Book cover of “The Alpha's Companion“ by Theresa Oliver

The Alpha's Companion

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Theresa Oliver
  • Uploaded by user848840
Lacey Taregan, the overlooked wolf-shifter princess of the Silver Pack, battles not just the ordinary challenges of royal life but the struggle for the respect she deserves as a warrior. Her prowess and lineage, despite their significance, fall short in the eyes of those who should support her the most—her own family. Julien Grey, the formidable Al... 


"Head up! You are a warrior of the Silver Pack!" American Indian Lacey Taregan said within the Pack Mind as she pushed the muzzle of a young, brown wolf up. "Act like it!" She stalked in front of them, giving each wolf a penetrating look.

The Silver Pack had a reputation for being one of the best packs in the Nez Perece Clearwater National Forest in Idaho, and she was going to make sure they earned the honor.

The wolves either looked away, looked up, or mentally rolled their eyes. But Lacey ignored it. She was the Pack Trainer, after all, whether they liked it or not.

"You're from a long line of proud warriors, and I'm here to ensure you don't let down the Alpha!"

"But Lacey, I'm tired!" whimpered Tima, a young warrior who had just turned, lying down on the soft lichen covering the forest floor.

"Gggrrroooaaalll!" Lacey growled, jumping at the young wolf, eyeing him down as he turned over onto his belly.

Wyatt, an experienced wolf-shifter standing nearby, mentally rolled his eyes.

"Get up!" Lacey bit at his flanks and Tima immediately jumped to his feet. "Are you going to roll over like that in the heat of battle? You'll be the laughingstock of the pack and I will not stand for it! The Alpha has entrusted me with your training, and I intend to make warriors of you all!" She eyed the pack, pacing before them, her white paws padding heavily upon the earth. "Now. Run it again!"

The wolf-shifters halfheartedly obeyed, slowly taking their stances once again.

Wyatt cleared his throat, getting everyone’s attention. “Do it.”

They were suddenly ready. Lacey rolled her eyes, sad to see that after all this time, no one accepted her. But they accepted Wyatt, even though he wasn’t a member of the Royal Family. But she pushed the thought aside, focusing on practice.

The pack lunged, dodged, and weaved, tackling each other into submission. But this was just practice. A real fight would look quite different.

"Lacey," Wyatt said in the Pack Mind. The chestnut wolf trotted over to her. "It's getting late and we've been at it all day."

"Do you think that The Wildclaws are resting?" Lacey growled, pushing aside the feelings she once had for the powerful, muscular wolf standing before her. Of course, there were no secrets within the Pack Mind, but Wyatt ignored it, respecting her privacy and feelings.

Wyatt sighed. "No, but everyone needs to rest." Then he trotted back over to the pack, taking his position in the formation.

Lacey watched them run drills, knowing that Wyatt was right. It would do her stepfather's pack no good if his warriors were exhausted when the rogue Wildclaws attack again. And attack, they will. She was sure of it.

And even though her own pack may not respect her as a stepdaughter of the Alpha, she was going to whip his warriors into shape if it was the last thing she did. But she guessed Wyatt was right. She had worked them hard today.

"Okay, everyone! Pack it up. Good work today! Let's go home and eat."

Some of the men stayed in their wolf forms and raced into the woods, while others quickly phased, dressed, and hurried home. Others didn’t bother dressing and headed to the mansion. Nudity in the pack was expected and overlooked.

Wyatt mentally lifted an eyebrow. "Want to hunt?”

Lacey shook her massive head. "No. You go ahead. Calla’s waiting." Lacey jogged toward the forest.

"Lacey, wait!" Wyatt called after her. "There's no reason why we can't be friends. Calla's my mate now, but we can be—"

"What, Wyatt?" Lacey cut him off. "What can we be? You chose her. Remember?"

He sighed. “Lacey….”

She scoffed. "What do you want from me, Wyatt? We're warriors in the same pack and that's all. You made your choice. Now, you have to live with it... and so do I. Let's try and make the most of it."

With that, she sprinted toward the deep forest. It hadn't been that long ago that Wyatt, her first love, had found his mate, and she was secretly glad for him. But what she wanted was simple: a pack that accepted her and a mate that would be good to her, human or shifter, it didn’t matter.

Lacey poured on the speed, eager to get away. Her wolf needed to stretch and run free, even after a full day of training. Then she caught the scent of a herd of elk and slowed, but the hackles started to raise on the back of her neck. She had the feeling that she was being watched... and her instincts were always right.

And she was alone. Despite her warrior skills, she wouldn't stand a chance against the rogue Wildclaws. Ten against one wasn't a fair fight. She took off running toward home, knowing she could eat later.

As she ran toward the mansion, a red wolf stepped out of the forest ahead, bringing her to a stop. Lacey’s way was blocked. So, she donned her fighting stance, bracing herself for an attack.

"Well, well, well...." A man walked into the clearing, in front of the red wolf. He was gorgeous, with dark blonde hair and muscles for days... and was completely naked. It was clear that he was a shifter. "Look what we have here."

Lacey let out a deep, guttural growl, warning him to stay away. Even though she wouldn't stand a chance against a whole pack, two against one was a fair fight. She would take those odds.

"Now, now...." The man gave her a cocky grin, clicking his tongue. "Tsk, tsk. I wouldn't do that. You know, we might be part of the same pack one day."

Just then, seven more wolves slowly stepped out of the forest, flanking him. Lacey couldn't hear what they were saying because she wasn't in the same pack, thank goodness. But from the way it looked, the black wolf was giving the orders. They growled and then a red wolf stepped closer. Lacey bit at it and it jumped back, but Lacey knew it was just a matter of time. She wouldn’t stand a chance against nine wolves. She was cornered.

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