Book cover of “The CEO's Kidnapped Bride“ by Parisian_Moon

The CEO's Kidnapped Bride

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Parisian_Moon
  • Uploaded by user179600
"I'm interested as long as we don't engage in any physical contact that would lead to sex or the act itself. As your temporary future wife, I can tolerate hugs, pecks, and holding hands. Anything more intimate than that will get you a kick in the balls just like what happened yesterday. I will raise the 'pain intensity' every time you violate my pe... 


I hate to be in the same room with that person I had an unrequited love for. If ever I'd have acquired amnesia, I would've still fallen again and again.

I don't want to be that hopelessly smitten girl anymore, expecting to win his love back. I can live without him. There is always someone better. He hasn't come along yet.

Tears escaped and once it flowed it can't be stopped.

"Are you okay?" Danielle asked.

"I'm okay," I assured her, turning my back and dabbing my wet cheeks with the tissue so the mascara wouldn't smear.

If the bastard would see me now, he would remember the girl who confessed thru a text message looking like an ugly panda.

"The band just sang my favorite Christmas song and--" I sniffled, my voice cracking. " I love this song very much. Makes me so emotional, you know?"

I gulped the champagne one glass after the other, bubbles threatening to rise from the stomach.

Concern etched in Danielle's features.

Lightheaded as I stood, I clutched my bag and patted my best friend's back. "It's almost midnight. I should go."

"We should take you h---"

I pushed her back to her chair.

"Don't," I said. "Enjoy the Christmas Party with your fiance."

"But the countdown is starting!"

Danielle grabbed me but I danced my way out of her reach.

I waved at her fiance and gave him a meaningful look. "You can have Danielle all by yourself now. God knows the two of you are tired of playing 'Babysit Diana' and I'm also tired of playing 'Single and Slightly Psychotic Third Wheel'. I should go."

I navigated my way through the crowd to the exit when the countdown started.

All the lights inside the venue went out.











It's finally midnight. The lights went back on and someone has caught my elbow for the most dreaded event at Christmas.

The blond bastard has caught me.

I glare at my first love and his aggravating perfection, staying calm as if I'm unaffected by his proximity.

With an awkward chuckle, he pointed to the mistletoe above our heads.

He held my neck possessively and pulled me closer, running his tongue shamelessly on the seam of my lips.

He wanted gentle and coaxing, I'd give him storm and fire. I retaliated by deepening the kiss, controlling it. He groaned in response as his hands on my hips tightened.

"Diana." He whispered hoarsely and bit the shell of my ear. "It's been ten years since we last talked. I missed you."

You act as your care. As if you haven't rejected my confession and had a good laugh with your friends at the stupid naive nerd in high school. Right now, you just want to add another notch in your bedpost.

Not this time though, loverboy.

"Wow. Thanks for reminding me." I licked my lips. "I missed you too."

I kneed him in the balls.

Bruh. Writing is hard. Can you give me a ghostwriter slave who could read my mind and just pull the next chapters out of my head?

No? Can you please add this book to your collection, vote for my book, and give me reviews or comments? YES!

It will mean the world to me. Constructive criticisms are welcome but shitting on my precious babies (my novels) is another story. Give me the pros and cons. Always be kind. :)

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it.

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