Book cover of “The Ruthless Billionaire's Wife“ by Kourtney Sspaers

The Ruthless Billionaire's Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Kourtney Sspaers
  • Uploaded by user638504
"Bite the table!" Liam commanded, his voice cold and unyielding. "I'm so sorry, boss! Please don't kill me!" Lukas pleaded, his face so pitiful that the other bodyguards almost cried at the sight. Liam stood in front of Lukas, his eyes burning with a fury that he struggled to restrain. All he could see was the pain inflicted on Elsa, the woman he l... 

Chapter 1 The party 1

"I like you" Damien moved closer to her, closing the gap between them with every step he takes and Elsa kept moving backwards until her back touches the wall. He placed his hands on the wall trapping her in a corner.

Budum budum

Her heart kept beating so fast and she was forced to look into his eyes. Her ice blue eyes met his hazel eyes, 'damn he gets more handsome as he comes closer'. "How did it get here? She thought to herself. He moved his face close to hers until their faces were inches apart that she could feel his hot breath piercing into her skin sending shivers to her body.

She gulped. He looked at her wet peach lips that was so arousing and he moved his face closer and closer to hers almost capturing her lips but she clenched her fist and spoke gingerly. "What are you doing?" she's not the type of girl who is moved by handsome faces, 'was he taking advantage of her?' Damien paused, he moved his head backwards, a little startled by her reaction but he kept his cool.

He was speechless for the first time and it was because of this girl, this was actually the first time a girl has rejected him. "Dami! Dami!" A tall figure stood out the door with his hands in his pocket feeling unbothered by what's happening in the empty classroom as he called Damien.

Damien turned around and met his gaze, they both made a signal and Damien nodded, returning his gaze back to Elsa, "we'll talk some other time!" he walked out unhurriedly with his bag hunged on his right shoulder.

"There would be no next time' she screamed in her head, she was totally irritated by what just happened, even if all the girls in school were head over heels for Damien she was never a fan of his, besides he was not as handsome as her prince charming.

But what irritated her the most was her first kiss was almost stolen by 'Damien', not just any Damien, but 'Damien Rivals', Alora's number one player. She kept on wondering how things resulted to this, cause she could remember vividly what she was doing here few minutes ago and none of those things were related to Damien kissing her, okay let's not call it a kiss, almost kissing her.

"El are you okay? I've been looking for you!" A beautiful young girl walked in looking worried. Claire's beautiful voice broke Elsa off her daze. "Yes I'm okay?" Elsa said calmly, "okay then, let's go or we're going to be late for Mr Frank's lecture!" Claire smiled.

Her smile had a special effect on Elsa, no matter how angry she was, whenever her cousin smiles she suddenly becomes happy again. They have been best friends since childhood. Claire's blonde hair was neatly parked in ponytail, slightly above her shoulders matching her round big green eyes. She had long legs and a not so fair skin.

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