Book cover of “We Will Collide Someday“ by Scarlett Sanchez

We Will Collide Someday

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Scarlett Sanchez
  • Uploaded by user252454
Terrence Ramsey, a powerful and influential businessman, had married Alexa under a contractual agreement. Their union was meant to be a secret, with very few people knowing the true nature of their relationship. For two years, they lived under the same roof, but their hearts remained distant. Terrence’s mind was always on his first love, and he saw... 

Chapter 1 A Mistress-Like Wife

In New York, Duckdale Villa.

The sky above the mountains was gloomy. Suddenly, thunder appeared and a big rain poured out.

The woman on the bed woke up with a frown. Her black hair fell down to her waist, making her skin even fairer.

"Mrs. Ramsey." Mina Collins knocked on the door.

"What is it?"

"Mr. Ramsey is back."

Hearing this, Alexa Duran was shocked.

"Alright, I'll be right out."

She did not dare delay in the slightest and immediately freshened up and put on the set of jewelry that Terrence had given her.

Ten minutes later, Alexa nervously held a report and anxiously appeared in front of Terrence.

Terrence wore a high-end custom-made black suit and sat upright at the dining table, elegantly cutting a piece of Philippe steak.

"You just woke up?"

He spoke in a deep voice, his voice magnetic and charming. Even if he just said four simple words, Alexa was fascinated.

"Sorry for making you wait so long."

"It's fine."

Terrence looked up at her with a deep gaze.

"Didn't you go on a business trip for three days? Why are you back today?"

"I have something to say."

Alexa suddenly clenched her hands and tightly gripped the corner of her clothes. Her hands were sweating.

"Actually... I have something to tell you..."

She stood far away, so her voice was low like a mosquito. Terrence did not seem to hear what she was saying.

Terrence did not answer. His slender finger pointed at the document at the side, indicating for Alexa to take it.

A little closer, the words on the cover suddenly burst into her eyes.

Divorce agreement?

Terrence treated her well over the past two years. He loved her and doted on her. They were a loving couple. Alexa even felt that such a peaceful and happy day would never be affected.

But now, Terrence suddenly proposed to divorce her.

Alexa desperately controlled her emotions so that she would not lose her composure. At this moment, she was right in front of Terrence, but she did not have the courage to reach out and pick up the document.

"The contract says it's three years, right?"

Alexa managed to calm down and forced a bitter smile.

"Brynlee is back. I promised her." Terrence said coldly and indifferently. "It will end one day. The earlier the better maybe."

This was the reason why he agreed to marry a girl from the Duran family.

It took Alexa a long time to calm down. Her palm was already red since she pinched her palm so hard.

Everyone felt that she was merely a tool from the two families to unite, but Alexa knew what this marriage meant to her.

Resisting the bitterness in her heart, she quietly swallowed what she was about to say.

Soon, the disappointment on her face disappeared and was replaced by a forced smile.

"Mr. Ramsey, congratulate you."


He responded in a calm voice, without any emotional ups and downs.

Alexa did not leave immediately, but sat opposite him and asked Mina to serve her a bowl of porridge.

Actually, she had no appetite at all, but she still wanted to stay here.

Perhaps, it would be the last time she would eat with him.

Alexa absentmindedly stirred the hot porridge with her spoon, her expression sluggish.

Terrence sized her up with his cold eyes.

"What are you thinking about?"


The spoon that was suddenly released hit the wall of the bowl and made a crisp sound, immediately pulling Alexa back to her senses.


"Don't lie."

Alexa looked up in slight horror. Terrence was staring at her with his dark and deep eyes.

"Can... Can we wait another half a year?" she asked softly.


Alexa almost buried her head in the bowl.

"For the past two years, your parents have been very good to me. They may not know that we are going to divorce."

"Okay." Terrence nodded thoughtfully. "Then let's wait until Dad's 60-year-old birthday."

"Alright." Alexa could not wait to reply.

After she said that, an exclusive ringtone sounded. Terrence answered the call with Alexa right in front of him.

Terrence just said a few words, but Alexa saw his softest and gentlest side.

Alexa looked at him blankly, her heart aching as if it was bleeding.

It was obvious who the person on the other side of the line was.

The one in Terrence's heart was someone she could never match.

It was laughable that she was able to witness his gentleness because of some other woman.

"I still have something to do. I'll leave first."

Alexa got up and wanted to help him take the coat. Her lungs suddenly ached and her face turned pale.

But Terrence found nothing abnormal about her. He left without looking back.

After he left, Alexa quickly rushed into the toilet and crouched in front of the washstand. The blood she coughed out quickly dyed the white ceramic red.

After the pain was relieved, she took out the report in her bag with trembling hands and fell to the ground against the wall.

Her illness was worsening at an uncontrollable rate.

Even if she was treated in the most advanced hospital, St. Paolo Hospital, she would live one year more at most.

Alexa closed her eyes and panted heavily.

If she could properly deal with all the post-matters within this year, then she would have nothing to worry about.

Alexa's misty eyes suddenly lit up. She swallowed a pill in pain and forced herself to leave the bathroom.

After taking the medicine, she was sleepy again, but suddenly there was a call.

Terrence Ramsey.

When she saw the name, Alexa instantly sobered up a lot.


Alexa had just coughed, so her voice was a little hoarse.

Terrence could tell that something was wrong with her voice.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm fine. I just caught a cold." Alexa bitterly replied.

"Put on more clothes. It's getting cold."

Was he saying it casually, or was he really concerned about her?

Alexa cautiously said, "What's the matter?"

"There's a banquet tonight. Come with me."


Alexa was astonished, but Terrence had already hung up the phone.

Did she hear correctly just now?

Brynlee Walton had returned but Terrence had actually still asked her to go to the banquet with him!

Alexa's heart beat faster and faster. She held her phone in her hands, but couldn't sit down calmly at all.

Not long after, Terrence's assistant, Edwin Bradshaw, came to the door with the top makeup team.

"Mrs. Ramsey, Mr. Ramsey is dealing with the company's affairs. He will come to pick you up later."

Every word that Edwin said made Alexa feel very unreal.

"He really said that?"

Hearing this, Edwin smiled.

"Of course, you are Mrs. Ramsey."

What was Terrence thinking?

Alexa couldn't understand him.

He loved Brynlee so much. Wouldn't Brynlee mind him appearing with another woman in public as a loving couple?

Thinking of this, Alexa suddenly felt a touch of pain in her heart.

She was the real "Mrs. Ramsey". But why did she seem like a mistress?

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