Book cover of “The CEO's Bodyguard“ by CrystalArrow

The CEO's Bodyguard

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: CrystalArrow
  • Uploaded by user279751
She was the heiress of a prestigious family, destined to become the most promising upcoming CEO. He was an orphan, raised with a singular purpose: to protect her at any cost. From childhood, their bond was unbreakable, forged in trust and loyalty. But then, she left for schooling abroad, and their paths diverged. Now, as she prepares to take the he... 

Finally Back Home

Beijing 10:30pm:

The night sky was beautiful. The brightly covered lights, from all over the city, were a dazzling site to view.

At this time a private plane had just landed at the airport; it was huge with a family crest on it. The crest was of a ruby phoenix encircling an onyx dragon, on a sky blue background.

Anyone in the country would be able to tell you of whom the crest belonged to because it represented the most influential familly in the country; the Lings.

As soon as the plane landed, a dozen people had already rushed forward to help with everything needed and greet their esteemed passenger

When the door opened a female walked out. Her face was covered, by a pair sunglasses and a thick scarf, so it could not be seen.

Even though her facial features could not be seen, her body itself was enough to garner the attention of everyone in the vicinity.

It was as if she was sculpted to imitate a goddess, with; long perfectly sculpted legs and

healthy body frame.

Once she reached the ground, she immediately picked up by a car. Once inside the lady removed her diguise revealing to the world a face beautiful enough to cause the downfall of countries.

Her skin was as white and milky as a pearl, her red cupid bow lips looked soft and plum, she had a cute button nose, long and silky onyx hair, and cute pointy ears that made you think of a pixie.

Once the car door closed, and the car itself started to move, the red lips curled into a smile and the beautiful woman finally spoke.

"I wonder if you're still the same,...Shin"

This is my first story. Hope you don't mind any errors I make.?

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