Book cover of “The Wrong Twin for the Right Alpha“ by Bianca C. Lis

The Wrong Twin for the Right Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Bianca C. Lis
Sophie and Agatha were inseparable twin sisters who took different paths after their parents' death. Agatha, seduced by luxury and in search of the truth about their father's death, becomes involved with the enigmatic Blood Moon Pack, unaware that she is being deceived by a Beta. She gets closer to the Alpha, Harvey, but ends up revealing the truth... 

Chapter 1. Prologue

Her breathing was heavy due to the frigid air of the Colorado streets; her lungs burned with every deep breath as she desperately sought air during her relentless escape. In the distance, she caught the menacing sound of a whistle, accompanied by cruel laughter and a hate-filled promise.

“You can't escape us. We'll hunt you to hell, and you'll pay for your betrayal,” declared one of the pursuers.

“Damn them!” Agatha whispered to herself, exhausted. “Why won't they leave me alone?”

Turning the corner and entering a dark alley, she believed she had found temporary refuge. However, before she could catch her breath, heavy footsteps approached. A silhouette in the darkness emerged in the form of a wolf, teeth bared, clearly announcing imminent danger.

“Please, leave me alone... I promise I won't reveal anything to anyone!” Agatha pleaded with the creature before her.

“Ah, my dear, we can't let you escape. You carry our victory against him, and we need the offspring!” roared the supernatural being, casting a cold gaze that made her tremble.

“That wasn't part of the deal,” Agatha said, clenching her fists firmly. “It didn't involve an innocent. You used me!” she protested firmly.

“Did we use it? Haha, wasn't that exactly what you did to him? What do you think will happen when he finds out that you were an infiltrator who seduced him and bore his heir as a bargaining chip for another pack, just to gain money and power?” The tone of the being became even more menacing, urging him to advance toward her.

“You won't do anything if you can't find us!” Agatha caressed her belly, positioning herself defensively, ready for any attack.

At that moment, a wolf with warm brown fur lunged aggressively, attempting to bite and tear with its sharp claws. Agatha hissed as she skillfully dodged, quickly pulling out a powdery substance from her pocket and blowing it into her predator's snout. The wolf, now disoriented, sneezed.

“DAMN IT, WHAT IS THIS?” the enemy exclaimed as his vision blurred, causing him to stagger from side to side.

“A little gift from the witches. Return to the shadows from whence you came and tell the leader of the Blood Moon Pack that you will NEVER lay your claws on my son!” With that, Agatha turned her back to flee, but not before hearing his final threats.

“We will find you. We will kill everyone you love. Your fate is sealed, human.”

Looking over her shoulder, Agatha could see the seriousness in his words before the Beta collapsed on the cold, freezing streets.

A few months ago, my identical twin sister, who had disappeared, returned without further explanations. She had us wear a necklace that emitted the scent of moss. Her justification was simple: protection granted by the reclusive witches of Colorado, acquired during one of her journeys around the world.

I noticed an increase in her weight and, consequently, in her restlessness. She seemed to live in a constant state of alert, as if she were being pursued by something invisible.

“Is something wrong?” I questioned her, watching her spread a shimmering purple powder around the house.

“I need to tell you something!” she exclaimed, her wide eyes meeting mine. Her countenance showed fatigue, something I had been noticing since her return. Her mouth was constantly dry, and her skin was pale and cold. None of that matched the 23-year-old young woman she used to be.

“You don't look well. You should lie down,” I said, but stopped abruptly when I felt something wet at my feet. A puddle of water surrounded her legs, with traces of blood running down her skin.

“There's no time, I…Aiiiiiii,” she screamed, making me rush to her side in shock.

“What's happening?” I asked in despair.

“I, I, aiiiiii. I'm in labor!” Her statement echoed in my mind. Pregnant? How could that be? How did I not notice?

“Pregnant? You must be delirious. I would have noticed.”

“Forgive me, my sister. You wouldn't have noticed. I've been using frog saliva in your drinks to alter your perception, distorting my appearance.”

“You did WHAT? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” I clenched my fists, feeling anger rising.

