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Two Persona Beauty

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: carolann
  • Uploaded by user562025
Because of past events, she left the place she had known and loved but that had given her nothing but suffering and hatred. Because of this, she created another identity that was strong and dangerous. But when she returned to that place, she found someone who protected, loved, and cherished her. She changed back to the person she once was, trying t... 


"A thief...hahaha" XiennaYan laugh at WanXin whose accusing her of being a thief in front of all the guests.

"I'm not a thief!" She said with dignified, as she continues to speak, "and why would I steal from you? Out of all the rich people here. What's your status compared to them or to me? Heh! Isn't it funny, I remember your status is much lower than mine." XiennaYan gave WanXin a mocking look, as she walks to a nearby table, sits on it, and continued sarcastically. "Hhmm, All these things you currently have, are trash that I had thrown away... your car, room, house, family even fiancee... are garbage that is worthless to me."

"You've already picked them up. And since I'm a kind person to those in need, you can have them all. You don't have to worry as I don't need them back. So it's better to stop accusing me and go, look for the real thief. Don't bother me with your excuses. I am here is only because grandpa begged me to be present in this little family reunion facade you held." XiennaYan stated while sitting comfortably on the banquet table. Not minding that she is the center of negative attention. Drowned by the people's criticism and negative judgment.

This cold and gorgeous lady is accused of stealing the engagement ring of her step-sister.

Standing not far from where she's sitting down, is a beautiful lady hugging and being hug back by a handsome man. That man was once XiennaYan boyfriend of 3 years, a fiancee of almost 2 years, and promise her sweet nothings. But at the same time had been cheating behind her back for more than 3 years with her so-called half-sister. Just as the saying goes like mother like daughter.

Not far away from them were her estranged father that had stopped caring for her. And broke her relation with XiennaYan ever since he got divorced from her mother more than 10 years ago. Together with him is his mistress a vixen who seduces the husband of her best friend. And her so-called grandma that had been torturing XiennaYan for 6 years before her mother took her away. A grandma that never accepted XiennaYan in the family. And her grandpa the only person who truly cares for her and accepted her in this family.

While the content of the confrontation has been disclosed in front of everyone. Chatters and whispers, perceived here and there as it began to echo among the guest trying to analyze what is happening.

"If you didn't steal it, why won't you let us search your things?" An old woman spoke with enmity towards XiennaYan. The old woman's hostile behavior exhibits as if XiennaYan has no relation to her. As if XiennaYan is not her granddaughter.

"That's right a simple search to your things won't cause you any harm." Her father JiangXiao said agreeing to her mothers' statement.

"Huh, why are you being hesitant to let us search your things? doesn't it mean that there really is something that you are hiding from us? You must have stolen it since you won't let us search." Shihan started trying to make her look like she is guilty of stealing the engagement ring of her daughter. and continued to accuse her of being jealous.

"...Right, is it because you're jealous of my WanXin because she will become the fiancee of GuXian and you can't accept that fact... that he doesn't love you anymore... why? why? must you hinder them from loving each other."

Shihan continued her monologue drama. "Why won't you gave up on him, GuXian doesn't love you, he loves your sister, they love each other very much. Your sister has always been good to you. Why must you ruin this special occasion, ple- please mother is asking you just to return the ring." Shihan begs XiennaYan as if she is trying to be a good mother. And at the same putting words that may lead everyone to speculate as if she is still hang-up on GuXian. and She is trying to ruin the engagement banquet by stealing WanXin ring. Which will make her appear like an arrogant and spoiled lady that is trying to break-off a lovely couple.

"How many times do I have to tell you? I don't have that ring you mentioned. How should I literate all of you? So that you will understand the meaning of the phrase 'I. Don't. Have. It.' So how can I return what I don't have? Are you that dumb, you can't understand this simple phrase." XiennaYan stated.

"b-bu-, but...sob, sob I, I saw, I saw you sis..sob." Acting like she felt really wronged by her sister. WanXin sobbingly stated while cutting what she wanted to say.

Feeling frustrated GuXian was about to say something when he was cut-off by Shihan.

"If you're really that stubborn. Then you lived us with no choice but to force you. we will search your things even if you like it or not so that we can find WanXin engagement ring. Xue grabbed her bag" Shihan commanded one of the attendants to get her bag.

But before the attendant took a step forward XiennaYan laughed again...

"Young miss, I hope you don't mind" before Xue successfully gets a hold of XiennaYan bag, XiennaYan suddenly stand-up while holding her bag tightly with one hand and said...

"I like how you think Madam and would love to give you a big clap." XiennaYan sarcastically said. "But too bad, I don't think the same way as you. I have brains and I, clearly use them. There is a possibility that you've asked someone to put it in my bag. The chances of this really high since you've been so adamant and pointing at me. Without even searching for anyone else things and insisting on me. I am not dumb but if you really insist on getting my things and search without my permission I will not comply peacefully, but for grandpa's sake, I can let you see my stuff to prove my innocence..." XiennaYan opened her bag and dump all the things inside on the table.

Looking at XiennaYan's abrupt action WanXin couldn't contain her lips from moving upward. WanXin lowers her head to hide heinous smile her because she knows that the ring is inside XiennaYan's bag. As a matter of fact, she is the one who asks a maid to put the ring inside XiennaYan bag. She would like to make XiennaYan lost face in front of all the guests. And much more so that GuXian will think he chooses the right person to be with.

Seeing the smirk plastered on WanXin face. XiennaYan was laughing inwardly, she knows what her white lotus sister was thinking. Hahaha... WanXin, Shihan I can't wait to see your dumbfounded face once you figured out something went wrong with your plan.

i'm new here as a writer. please enjoy the story. this is just a work i did after being inspired of those stories that i have read in the past.

-thank you

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