Book cover of “Yours to Claim“ by Khaing_Warko

Yours to Claim

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Khaing_Warko
  • Uploaded by user348010
Since he was young, Lyan Oo Nway had harbored a deep and abiding love for the same person, a love that had spanned many years. The object of his affection, however, was seemingly unreachable—an affluent young man who didn't believe in love. Fate intertwined their lives in unexpected ways, but not always in favorable circumstances. Their paths cross... 

The beginning of love

Chapter 1

How long does it take to fall in love with someone? How long does it take to forget that person?...

On that memorable day, there was a student named Lyan Moe Nway, who was studying in the fourth grade, the last year of primary school. The rain that fell in July was so heavy that if his feet got wet for a long time, he would get sick. Even after school, he was still waiting for the rain to stop in front of the corridor without going out.

His family is not very rich, but he is the only child, so that he can be put on par with the rich. As it is a private elementary school, he could see many colorful cars parked in front of the school from afar.

As he stared at the raindrops falling from the roof of the school, he put on a small green raincoat. He got ready to walk through the raindrops that didn't seem to stop at all.

"Child, do you want to come with us? I'll take you to the car"

The smiling old man asked him. There was a boy about the same age as him who was standing by the side and he was staring at the raindrops. Neatly combed dark hair gave the boy a grown-up look. He has sharp, crescent-shaped eyes and an obvious brown mole above his left eyelid.

"The sooner you do it, the better. I'm going to be late for my night class."

In a slightly harsh tone, the boy said to the uncle who had called him to come with them.

"Will you follow me?"

Uncle turned to the boy, nodded as he was obeying his words, and called Lyan Moe Nway to come with them again.

"Yes, thank you uncle."

Under the teaching of his parents who disciplined him to behave politely, he was a very polite little boy. Holding the hand of Lyan Moe Nway, the uncle gave him an umbrella. Finally, he reached the outside with the help of the uncle who gave him an umbrella without getting wet.

Every time he peeked out from under the umbrella, a proud boy was walking steadily from the front. There was another person who was holding the large umbrella for the boy. It is large enough to hold three people at the same time.

"Baby, mommy is here"

When he saw his mother waiting in front of the old white car, he waved happily to her. He turned to the uncle from the side, bowed his head and thanked him.

"Thank you so much uncle."

"It's okay, So I'll go first"

After sending him back to her mother, the uncle left. He stared at the proud boy as he entered the shiny black car. He had never seen that boy before. At his school, the fourth grade is divided into three rooms as Room A, Room B, Room C. It must be that as he was in Room B, that's why he has never seen that boy in his class. Thinking that if they meet tomorrow, he will definitely have to say a greeting to that boy. After that he lay down safely under his mother's embrace.

"Is everything okay at school today, son?"

"Yes dad"

In the white car, the responsible, loving father and the kind and warm mother always took good care of Lyan Moe Nway.

Lyan Moe Nway was frequently ill since birth so he always had to put on a long-sleeved shirt. However, there hasn't been a day that he felt hot and sweaty.

In the next day when he sneaked into the room, he discovered the one who was sitting calmly and quietly in the front seat of the class. He stood out in the crowd because of his charming appearance all the time. He was Maw Oo Yan.

He heaved out a sigh, cupping the sandwich box with his two hands. There were not many people in the class as it was lunch break. A mature boy, Maw Oo Yan, was reading an English novel beside the books that were well-organized on the corner of his own desk. As an elementary student, that novel made him look beyond his age.


Lyan Moe Nway made a sound by standing near his desk. Yet, he felt his hair rise up as Maw Oo gave a sharp glare to him.

"Humm.. Yesterday…"

"Do you know me?"

"Excuse me?"

Lyan Moe Nway was surprised because his words were suddenly cut off.

"Don't act like you know me, its disturbing"


He was shocked because he had never heard such kind of tough words from a child like him.

"Ah..Ah.. I just..just want to say thanks for helping me out the other day"

His voice is trembling as he was afraid to talk to him.

"No big deal. Anyway, it's not me who helped you."

Lyan Moe Nway became speechless, which led him to stare at Maw Oo ,who was calmly sitting and reading without even blinking. He has got a fair complexion, and his eyes and eyebrows are alluring. With a straight nose that ends over the lips, which perfectly fits into an M-shape makes him a good-looking boy .

One or two strands of hair from slicked back hair is falling over his forehead. While he was gazing at him, Maw Oo looked back and they locked eyes with each other. And that caused Lyan Moe Nway to stutter for a moment.

"Uhm... this is a gift for gratitude from my mom"

"I won't eat any food made by outsiders."

"This is carefully made by my mom. So it won't harm your health."

"Tsk... so annoying. Leave it there."

He pointed to his desk and resumed his reading. Thus, Lyan Moe Nway, with the fear of disturbing him, placed the lunch box on the desk. When he witnessed the name, Maw Oo Yan, written on the cover of the book, it was indelibly imprinted on his mind.

"Maw Oo Yan?"

My mom remarked that his name suits him pretty much when I talked about him. However, for Lyan Moe Nway, there's a person whom he observed and respected all the time. And it was Maw Oo Yan. Whenever it was lunch break, he dilly-dallied and went to class A. Maw Oo was fully undisturbed. He would never talk to another person. And he spent his break time mostly reading.

Lyan Moe Nway's diaries accompanied him throughout his childhood. Definitely, he opened his heart to his diary book about his crush. He noted down all the including the changes in Maw Oo's expression, but he'd never seen a smile on his face.

"Have you ever heard of a saying when the names of two people have the same one word, it means they are fated? Your name is similar to his name. That's destiny."

Some of the girl classmates were chatting about those words that didn't match their age. After he overheard their conversation, he immediately got an idea. Anyway, he was just at the age of taking seriously everything that was meant to be joking.

"Mommy, can you please change my name?"

"Huh...Why babe? Is the name 'Lyan Moe Nway' not good? Don't you like it?"

"Lyan Oo Nway, please change my name to Lyan Oo Nway, Mommy."

"Hum... babe, that doesn't change much though."

"Please, Mom. I beg you."

Due to his frequent nagging, his name was finally changed to "Lyan Oo Nway.", which has the same "Oo" word as Maw Oo Yan. On that day, he wrote down two names, "Maw Oo Yan and Lyan Oo Nway," in his diary. The next day, there was officially a name change announcement in the newspaper, and after reading it, he was tremendously delighted.

This story is based on Burmese culture. So in Myanmar, we used to tease that if you have the same word as your crush in your name, then you two are meant to be.

Hope you enjoy. Thank you.

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