Book cover of “The Billionaire's Outrageous Addiction“ by Ennyayomi

The Billionaire's Outrageous Addiction

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ennyayomi
“Call out my name…” I didn’t expect to hear that from him…he was finally living in his fantasies. “Finn…” He kissed me gently. “Again…” *** Heartbroken and traumatized, Scarlett Cobbs was reminded of the wedding she was bound to have before her twenty-sixth birthday, and her world began to crumble again. Her lover mysteriously disappeared a ... 

Chapter 1


I am a mess… a fucked up mess, to be precise.

And to be honest, I needed to be fucked against a hard surface to get my fucked up mess in order. My life had never been a field of roses, and if it was in any way, I would say I have been living with wild roses.

Perhaps I was a bouquet of wild roses, too.

Despite the cold condition of my environment, hot molten magma was flowing within me. My bloodstream had been conquered and taken over by that hotness. I panted loudly, but the noise of the party freaks around me drowned that… but that made me hotter.

I used to love parties… I still loved parties, in fact, which was why I had taken a break from the harshness of reality and hopped on a touring yacht to enjoy being around new people and partying all night...

But what was a party without my Lucas?

My Lucas…

The sweetness in my life… the one that calmed the wave of my life.

“The waves are calm today.”

One of the crew members, standing beside me with her group of friends, pointed out, and her three friends chattered about how it was sad that the trip was ending in eleven hours.

The sea waves were calm tonight, but the hot wave within me was getting worse and stronger with every second that passed. I knew what I needed to relieve myself from this misery, whereby my stomach twisted, and my core ached.

I have lived long enough with the magma to know how to control it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do the needful. I couldn’t do that to Lucas… My Lucas.

My sweet Lucas.

The fresh and cool water to the hot magma I have carried for a very long time.

I left the group of female friends and went to stand in an isolated part, staring at the sea that would lead me back home. I checked my phone again, hoping that there would be another message for me from my Lucas, but still… nothing.

The darkness of the night couldn’t hide my fear of the forthcoming morning. Neither could the noise of the last yacht party stop my heart from shattering loudly… Could anyone hear the shattering sound? Because that was all I could hear aside from the raging wave of magma…

“I will see you soon, my love. I’m already seasick, and I can’t wait to be wrapped in your warmth.”

Even where I was standing wasn’t isolated enough. Unlike the female speaking to her lover on her cellphone, there was no one waiting back at home for me. I had no love that would run to me as soon as I got off the yacht and sweep me off my feet…

There was no more Lucas…

But there was my father. A man of his word. The last set of words he said to me before I decided to hop on a public yacht when I could have used one of the many my father owned rang through my mind… “it’s time you grow up, Scar. It’s time for you to get married and take over my position as the Director.”

Yes, I was born with the most expensive golden spoon in my mouth. I was born into wealth, and even now, twenty-six years later, I was still living a luxurious life after all I was the only child of the famous Director Of COBBS GROUPS, Micheal Cobbs.

After all, I was well known as a face model and also the heiress of the most wealthy business in the whole of America.

However, I wasn’t known for my struggles and traumas… scars… and molten magma.

I was seen as perfect. They were all blind to the fact that I had been crushed over and over again. That I have been burnt many times by my molten magma. I couldn’t remember when I started using the term “Molten Magma,” but I do know that was the best way I could describe my ad***tion.

“I am rich, yet I am an ad***t. Welcome to Scarlett Cobbs’s world.”

I was talking to no one but myself. I screamed at the dancing reflection of the moon. It was dancing on the water. Dancing beautifully while I wallowed sorrowfully. It was painful. Holding back my ad***tion and not doing the needful to ease myself and my mind was driving me crazy.

Other ad***ts on this yacht must be having fun right now.

There were various kinds of alcohol for those who were addicted to it…

Some were in some corners smoking to their heart’s content and dropping a bucket of water on their ad***tion…

But I wasn’t addicted to either w**d or alcoholic drink… none of that was my Molten Magma.

I changed position since I wanted to believe that my self-isolation was making things worse for me, but the moment I chose another corner, a less deserted one, I began to hear the kind of cold water that my molten magma needed…

“Mmmh… yes… just like that…”

Moans of ecstasy. I didn’t know who was producing that sound, but I sure as hell knew that I coveted to be in her position at the moment. I craved to be touched. I yearned to be invaded. My vagina walls closed just with the mere thought of being pressed against anything… being invaded and pounded like Africans would pound boiled yam to make it pounded yam.

I needed that to quench the molten magma, at least for some time… I needed sex to get my mind off my ad***tion… Yes, Scarlett Cobbs, the famous model and heiress, had been a sex ad***t for a very long time. I could boldly say I had been addicted to sex all my life.

And I could get the needed cold water, but then there was Lucas. No! He wasn’t here with me. If he was with me, I wouldn’t be here on this yacht, avoiding direct eye contact with the gender that could pour diesel into my molten magma… the gender with three legs– Men.

Lucas wasn’t here, and neither was he with me like he used to be before I received a text from him a month ago. He broke up with me with zero explanation despite knowing that I needed him to satisfy my sexual urges. My heart also needed Lucas because I loved him.

I fucked with Lucas for seven years because I loved him. I still love Lucas, and he was the only one I could trust with my messed and fucked up life.

Lucas vanished mysteriously. I chose to use that term because my Lucas wouldn’t have left like that. He loved me and cared about me. He wouldn’t have broken me the way he did. That was unlike my Lucas.

My Lucas was gone. I had stayed celibate for a month, which deserved to be recorded because that has been the longest ever since I started dating Lucas.

“We should end things, Scarlett. I can’t cope anymore.”

Those were Lucas’s words. He was gone, my father was shoving an arranged marriage down my throat, and I was losing my mind due to the intense hunger that I had been denying for a month.

Lucas was the one making me hold back. My love for him was another reason. I have asked myself, “Would it be okay to sleep with another man when my heart belonged to Lucas?”

But my molten magma doesn’t understand love. The more I think about my struggles, the more I crave sex.

“What do we do, Scarly!”

I asked myself, breathing slowly to calm myself, but it was hard. Everywhere I turned, I saw the gender with three legs. Some were shirtless. Some were wearing fitted jeans that left nothing to imagine… yet I imagined things.

My mind thought of how I would feel complete if I picked a random man and had him fuck me. A one-night stand. A strange man who would never see me again, but what if he recognized me and came for me?

I hated being rich sometimes.

I hated the burden that came with being wealthy.

Pressure… I could feel it slipping within my body, and one thing about my ad***tion was that pressure made it worse. It gets worse and out of control when I feel pressured by anything or anyone.

“A glass of your strongest, Please.”

I raised my voice as I spoke to the bartender. He gave me a quick look and began mixing my drink. I felt his eyes on me throughout the process, but I could tell he wasn’t the man I needed.

“On the house.” He raised his voice, too. I emptied the contents of the cup into my mouth and washed down my throat with it before walking away from the bartender and the party. My core cried with each step I took.

I whimpered and quickened my pace, but rather than return to my room, I headed towards a place that I knew many men would be… a place that was built in public for those genders with three legs.

A decision has been made… “Fuck Lucas. Fuck my Dad and the marriage arrangement.”

Fuck them all while I get fucked… by any random man…

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