“Aiii, it hurts so much… Please, please, Sophie, help me.” She fainted immediately after.

“Damn it, Agatha, why do you always attract trouble?” I cursed her before taking her to the hospital.

The machine’s beeps echoed, evoking frightening memories of the past when we received the call from the hospital informing us that something had attacked our father. “ The beeps remind me of that terrible day. A call from the hospital... our father...” Local police claimed that the creature responsible was supernatural, but there was never any proof of this; the case was closed as a “bear attack.” After his death, our mother went into depression, eventually leaving us.

Agatha was always impulsive; her irresponsible actions forced me to mature prematurely at the age of 18 and take care of her ever since. I gave up a lot of things for her, but I always made sure she didn’t miss anything. Even when she disappeared, I remained faithful to our secret account, continuing to deposit money. It was for emergencies, a lesson we learned from our father, who strangely lived in a constant state of alert, just as Agatha had been doing in recent months.

“Where am I?” Agatha woke up from her fainting, groaning in pain. “ This can’t be a dream… The pain is unbearable, something is tearing me up inside!”

“Wait, I’ll call a doctor!” I hurried, but she desperately grabbed my hand.


“What are you saying, Agatha? You’re in labor. We need a doctor urgently.” I point to her condition with furrowed eyebrows.

She squirms, screaming in pain. “Please, Sophie, listen to me... Please understand… AAA, it hurts so much!”

“We can talk later. Just wait!” However, she wouldn’t let go of my hand.

“Listen to me. I don’t know how to face it alone.” His gaze was anguished. “But you are all I have now.” I nod as I gently caress her hand, trying to calm her down.

“The father of this child… He is not ordinary, he is extraordinary, something I have never seen before. I was foolish.AAAAA!” Another wave of pain interrupts her.

“Please let me call the doctor. We’ll deal with the idiot who got you pregnant later. I’ll personally take care of him!” I smiled comprehensively.

“No, pay attention. I’ve changed… I’ve become almost superhuman to protect him. Furthermore, I need you to protect him and hide him because there will be those who seek him. Evil will pursue him.”

“You’re talking nonsense, Agatha. You’re delusional!” I argued, but strangely, her words seemed lucid given the circumstances.

“Sophie, I made another big mistake, that’s why I disappeared… I... I wanted to pay for everything you did for me. It was easy money. All you had to do was seduce him and sleep with him. It didn’t seem like a big sacrifice.” She grimaced as she shook my hand, indicating that another contraction was hitting her. “I tried to find out the truth about our father’s death.” She paused to take a deep breath. “I don’t have much time...”

“The death of our father? What does this have to do with all this?” I put my doubts aside, I smelled deeply, and I looked at her seriously and said, “Stop talking nonsense, Agatha. She’s in labor, not dying!” I shook her hands tightly, fearing the desolate look she directed at me.

“Regardless of what happens here, you’re going to take care of this baby, put my necklace on him, and run. You understand? Never stop running for nothing, trust no one.”

“You’re scaring me, my sister.”

“Promise me you’ll do what I’m asking.” Your breath became heavier and more irregular. “ Please, Sophie... We always promise to protect each other. This baby is a part of me. Please protect him as if he were yours!”

Her words stunned me as she fainted. A whistle comes out of the device, and an alarm echoes throughout the hospital:

“Code blue, north wing, room 13.”

Nurses and doctors rush into the room, pulling me aside as I remain frozen, watching in despair.

“She’s in cardiac arrest!” cries a doctor, looking at the others.

“Emergency C-section!” They ran with the medical cart, and I drove them into a state of distress.

“Wait, don’t take her. Please don’t take her away from me!”

However, I am prevented from continuing when one of the nurses keeps me in place. It did not take long for a doctor to approach me; words were unnecessary in the face of news that my heart already felt. I felt as if a part of my soul had separated along with hers. I could almost feel his last breath, see his last tear fall, and hear his pleading whisper:


I breathed deeply, my eyes fixed on the doctor in front of me.

“Can I see the child? When can I have it?”

“I want to take it now!” I would abruptly rise from the chair that was once a paradise for my tears and prayers. “When can I have it with me?”

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