Book cover of “The Kidnapped Bride“ by Amaira_Knight

The Kidnapped Bride

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Amaira_Knight
  • Uploaded by user850135
“Who the hell are you!? What are you doing in my room?” Jennifer shouted when she saw the man sneaking inside her room out of nowhere, just a few minutes before the wedding. A gun was pointed in her direction, straight at her heart, with horror evident on her stunned face. A smirk landed on the man's face when he answered back, “You have two option... 

The Bride To Be

"Miss Jennifer, you look perfect in this dress. Sir has gifted you the right piece. It is surely made exclusively for you!" The beautician commented when she did a light touch-up on her face.

But the bride didn't utter even a single word in return to this. She had her mind fixed on some other matters itself. Sitting in front of the mirror, her eyes opened up to see herself in the bridal dress in the mirror.

'How good I look, but it is a waste that it doesn't make me happy.' sadness spread all over her heart but then, her eyes traveled to the clock, that was hung near the bed, to see the time.

"Is it done?" Jennifer asked when she noticed that she has only limited time left with her.

"Yes ma'am. I have already applied the minimum makeup and it will not irritate you anymore." The beautician looked at the bride as if she was her hard work of perfection.

With blonde hair, a red rose fixed in the bun, and a black eye shadow near her eyes, she looked like a piece of artwork. Unfortunately, all these materialistic things didn't make her feel warm.

"Thank you. Can you please leave the room and call my parents? I would like to talk to them before the wedding." Jennifer requested the makeup artist.

But hearing this request from the bride, the beautician looked reluctant. But when she heard the bride once again saying, "Please? It is a humble request." she wasn't able to deny her.

"I'm going downstairs. If I see your parents there, I shall convey your message to them that Ms. Jennifer would like to talk to them."

Jennifer passed her a gentle smile "Oh, that would be a great help. Please do so. Thank you." Hearing this, the makeup artist was flushed.

She had never expected that the soon-to-be Mrs. Smith would be so polite to her, despite how big responsibility she is going to share of being the wife of the most famous underworld person.

The person, who is feared by probably everyone due to his name in the underworld business and his wealth. Who would even dare to go against him?

"You need not be polite to me, Ms. Jennifer. Just tell Mr. Lucas about my work and I hope that he will be kind enough to give me another job in his mall."

Jennifer's smile froze and her hand converted into a fist. No one noticed the hate and the fear in her eyes when she heard the name, 'Lucas..'

"I shall go now. Please do not move much otherwise your stunning beauty will be damaged."

Saying this the beautician left the room, leaving Jennifer all alone. Not even one single sound was heard except her own heart which was beating too loudly.

Her reflection in the mirror looked really stunning but that wasn't her concern. Her main and biggest worry was, this marriage!

Picking up her phone, she dialed a number to only get the reply, 'The number you have dialed is not reachable.'

"Where the hell are those people? Why aren't they picking up my call?" Jennifer mumbled in between her breath because according to the time, the wedding will start very soon.

If she doesn't know anything now, then her plan will flop and she would be tied to that bastard!

Just then, the door of the room was wide opened and her eyes landed on her mother who looked angry. Very angry.

"Jennifer, I don't know what to do with you anymore. I already told you to keep your mouth shut and behave, yet still, you are bent on making a fuss over nothing...."

"But you are also aware of my feelings and how I'm forced into this. Mom, you are well aware of how dangerous he is." Jennifer revolted as her mother locked the door behind her and replied back.

"Keep your voice down. You don't want others to know about your actions and behavior like this!" A frown appeared on Jennifer's face after hearing her mother's harsh words.

This was no one else but her dearest mother, Amelia who was so keen on making her daughter married to the most famous criminal or so-called the king of the underworld.

"We are making a mistake. You know that what he wants from us.. he doesn't love me." Jennifer once again replied back to which Amelia came closer to her and used her veil to cover her head.

As a loving mother, she tried to divert the topic and tugged the veil to cover her hair.

"You are overthinking Jennifer. There Is nothing like that. This marriage is going to happen and stop thinking about any other possibility."

"But why can't you just go and talk to dad? He shall convince Lucas that Jennifer isn't interested in this." Jennifer's mind was clashing. Being in this situation is making her feel suffocated!

But Amelia was thinking something else. Looking at their reflection in the mirror, Amelia spoke in a cold tone, "We have done a lot for you, Jennifer. It is your time to do something for your brother. You need to get married and that is final."

Jennifer wanted to say something more but she knew that her mom would not listen to whatever she said. In her mind, she will always be a lady who doesn't know what is good for herself and, obviously, she needs to take responsibility for her family.

"I'm leaving now. The ceremony will start in the next twenty minutes. Make sure that you don't do anything stupid and careless that will make us embarrassed."

With these as her last words to Jennifer, she left the room, and once again, Jennifer was all alone.

In a white dress and a veil attached to her hair, she was looking at the most beautiful wife.

But she wasn't the same happy bride-to-be. Clutching her phone tightly, she looked at herself in the mirror.

'I will not let you all ruin myself like this.' With this thought in her mind, she was all ready to execute her plan. Getting up from her seat, she walked near the closet and took out a large bag.

But before that, the wind blew out of the window that was opened. Her eyes landed on the white curtains in the room and the thunderstorm that was ready to come tonight, in the state as well as in her life!

"Surely the weather is bad outside.." she mumbled in between her breath and then started taking out some dresses from the closet each one by one.

But then, when she was looking through dresses, she heard a voice breaking a vase and when Jennifer turned around, something shocking came into her view.

"W..WHO the hell are you?! What are you doing in my room!"

Her voice was loud when she saw the man in front of her, holding a gun, pointed towards her. Her eyes winded as she clutched her heart when the sudden appearance of the man was made in her room!

With no expression on his face, and wearing a black leather jacket, he looked no less than any killer!

"The bride to be.. you have two options, either die right now or, be ready to come with me!"


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