Book cover of “The Irresistible Taylor Brothers (Books 1-10)“ by Rituparna Darolia

The Irresistible Taylor Brothers (Books 1-10)

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Rituparna Darolia
This is a collection of ten books. 1. Stuck on You: When Allison Green meets Stuart Taylor at a bar, they land up, making love in the backseat of his car. What happens next? 2. Enraptured: Sean Taylor saves Vienna Russell from ending her life, brings her home, and falls in love with her. 3. Nick's Pursuit: Nick Taylor falls for his professor ... 

Book 1. Stuck on You, Chapter 1


"Stuart Christopher Taylor, will you get your lazy ass down here for breakfast? That's it, no breakfast for you," yelled a frustrated Hannah Taylor at the top of her voice.

"I'm up, I'm up, ma," yelled Stuart as he hurried downstairs and ran to the dining room.

"You could've woken me up with love, ma," he said with his signature lazy grin to irk her more. His ma rolled her eyes at him! At twenty-three, shouldn’t he wake up on his own already?

"I've tried twenty times with 'love'," she yelled, air quoting the word love. Then she turned around to glare at her son, who was the oldest amongst the lot, "Good Heavens, what do you think you're wearing, Stuart?" she asked in horror at an underwear-clad Stuart.

"What? I'm covered. You asked me to come down N.O.W. Did I get any chance to wear my pants?" he said, shrugging helplessly.

Hannah grunted in disgust, wondering when her overgrown chimps would really grow up and settle down. "You can't eat in that. Wear your pants first," she stated, giving up. Stuart went upstairs whistling a tune. He loved his life, his home, his family but mostly his ma in the whole wide world!

"Morning ma, morning dad," said a twenty-three-year-old Sean Taylor, ready, wearing his favorite but dirty pair of jeans and a red tee shirt. He was Stuart's fraternal twin, but thankfully, they didn't look alike. Both of them were in their last semester of the undergraduate program in Food Technology and Management at the University of Houston.

"Where are you off to, Sean? It's just 8 a.m. on a Saturday," his dad, Henry Taylor, said, looking at his stinky jeans.

"I have a camping trip dad, all my friends are going," he informed his parents. Stuart joined them wearing his pants and stole a piece of bacon from Sean's plate.

Sean slapped his hand away. "Get your own," he scowled at him.

"Change your jeans before you go," Henry Taylor told his son strictly.

"What? No way. I look hot in these," protested Sean.

"But you're stinking. No girl will come near you, " said Hannah, and their dad raised his eyebrows at her.

"Oh, okay. I'll change." Sean agreed to his mom reluctantly, and Hannah shot a victorious grin at her husband.

"Morning, ma, morning, dad," said a sleepy, eighteen-year-old Daxton Taylor, slumping onto a chair and heaping food onto his plate. He had just enrolled at the University of Houston to study finance. His classes would start in a fortnight, and he was excited to check out the new chicks in his class!

"Dax, do you have a hangover?" asked his dad, sternly.

Dax's eyes widened, and he looked at his dad. "I-I swear, Dad I didn't mean to," he stammered.

"You're underage. What were you thinking? You're grounded for a week," he ordered, and Dax groaned, closing his eyes.

"Sorry we're late, don't yell, ma," said a twelve-year-old Drake Taylor rushing into the room and skidding to a halt beside the table along with his dog, Timmy who was the laziest golden retriever in the entire world. Timmy eyed his ma and sat down on the floor beside Drake to eat his breakfast.

"Where's Denver?" asked their dad, looking at all of them as they eyed each other. Something was wrong. Denver Taylor was Daxton's twin and was the most impossible to handle. He, too, had enrolled in the University of Houston for the undergraduate course in Business Management and was never at home.

"I'm still waiting for an answer, boys," said their dad. A sudden nasty sound had them all riled up.

"Ew, disgusting! Who farts at the dining table?" said Sean, eyeing Drake.

"I didn't do it," he said, covering his nose.

"Shut up and go relieve yourself," said a disgusted Stuart.

"I swear it was Timmy," said Drake and all glared at a guilty-looking Timmy. Thankfully, Denver was forgotten. Last night, Denver had attended a frat house party with his best friend Colton and stayed over to get his first s*x experience.

They finished breakfast and Henry Taylor kissed his wife and left for his restaurant. They owned three restaurants and a four-star hotel in Houston, Texas, and Henry and his two younger brothers, Nolan Taylor and Benjamin Taylor handled them together.

