Book cover of “The Luna and Her Forbidden Mate“ by JennyBlaze

The Luna and Her Forbidden Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: JennyBlaze
  • Uploaded by user674586
In a world sharply divided by bloodlines and ancient feuds, the revelation of a prophecy by the Moon Goddess sets the stage for an unthinkable alliance. Ellie, the spirited werewolf princess of the Pure Heart Clan, finds her destiny irrevocably intertwined with Nathan, a brooding vampire from the revered Circle of Elders. Their fated union is proph... 

Chapter 1 ( birth of the wolf princess)

Chapter 1(birth of the wolf princess)

Valerius couldn't help himself as he paced the halls of his home. His wife was there in the middle of welcoming their child and there was nothing he could do but walk up and down. He'd bitten his fingernails so much that there was blood on his lips, he'd walked the same path that the guards could see the carpet thinning from where he stood.

Ah! They thought, the king was anxious for his child.

A wail echoed through the halls, it was the queen's. Valerius moved like he was about to burst through the doors before he turned and fell to his knees.

His personal guard Thravid tried to help him to his feet but Valerius resisted. He stayed on his knees for a while before getting up.

"My Lord, you need to be calm for the queen will be fine." Thravidsaid, trying to calm him down.

But there was no response from Valerius. It didn't even seem as though he was being spoken to. He could only pace around the hall, not able to do anything and not sure what fate will bring to him.

Queen Greta on the other hand was fighting for her life and that of her unborn child as the midwives urged her to push. She tried with all her might but it didn't seem as though she was even trying.

"I can't!" Queen Greta cried out, screaming as beads of sweat fell off her face.

"You can, my queen. All you need to do is to push with all your strength." The head midwife, Coretta said, trying to motivate her to keep pushing.

"Coretta, I Can't. I am too weak. I can't push any further." She said almost giving up.

All of a sudden the queen began to scream louder than before, her eyes had already turned green as she tore the sheets in order to hold back her pain. Coretta couldn't understand what was happening. She'd seen the movement of the baby visibly from her mother's stomach. It was moving as if it wanted to tear its way out of her stomach.

"She can't deliver the baby! We will have to cut her out." Coretta said after examining Greta's stomach with her hands.

"Why?" Asked Ophelia.

"Because the baby's head is no longer down. She has changed her position." Coretta explained.

"What!!!" Ophelia couldn't believe her ears." We have to tell the king. We have to cut her out." Ophelia suggested.

They knew they couldn't force her to deliver her baby because it would complicate issues and the queen may lose her life but they were left with just one option, and that was to cut her and deliver the baby.

"We have no other choice but to approach Lord Valerius for his approval." Ophelia, the assistant to the head midwife suggested.

"And you should also know that the king may not approve, Ophelia." Coretta reminded her.

"Not at the expense of his wife and child."bOphelia continued.

Coretta knew she made a point. She was going to approach the king anyway. She was going to tell the king that they would have to cut his baby out.

"In that case, I will have to inform the king. " She left hurriedly, leaving Ophelia to cater for the queen.

Coretta approached the hall room where Valerius was and was granted access to see him immediately. She stood in front of him and bowed, crossing her wrist above her head as was the manner of greeting a superior.

"My lord." Coretta greeted as she bowed before him.

"How is the queen and has my child been born?" He asked enthusiastically.

"No, my Lord. The Luna queen is having difficulty delivering the baby." She replied with her head still bowed.

"Then do something! Something obviously has to be done, Coretta! Why are you here?! " He fumed, anger clearly written on his face and disappointment evident in the tone of his voice.

"That is why I am here, my lord. I have come to ask for your permission to cut the queen open and deliver the child." She replied boldly, this time raising up her face to meet that of the king.

"Is that really necessary, Coretta?" He asked calmly as his anger subsided.

"Yes, my Lord." Coretta said conclusively.

Valerius became silent. He turned his face away from her and looked outside the window, staring at the moon as if waiting to hear from it. He wasn't sure if it was safe to cut the queen but he wasn't willing to take the risk of losing both his wife and child.

"You may proceed." Valerius replied coldly, his voice so mellowed down that one could hardly hear what he said.

"Thank you my lord." Coretta obeyed and left immediately.

Valerius went to his inner chamber. He sat on his bed with his face buried in his palms. He could feel tension in his bones, his palms were already sweaty.

"Please…" He prayed. "Keep them safe." He whispered.

It felt as though the moon goddess could pierce through his soul at that point. He was at ease from the tension as he could feel his muscles relax. He then stood up from where he sat and left the room.

He left his chambers hurriedly and proceeded towards the room where his wife was delivering his baby. He stood at the doorway and sighted his wife laying on the bed grimacing in pain. He couldn'tstand it, the screams were so unbearable for him. Greta didn't see that her husband was staring at her. She was too pained to notice as she continually screamed in agony, taking deep breaths as she stayed still.

He turned his face away and proceeded towards the throne room. He knew that if he stood there watching the scenario, his fear would return.

Coretta administered an elixir to the queen. The elixir was to make her sleep and not to feel any pain.

Greta gulped the contents of the elixir and soon fell into a deep slumber.

Coretta then gave her a cut below her navel, right above her abdomen and soon brought out the baby.

The king was still bothered while he sat on his throne but was awakened when he heard the cry of a baby echo through the walls. He stood up hastily wearing a big smile on his face.

"Did you hear that Thravid?" He asked excitedly, still unsure of whether to scream or not.

"Yes my lord." Thravid replied.

"I am now a father." He said conclusively.

Coretta walked into the throne room. She was so excited that she forgot to bow. Valerius took notice of her presence and turned to meet her gaze.

"Good news my lord! The queen has finally delivered a beautiful baby girl." Coretta announced.

"Yes!" King Valerius exclaimed excitedly.

"Thravid!" He screamed, forgetting that Thravid has been standing close to him ever since.

"Yes my lord." Thravid presented himself before him.

"Get ready for a royal banquet. My daughter has just been born and I want the world to hear of it. Inform the elders, invitethe betas, the omegas, the warriors. Bring all friends and foes. Tell them that I, King Valerius, is now a father." King Valerius instructed.

"Yes, my lord. Your wish is my command. " Thravid replied.

Thravid was the king's right hand man. A beta in his own right. He has always been the one to handle all affairs pertaining to politics whenever the king wasn't around, and would assist the Luna queen in overseeing the affairs of the clan. He was a loyal servant that would sacrifice himself just to protect the king and the pack if need be.

"One more thing, Thravid. I don't need any vampires around." The king warned sternly.

"Of course my Lord. " Thravid bowed again and left.

The queen soon became conscious. She touched her belly at first impulse. It was still big but not as big as when she was pregnant and she knew she was no longer pregnant. She then looked at Ophelia who smiled at her.

"Congratulations my queen. She is a beautiful baby girl." Ophelia congratulated with smiles all over her face.

"I want to hold her." Greta requested.

Tears of Joy fell off her cheeks as the queen held out her hands to welcome her baby into her embrace.

King Valerius headed towards his wife. The sight of his wife holding his daughter was divine to him. He had never thought he would feel this good in a long time. He walked in and the servants excused them immediately.

"Hello, my love." She smiled upon sighting him.

"You have done marvelously well my queen.'' He leaned and gave her a kiss on her forehead, then his gaze fell on his newborn daughter.

He had never seen anything more adorable than her. He carried her in his hands. He could feel a strong sensation of joy emanating from within him.

"So beautiful." King Valerius complimented, he was so engrossed by her divine beauty and golden eyes.

"She shall be called Ellie for she is as beautiful as the shining light." King Valerius said.

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