Book cover of “Unexpected Love: Mr. CEO Wild Baby“ by Nonik Farellidzy

Unexpected Love: Mr. CEO Wild Baby

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Nonik Farellidzy
Luna had to give up her modeling career after a chance encounter with Ethan led to an unexpected pregnancy. Though they didn't love each other, they decided to marry for the sake of their child. However, Luna soon realized that the marriage wasn't bringing her happiness and eventually asked for a divorce. Complicating matters further, Luna's ex-bo... 

Chapter 1. Bachelorette Party

Luna stumbled towards her hotel room, her vision blurred and her head spinning. She had just left the bachelorette party held for her best friend Vira, who was getting married the next day. Despite her protests, Vira had insisted on giving her three glasses of alcohol, which had left Luna feeling unsteady on her feet.

As she fumbled for her room key, Luna's eyes struggled to focus on the numbers on the door. She knew she was supposed to be staying in room number six, but her dizziness made it difficult to make out the digits. By mistake, she entered room number nine, which was unlocked.

Upon entering the room, Luna fell onto the bed, barely registering her surroundings. Meanwhile, Ethan, who had also been attending the bachelorette party, returned to his hotel room in a drunken haze. As he stumbled into his room, he was surprised to find a girl sleeping on his bed.

"Heyyy, who are you?" Ethan asked, his brow furrowed as he gazed at the stranger before him. The girl lazily turned to look at him, seemingly unfazed by the situation.

"What are you doing in my room? Get out... Go away!" Luna exclaimed, pushing Ethan away from the bed. Even though he was slightly inebriated, Ethan was able to maintain his balance as he looked irritably at the girl who had disrupted his peace. He then decided to lie down next to Luna, much to her annoyance.

"Why are you still here? Go away!" Luna protested, about to push Ethan away once again. However, he pulled her into his arms, their faces inches apart.

Ethan looked at the face of the girl who was suddenly in his room. she is very beautiful, Her lips are sexy, her nose is pointed, and her cheeks are not too chubby. hair straight down. the girl looks perfect. seemed to shake his conviction.

Luna also met Ethan's gaze intensely. His face resembled that of her former lover who had left her and preferred to marry another girl.

Luna gently stroked Ethan's jaw, which had a thin beard. then Ethan brought his face closer to Luna's. He released a soft kiss on Luna's lips. Luna reflexively returned her kiss from Ethan gently. they were both drunk and lusting for sex that night. until they are both satisfied and sleep with each other without a single thread, covered with only one blanket.

Surprise in the morning

Sunshine infiltrated the hotel room window. Make two lovebirds who don't know each other but sleep hugging each other.

Luna blinked when she realized that her body felt warm. Her eyes widened when she saw a man sleeping while hugging her. She immediately let go of the man's hand and got out of bed and she was surprised that she didn't wear a single thread on her body. She also felt pain in her lower body.

"Oh, my God. What happened ???" Muttered Luna while wearing her clothes which were scattered on the floor, then she woke up the sleeping man.

"Heyy wake up. did you rape me?" asked Luna in a high voice as she woke Ethan by shaking his body.

Ethan woke up and narrowed his eyes at Luna, He was silent for a moment while holding his head which was still a little dizzy. as if remembering what happened at night.

Ethan's eyes managed to widen and immediately saw the state of his body which was only covered by a blanket.

"Sorry, I accidentally did all this. You suddenly were in my room. Last night I was drunk and ..." said Ethan stopping when he realized he had taken the chastity of the girl in front of him.

"You ruined me, how could you? how could you do that, we don't even know each other?" shouted Luna and then beat Ethan with a pillow. she didn't remember that she had also volunteered to do that last night without recognizing it. So, Ethan did not rape her!

"It's your fault because you are in my room. I'm a normal man, of course, I was tempted, especially when I was drunk," said Ethan defensively, because he had never done this before with any girl either.

"What if I get..." Luna's words stopped. She imagined the greatest possible effect after an event she never knew would just happen. especially when this is the fertile period.

"Don't worry about it. I ... I'll take responsibility," Ethan said nervously as he wiped Luna's tears.

Luna immediately brushed off Ethan's hand. she immediately got out of bed and walked out of the room with sobs.

When got outside, Luna turned to look at the door that was listed as number 9. "Oh, God. I did go wrong room," muttered Luna, patting her forehead. then she immediately walked to her room, namely room number 6.

Luna immediately took off all her clothes and then let the cold shower water pour over her slim body.

"What did I do last night with that guy? I don't even know what his name is. Why did he do this for me? Is he a man who took advantage of the situation?" Luna wondered as she enjoyed the fresh bath.

Ethan was still in bed covered in a blanket. He was still thinking about his actions last night. the girl was even mad at him.

"Why am I so stupid? I shouldn't have done that to her. I could have ruined her future if she got pregnant!" said Ethan cursing himself.

Ethan immediately got up and headed for the bathroom. He closed his eyes while enjoying the shower that soaked his burly body. in his memory, it was still clear that Luna's beautiful face was visible. he couldn't stop thinking about that girl moreover, he had done indecent to that girl.

David and Vira have spoken a sacred promise. now they are taking pictures with the companions from David and Vira's side.

Luna as Vira's companion just stared silently at Ethan who was accompanying David. while others have fun taking pictures.

Ethan walked over to Luna while everyone was taking pictures. at that time Luna wore a white dress with a slit in her thighs and chest, making her look beautiful and sexy. while Ethan was wearing a black tuxedo with a bow tie and a rose flower on his right chest.

"Please, forgive me," Ethan said softly as he looked sadly at Luna.

"Get out of here. I don't want to see you again!" replied Luna, staring annoyed at Ethan.

Moreover, Ethan's face is similar to her ex who has hurt her even though she still loves him.

Ethan Take a deep breath and then reached into his pocket for the wallet. after that, he took a business card from his wallet.

"This is my card. All my identities are printed on it. If something happens because of what I did last night, please contact me," said Ethan as he handed the card.

Luna didn't accept the business card. She even turned her face away.

"You two are here. Let's take a picture together" said Vira, who realized Luna and Ethan were together and didn't take pictures like the other friends.

"Maybe they want to take a picture together, let me take a picture of them," said David who was already carrying a camera in his hand.

he did not expect his best friend to be alone with his wife's friend, because they didn't know each other before.

"You have to get closer," said Vira as she brought Luna closer to Ethan. Luna could only be resigned because her mind was very confused.

"Wow, you guys look so good together! Hopefully, you will be a mate!" said Vira.

David immediately took a picture of Ethan and Luna. They took a photo together with a stiff smiles, after which David invited his other friends to take pictures with Vira and also Ethan, and Luna.

After finishing the photos, David and Vira immediately welcomed the other guests leaving Ethan and Luna alone.

Ethan looked at the card he was still holding and then approached Luna.

Ethan took Luna's hand and put a card in her palm, "Call me if that happens. I'm not the jerk you think I am. I admit my mistake and will take responsibility. I promise."

Ethan immediately left Luna alone. because he realized her feelings. he was sure the girl was shocked, scared, and wanted to calm down.

Luna stared at the business card Ethan had given her. She immediately put it in her little bag and then walked to meet her other friends.

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