Book cover of “When She Unveils Identities“ by Zaylee CortéZ

When She Unveils Identities

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Zaylee CortéZ
  • Uploaded by user633954
Braden Stewart had always considered his marriage to Shirley Wilson a mistake. In his eyes, she was dull, weak, and unremarkable. Their relationship had been one of convenience, lacking the passion and excitement he craved. So when the opportunity arose, he didn't hesitate to file for divorce, thinking he would be better off without her. However, a... 

Chapter 1 Divorce

"Shirley, let's divorce."

When Braden Stewart's voice came from behind, Shirley Wilson was frying steak.

The hot oil splashed on her cheeks, but she didn't even feel pain.

"We don't love each other. Now it's four years, and it's time to end."

The man's voice was cold, with an air of alienation.

Shirley bit her lip.

This day finally came.

Four years ago, the Wilson family went bankrupt, and her parents jumped off the building, leaving a mess for Shirley alone.

Shirley's grandfather and Braden's grandfather were comrades, and her grandfather once saved Braden's grandfather on the battlefield.

As he was dying, old Mr. Wilson was most worried about his granddaughter, so he entrusted Shirley to old Mr. Stewart.

Thus, there was this marriage.

However, she crossed the line and fell in love with Braden.

She thought as long as she played the role of wife well, one day, he would fall in love with her.

However, in the end, he wanted to divorce her.

"I'll give you eighty million and a house as compensation. This is the divorce agreement. Sign it."

Braden handed a stack of documents to Shirley, and he was so indifferent as if they were discussing business.

Shirley took the agreement and looked at the numbers.

Eighty million.

The Stewart family was still as rich and powerful as ever.

"Do you really want to divorce?"

Shirley closed the agreement and stared at the man in front of her.

This man she had loved for four years had an extremely handsome face, a tall and straight figure, and he was always serious.


There was no hesitation in Braden's indifferent tone.

Shirley felt upset.

But she didn't hesitate.

Since he was so resolute, she should give up.

She would get eighty million, and it was worth it anyway.

"Okay, I agree."

She signed her name on the agreement.

Braden was a little surprised.

In his memory, this woman had always been weak and indecisive, like a little rabbit without the ability to survive.

At the moment, she was quite decisive.

He was a little unhappy.

"I will notify you of the registration time. If possible, you'd better move out tonight."

Braden ignored the unhappiness in his heart and said coldly before leaving the villa.

Obviously, he didn't come to discuss the divorce with Shirley, but just to inform her.

That night, the servants, who usually didn't like Shirley, became even more arrogant when they knew that Shirley was forced to divorce.

They threw her luggage out of the villa.

"You've stayed in the Stewart family for four years. Now you are finally kicked out. You deserve it!"

On a cold night, Shirley squatted on the ground to pick up her scattered clothes, extremely embarrassed.

There was the sound of a car parking behind her, and a tall woman got out of the car.

"Miss Nelson."

The servants who yelled at Shirley just now stepped forward to help the woman carry the luggage.

Amelie Nelsen raised her chin. "Be careful. My things are very expensive. You won't be able to pay for them if they break them."

Shirley's body froze, and she understood instantly.

No wonder Braden wanted her to move out tonight. There was another woman who would come here.

When she thought that she was upset about such a man just now, she wanted to slap herself.

Amelie walked up to Shirley arrogantly.

"Are you Shirley? Why are you still here?"

"Braden asked you to leave, but you are still here. How shameless you are!"

Shirley turned a deaf ear to her provocation and continued to pack her scattered luggage.

"Are you deaf? Can't you hear me talking to you?"

"Sorry, I didn't hear that."

Shirley raised her head with a calm expression. "I only heard a dog barking."

"How dare you scold me!"

"I didn't scold you."

Shirley dragged the suitcase and turned her head to Amelie, who was standing in front of her. "Please make way."


Amelie stomped her feet, and her face turned pale.

Wasn't Shirley a doormat?

Seeing this, the servants hurried forward to flatter Amelie.

"Miss Nelson, calm down."

"You will be the hostess of this villa in the future."

"We have tidied up your room according to Mr. Braden's order. I will take you to have a look right now."

Amelie was happy and didn't bother to talk to Shirley. She followed the servant into the villa.

In the cold wind, Shirley was the only one left.

Looking at this magnificent building, she had mixed feelings in her heart.

It was ironic that she wasted four years here, but it ended up in such a mess.

"Goodbye, the Stewart family."

Taking a deep breath, Shirley left without looking back.

She rented a one-bedroom apartment in the city center.

The room was not big, but finally, she settled down.

Suddenly, she felt very relaxed. Without the identity of Mrs. Stewart, she could freely do some things she wanted to do.

Shirley took out her mobile phone and dialed the number she had blocked for four years.

"Shirley, it's been four years, and you finally called me!"

Ewan Parker had always been rebellious, but at this moment, he was very obedient on the other end of the phone, and his voice was very excited.

"I heard that you're getting a divorce. Congratulations. You should've kicked Braden off a long time ago!"

"During the past few years when you were in the Stewart family, there were many legends about you. If those people know that you are the person they've tried to look for, they will be shocked."

"Are we going to do something big? I..."


Shirley was annoyed, and she wanted to block this man again.

"I promised grandpa that I would never join the circle again. Keep this secret for me."

It was true that her past was wonderful, but she didn't want to talk about it.

"I called you because I want you to help me investigate something."

After Shirley talked with Ewan, she hung up the phone.

At the same time, she got a text message, and it was sent by Braden.

Her heartbeat instantly accelerated.

"9A.M. tomorrow. I'll see you in City Hall."

His words were without any emotions.

Shirley calmed down.

She shouldn't have any expectations of this man.


Shirley replied to him quickly, also without any emotions.

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