Book cover of “The Alpha's Little Red Riding Hood“ by Dream_blue98

The Alpha's Little Red Riding Hood

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Dream_blue98
  • Uploaded by user242184
Vivian Lockhart, a werewolf girl living in an orphanage, found her life turned upside down when she was sold to a trafficking pack of werewolves. Unexpectedly, the traffickers discovered something intriguing about Vivian and decided to keep her by their side. This was far from what she wanted. Despite numerous failed attempts at escape, Vivian's de... 

The Accident

"Gerr…how long will it take?" A man around twenty years old asked while sitting in the back of the car.

"We are passing through the forest already. It might take about one more hour, "The old driver replied in a respectful tone.

Peeking out of the window, the young man rubbed his eyes. They were driving on a highway, passing through the dark forest.

The cold wind was blowing his jet black hair and his clear forehead was visible.

Half-moon hanging in the sky.

The occasional hooting of owls, humming of some night birds and few moving fireflies were making the nocturnal forest eerier.

The long trees were casting long shadows on the road.

Since the road ahead of them was very dark, not a single vehicle was seen passing by.

It was hard to see anything more than the front lights of the car.

"If the young master wishes he can take a nap till we reach the destination," Garrett, the chauffeur, suggested and the man nodded his head in agreement.

The man laid down on the back seat in a comfortable position and pulled his leather jacket over his head. However, not long after, the chauffeur suddenly hit the brake and consequently heard a loud bang resonating in the dreary forest.

The young man flung the jacket away and sat up hastily to see what had occurred.

"What happened?"The young man asked in alarm. He peeked out his head between seats and asked once again but to no avail.

"Uncle Ger, what happened?" He shook the old chauffeur by the latter's shoulder as he was sitting there frozen. It was a chilling sight to behold for the young man.

"Y-young M-master Ryle….someone got hit by the car," the chauffeur pointed his wrinkly finger at the windshield.

Ryle unconsciously followed the latter's sight and gazed at the stains of tricking blood on the glass of the windshield. Freezing for a second in horror, he immediately calmed his trembling emotions and without any second thoughts pushed the car door open. He ran to the front where the creature that hit the car was sprawled near the car. There it was. Just two steps away from the car, a small body with limbs sprawled up and blood trickling down her forehead and limbs.

"Hey, are you alright, "Ryle asked as he ran towards the victim of the accident. The same person his car had hit and the same person whose blood his car windows were bathed in. He turned the person over only to find a face covered with long black raven hair.

The girl didn't look older than the age of thirteen to fourteen. Her delicate oval-shaped face was bruised painfully.

Ryle turned to the girl and instantly his nose picked up the familiar scent wafting from her body. As if he wasn't certain the first time, he took a long whiff again and froze at the smell of blood entering his nose.

Her forehead was dripping with blood and her eyes were losing focus as she glanced at him. Their eyes met and Ryle found himself lost in her unique heterochromatic eyes. The girl has actually two different coloured eyes. One blue and one black. So unique. So fascinating.

Ripples formed in Ryle's amber eyes.

"Don't worry nothing will happen to you. Just stay awake, " Ryle whispered as he patted her face.

He removed his shirt at lightning speed and pressed it to the wound on her forehead. The girl kept looking at him.

"We need to get you to the hospital. Don't close your eyes okay," Ryle tried to speak to her.

However, the girl didn't have much energy. She was losing consciousness.

She lifted her shaky hand and pointed her finger in a certain direction inside the forest before finally losing consciousness.

Ryle raised his head and looked around to find what she was trying to indicate. His sharp eyes which were capable of looking in the dark penetrated deep into the shadowy forest. From afar, he could see a few pairs of eyes blinking in the dark.

"Y-young master, " the Chauffeur also came out at some point in time and spoke.

Ryle glanced up and saw his old frame shaking in the wind.

"Get back in the car, now!" Ryle said and lifted the girl in his arms and directly took her to the back seat. He stood in front of the door waiting for the old man to open it for him since he was holding a girl, thus unable to open the car door.

"Uncle Ger, hurry!" Ryle said as looked at the driver, a bit impatiently.

"Ohh… y-yes yes, " the door was opened by a flustered old man.

Ryle put the girl in the back seat and ordered the old man to lock the car. As soon as the car door was closed, low growls could be heard from the forest. Followed by three beastly looking large wolves walking to the open road from the exact direction the girl has pointed her finger.

Ryle narrowed his beautiful amber eyes and scanned the area. The wolves walked over and one of the largest among them circled Ryle while the other two walked towards the car. Inside, the old man who was scared beyond words looked at them with wide eyes but still tried to maintain his cool.

Ryle took two steps back while the wolf walked ahead looking at its prey. The other two wolves joined the first giant one and they caught the young man in the middle.

Ryle's face all tensed up as he realized their strategy.

The older wolf growled a little as if it was giving the warning. Yet, Ryle stood in his place and the next second, the three angry wolves jumped on the young man.

The old Chaffer in the seat gasped and shut his eyes tightly as if he couldn't see the scene that was going to take place next.

In the next moment, the silence of the forest was filled with loud growling, tearing of fleshes, breaking of bones and lastly painful cries.

The bloody episode taking place in the forest went on for around six to seven minutes and then everything calmed down. Gerr opened his eyes slowly and slowly, and then looked ahead through the windshield. The scene he beheld shook him to the core…

In front of him were three wolves lying on the ground. The blood had splattered all around the road and two of them were probably dead. The one who was looking a bit stronger was still breathing but waiting for death to come and free him of the pain that he was going through.

Amidst all chaos was a standing lean brown wolf with his amber eyes shining brightly. The same wolf turned his head and walked to the last breathing wolf. Gazing down, his paw slowly pressed down on the opened chest of the last living wolf and with his pressure the latter's heart burst.

After fifteen minutes, Ryle was back in the car on their way home. The girl was injured and they had to get her to the hospital as soon as possible.

"Drive faster, we need to reach home as soon as possible," Ryle ordered and the old man obeyed his order. The car sped through the forest and the journey of an hour was finished in just a half-hour.

Ryle looked at the girl in his arms and noticed how her breathing was becoming slower and slower with each passing second. Her sweet but slightly tangy scent filled the air inside the car. It was unique and he felt it in his nostrils and heart. Even the smell of her blood and dirty clothes couldn't mask her scent.

Suddenly, his eyes fell on a small crystal hanging around the girl's neck in a long rope. He took the uneven shaped blue stone that was wrapped in thin silver wires securely in his hand and then gazed at the semi-transparent stone. His eyes widened when he saw his own reflection in it.

Not his human face but the crystal was reflecting a wolf face in it. In amazement, he looked at it and then at the little girl in his arms.


Hello, my dear readers.

This is my book entry for WSA 2022. And I'm trying werewolf romance for the first time. The road ahead seems a bit bumpy for us but I hope you guys have your seat belts on for this exciting ride.

I hope all of you will show your love and support by sending power stones, Golden tickets, comments, giving reviews and even hitting a small heart button on my profile.

Don't mind my greediness.. hahaha. ???

Fire all your questions here....


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