bad things. Right?” Chris tried to give understanding to his only daughter. He wanted her not to see the problem only from one side. But listening to explanations from other people is also a way of understanding the situation.

“Hmm,” Angela nodded her head. Her eyes, which had been so sleepy at the party, suddenly felt refreshed after they were no longer there. Coupled with the quiet road atmosphere, Angela felt calm, and her eyes were busy looking out the car window.

“Tomorrow is Sunday. How about we go sailing?” suggested Martha. She felt guilty because they couldn’t celebrate Angela’s birthday a week ago. Because, at the time, she and Chris had to go abroad for business issues. Angela, of course, was furious when her birthday party was held without her parents present. Only her grandfather and a few servants worked at her house, celebrating her birthday party.

“Sailing?” asked Angela enthusiastically. It had been a long time since they had sailed. The last time they did was when Angela was ten years old.

“Ah, but don’t we have an overseas schedule?” Chris teased his daughter. Angela must be sulking by now, he thought. Chris could see Angela’s face tugging from their rearview mirror. Seeing Angela’s face scrunched up like that made Chris’s face widen with a smile.

“Jeez, you’re right, honey. I forgot.” Added Martha. They both giggled at Angela’s increasingly sullen expression on her face.

“Mommy, Daddy,” Angela said in a sulky tone.

Both of them laughed even more when they heard Angela’s sulky tone two of them.

“Of course we’ll go tomorrow, honey. Mommy and Daddy were just kidding.”

“Yeayyyy.” Angela felt happy with her father’s words.

“Daddy, can we get home faster? I’m sleepy.” Angela said again.

“Of course, Princess.”

Chris, who felt the road was quiet, immediately increased his driving speed. But suddenly...




The car driven by Chris and his family spun and overturned. Chris lost control while driving his car and did not have time to apply the brakes, so the vehicle turned out of power and caused the car to crash into the road divider. The loud sound of a car crashing into the road divider broke the silence of the streets, which were quiet at that time because it was already midnight.

Chris, the only conscious person in the car, looked at his wife beside him. Chris immediately burst into tears seeing his wife’s plight, with a head wound and blood pouring all over her body.

“Honey! Honey, wake up.” Chris shook Martha’s lifeless body.

“Wake up, please.” The severe injuries suffered by Martha made her lose her life right then and there.

“Wake up.” Chris sobbed, apologizing to his wife because he felt this accident happened because he was driving too fast. With the condition that the wound was not too bad, Chris tried to get himself out but couldn’t. His energy was no longer left to get himself out of the car. Chris’s cries became even more intense when he saw his daughter unconscious. Chris couldn’t move from his seat or tell whether his daughter was still alive. Blood also flowed from Angela’s head.

“God, I beg you, not Angela.”

“Angela Angela,” called Chris, but there was no sign of consciousness from Angela. Chris’s hopes shattered when he saw his daughter not moving at all.

Chris tried to ask for help from anyone passing by, but the deserted road conditions dashed Chris’ hope of being rescued even more.



“Please help me.” With a desperate tone, Chris tried to scream. However, due to his injuries, his sound could only be heard by himself. But suddenly, a car stopped across from them. Chris could see the footsteps of two people approaching them.

''Help please….'' With a hoarse voice, Chris asked for help from two people approaching their car. A man shone a light in Chris’ car and saw Chris reaching out his hand to them for help. Quickly, the stranger turned towards Chris and took him out of the broken car window.

“My daughter,” Chris said when the foreign man got him out of the car, he was out of shape. The stranger immediately took Chris into his vehicle.

“Honey, take a look at the back seat.” The stranger spoke to a woman who then shone a light on the car’s back seat. The woman could see Angela, who was unconscious with a head wound.

“Honey, there is a child here.” The man rushed to the car’s back seat and immediately took Angela out. The man laid Angela down in his car’s back seat, accompanied by his wife. Chris felt that his consciousness was fading, and his state was weakening.

The stranger was getting ready to start his car, but a voice from Chris stopped him from doing so. The stranger planned to take Chris and Angela to the hospital immediately because it would take time if they waited for the Ambulance to come to the scene. Meanwhile, Chris and Angela’s situation might worry the foreign man.

“My wife,” Chris said again. Chris looked at the strange man next to him with a pitiful look. Chris wanted his wife to be saved, too, but the stranger shook his head at Chris, refusing Chris’ request to get Martha out of the car.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help your wife; her body was squeezed by the body of the car, and I don’t have the equipment to get your wife out. And she’s not even breathing,” said the stranger. They were forced to leave Martha in the deformed car, and their main focus was getting Chris and Angela to the hospital as soon as possible. Chris couldn’t do anything when the stranger started his car and left Martha at the scene.

Chris wanted to thank the strange man, but his fading consciousness made him faint.

Arriving at the hospital, the stranger immediately ran to ask for the help of a nurse to treat Chris and Angela. As Angela was transferred to the hospital bed, the doctors performed continuous CPR. Angela and Chris immediately moved to the ICU room right away.

The two strangers who helped Chris and Angela looked relieved when the doctors and nurses took care of Chris and Angela quickly. They only hoped for healing for Chris and Angela. The hospital staff who saw the two strangers asked them if they were Chris and Angela’s family. But they shook their heads and told the hospital staff everything they saw. They also requested the Ambulance to immediately go to the scene where Chris and Angela were found. Because the two strangers panicked, they couldn’t think straight, so they almost forgot that Martha was still in the car.

An ambulance rushed to the scene of the incident. The two strangers are still in the hospital. Their clothes were also stained with Chris and Angela’s blood.

“Darling, do you think the little girl will survive?” asked the stranger’s wife. The two of them were sitting in front of the ICU room. The wife was holding her husband’s hand. Her face looked worried about the condition of Chris and Angela. Never in their minds if they face events like this in front of their own eyes.

“I don’t know, but we hope the best for them.” The husband, William De Vanough, tried to calm the feelings of his wife, Susan Hopp. Susan’s eyes fell on his husband’s coat, which was already stained with blood, and she wiped it with a handkerchief she had taken from her small plush bag.

It wasn’t long before a doctor rushed out of the ICU with a cell phone in his ear. William and Susan could glimpse the Doctor’s conversation with the person on the other line.

“Come here quickly. Your son and grandchildren had an accident.” Those were the words that came out of the Doctor’s mouth.

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