Book cover of “The Sinful Seduction“ by Mannar

The Sinful Seduction

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mannar
“What are you doing?” My voice was barely audible, but I knew she had heard it. “Making you mine,” she said in a hushed tone with a subtle fire in her voice. Ajit replaced both of Adaah’s parents when she became an orphan. But over the years, their feelings for each other grew into something new and frightening. Will they be able to switch off th... 

Chapter 1

I ran and ran over the dark streets of the late-night city of Delhi and hid in a trash barrel behind an alley. My eyes gazed at the sky-blue birthday gown adorning my body which was now reduced to a rag. Recalling the harrowing events from the last few hours, which changed my life completely, I looked at my bloodied hands rising to my eyes and broke down to a yowl.

It is my birthday today but unfortunately the most woeful day of my life. I lost both my parents just a few hours back and killed the man who murdered them. I am already a bloody murderer just at the age of thirteen. The recollection of the sinful thought bought cold shivers down my body.

A few hours later

Two men involved in a discussion pass down the alley. I quickly pulled myself down into the bin, but regretfully one of them seemed to have already noticed me. 

“Hey, little girl! Why are you hiding yourself here?” Gauging me, his eyes roamed the sooty place with disdain. I assessed him carefully. He was dressed in a black suit with well-defined abs. 

“Are you a cop?” I held myself up in panic, already regretting the choice of words I had used. He shook his head with a smile and raised his hands, indicating himself to be harmless and then his interrogation began.

“Why are you out on streets at this late hour, little girl?” He asked me with an endearment. Something triggered in my mind and I took out the knife that I hid in my back pocket, pointing towards him. 

“Just back off or I am going to kill you.” I raised my voice, trying to sound fierce with a piercing gaze addressing him. 

“We are not your kidnappers.” He spoke in a soft voice but acted spontaneously to push his black coat aside, revealing the revolver tucked in the waist of his pants. 

“Calm down, I am not going to kill you but for that you are going to tell me the truth.” His chocolate brown eyes were analyzing me head to toe with a shrewd leer.

The man beside him smiled at me and tapped the shoulder of his friend. He took a step forward and pulled away the knife from my hands. 

“These dangerous tools are not for little girls like you.” He spoke to me like a parent who lectures his child and lifts me in his arms. I tried to wiggle away from his arms, but he seemed to have a strong hold, never allowing me to slip away. I hit him on the chest with my balled fists, but alas, my touch least affected him. He seems unfazed with a clear determination in his eyes and walks to his car carrying me. He carefully puts me in the passenger seat and belts me. His friend slips at the back and the car starts to move.

“I am Ajith Arihant Acharya, CEO of ‘Arihant group of Industries.’ He introduced himself, “And this is my friend Anand.” Introducing the man seated at the back, he pointed to me with a command and let out, “you are going to speak up the truth once we reach the home.” And then deftly manoeuvred the car into the busy, dark streets of Delhi.

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