After Henry Taylor, Nolan came next and lived on the same street, three houses away, with his wife Pauline and twenty-year-old twin boys, Nick, and Nelson.

Benjamin lived opposite Henry's house with his wife Patricia and his two boys, eighteen-year-old Ryan and thirteen-year-old Nate.

The entire neighborhood hated the sight of the pranksters and stayed away from the entire Taylor clan. Stuart's mom, Hannah, was the most harassed of the lot, though. When she gave birth to two boys, she wanted a little daughter and again got pregnant with the hope of a girl child. But to her horror, she produced another set of twin boys.

Then accidentally their con*om burst and she got pregnant with Drake. So now she was stuck with five boys and a male dog in her house, not to mention their male cousins and male best friends who always stayed over. Whenever she, Pauline, and Patricia met, all they discussed was how wonderful it would have been if they had produced daughters instead of these rowdy boys.

The doorbell rang, and Hannah went to open the door. Stuart came out of the kitchen to meet his best friend, Jaden Meyers, who came over to spend his weekend with him. He lived at Travis Springs, which was a four-hour drive away from Houston, and always came over to spend his holidays at their house. They were childhood friends, having studied in the same school when younger.

"I'll stay for a week, Stu," he said with a shit-eating grin on his face, going over and hugging Hannah. She liked the boy who helped her with all the chores whenever he was here, unlike her boys.

"Go, freshen up, Jaden, and come down for breakfast," she said indulgently.

"Yes, aunt Hannah," he said, the grin not leaving his face. He and Stuart went to their room upstairs.

"How have you been, bro?" asked Stuart as he lay on his bed while Jaden freshened up.

"I missed Rosalie like hell. Ready to stalk the girls?" he asked, peering out of the en-suite with a grin on his face. Rosalie Edwards was Jaden's childhood sweetheart, whom he had fallen in love with. However, she had shifted to Houston and was now studying Agricultural Practices and Research at the University of Houston, where Stuart was studying too. So, the two friends had been stalking Rosalie and her best friend Allison Green for the last two years.

"Sure, I'm always ready to watch Allison sway her hot butt. When will we approach them, bro? I'm tired of this distant girl-gazing business. I want action," he said, flailing his hands as he stared at the ceiling.

Loud yelling and footsteps had them all worked up and rushing downstairs. "Now what?" said Stuart, rolling his eyes.

He saw Denver running round and round all over the house and their ma chasing him while Timmy slept like a hippo on the sofa. "Bro, save me, ma's gonna kill me," he said, rushing behind Stuart and hiding.

"Stuart move. I'll kill that boy. He had s*x without protection, that too with a minor seventeen-year-old and the girl came crying to me," said their ma with fire in her eyes.

"Bro, it's Katy and you know how she is. I swear she's lying. I used protection, oops," he said as he realized he spilled the truth to his ma.

"I knew it, I knew what he was up to," said their ma, striding back into the kitchen. "You are grounded with no mobile phone for a week," she threw over her shoulders.

Denver flopped onto the floor as if struck by lightning. "I'll die without my phone, ma," he protested.

"Die then. You should have thought about the consequences before," she spat from the kitchen.

"Ma, please, I'll do anything you say, but please don't take away my phone," he begged.

"Try later dude, she won't listen to you now," advised Stuart and Denver went up to his room, grumbling to himself.

"So, what's the plan?" asked Jaden, curiously.

"Jaden, come and eat, " yelled Stuart's mom.

"You eat while I'll change and come down in a minute. Then we'll go to their dorm room to stalk them," said Stuart with mischief dancing in his eyes.

"Done. Yes, aunt Hannah, coming," said Jaden, rushing over to the kitchen to eat. After five minutes, Stuart came down, ready to go.

"Ma, we're off to the University," Stuart yelled out to his mom before leaving. "So, should we approach them today?" asked an impatient Stuart. When Jaden had approached him two years back to help him stalk his girl, he was least interested, but after seeing Allison Green, he just couldn't restrain himself and was over-eager to stalk the two inseparable girls.

They were very good at stalking and should receive awards of excellence in the field since the girls did not know that they were being stalked for two years. "No dude, not today," said Jaden. He feared rejection and just couldn't decide what to do.

"You take your time, dude. I'll introduce myself to Allison today," he swore as they drove off towards their university.

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