Book cover of “After Divorce: The Mischievous CEO Wants Me Back“ by MoonlightImagines

After Divorce: The Mischievous CEO Wants Me Back

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: MoonlightImagines
  • Uploaded by user206110
Cecilia had rebuilt her life with remarkable resilience after her whirlwind divorce from a charismatic billionaire CEO, who once viewed her through a tarnished lens of suspicion and disdain. She flourished in her newfound independence, determined to never again be the shadow behind a powerful man. Just as Cecilia embraced her fresh start, fate deli... 

Stay With Me

"After all I have done for him, after all the love I gave him, he had to break my heart this way." Cecilia hiccuped, her voice trembling with the weight of heartbreak.

She sat alone on the shore, her luggage beside her, pulling petals from a wilted flower and tossing them into the gentle waves. Each petal followed the rhythm of the breeze before disappearing and succumbing to the tide, much like her hopes and dreams. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Her world had crumbled, leaving her stranded.

The crash of the waves provided the peaceful backdrop to Cecilia's broken soul. The latter caught her fiance sleeping with her best friend on the bed they both shared. That was the same man she spent eight years of her life with, the same man she dated at her teenage age. Just like that, their eight-year relationship has shattered and her best friend seemed to enjoy her pain. Cecilia could remember the false smile her best friend had on her face when she caught them in the act.

Due to the heartbreak, Cecilia left for Spain, in other leave her past behind but it was too difficult for her to handle as she got herself intoxicated by liquor and ended up sitting beside a beach, lost in the countryside.

Her fingers trembled as she plucked another petal, her heart pounding against her ears. She had loved him so deeply, and now, he was gone and she didn't lose just him, she lost a friend that she once called her own.

As she continued wrestling with her emotions, a passerby approached her, drawn by the pathetic sight of the helpless lass on the beach. The stranger, tall with an imposing aura and handsome looking, stopped a few feet away, not knowing how he'd approach this fragile-looking woman who seemed lost and helpless.

Noticing the man behind her, she wiped away her tears with the back of her palm and turned around to lock gaze with the stranger who gazed into Cecilia's puppy emerald-doe eyes, shimmering with a mix of sadness and intoxication.

Suddenly, she grabbed his sleeves, clutching onto them, pleading for him to take her sorrows away. She leaned in and wiped her tears with his sleeves, her breath slightly tainted by alcohol.

"Please," she begged, her voice shaky, "take away my sorrows. Why did he leave me for her?" She sobbed.

The stranger was taken aback by her sudden actions the intensity of her gaze and the pain in her voice. He wanted to push her away, but he couldn't help but get attracted to her breathtaking eyes that now made her look even more pitiful in his sight, making him hesitate.

With a reluctant sigh, he reached out, gently trying to remove her fingers from his arm.

"You seem lost and helpless. Let's take you to a place so you can pass the night." He said calmly.

Cecilia's grip tightened, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. "No," she protested, pouting her lips. "Please, stay with me. I need someone right now." She wasn't ready to let go as Cecilia was lamenting about her past relationship.

The man glanced around, starting to feel frustrated and regretting that he had ever tried to approach her. Now he was tied by her heartache. He had a problem of his own and was already having a hard time with his and now he was facing the problem of a total stranger. He should have just walked away but he couldn't bring himself to be so heartless after the approach.

With another sigh, he took her in his arms in a bridal style and walked towards his car. He didn't know where else he'd take her since there were only a few hotels in the city and they were far away from the countryside. He ordered his Chauffeur to bring her luggage and the man nodded immediately.

"Such a dire approach." He muttered inwardly as he placed her at the back seat but her grasp never loosened on his arm.

He rolled his eyes in frustration. But looking at the helpless look on her face made his heart ache. He didn't know of a place he'd take her to and couldn't possibly ask her about her family because she seemed drunk and wouldn't be able to talk.

The only place he had in mind was...

...his house.

"Sir, your father wants you to meet up with him after your vacation." His chauffeur informed him after settling in the car.

"I have a more important situation at hand." He replied coldly with his gaze not leaving Cecelia's face.

The driver understood the message as he ignited the engine and drove off to his master's house.

The man, however, didn't have plans for the little lady in his arms, he just wanted to be of help for the night, and at dawn, she'd find her way by herself and she didn't seem like a native of Spain.

After what seemed to take forever, they arrived at his grand house. He took her inside to the visitor's room and carefully placed her on the bed.

Removing the strand of hair that fell on her face, he took a glance at her one more time before turning his back to leave. He suddenly felt her strong grip on his arms.

"Please don't leave me alone," she pleaded, her voice barely audible. "Take my sorrows away. Stay with me." She begged with her eyes widely opened.

Cecilia's face turned crimson and her eyes swelled because of her immense crying.

The man hesitated. "She doesn't know where she is right now." He muttered under his breath as he could perceive alcohol in her voice.

He gazed deep into her pathetic doe eyes, torn between sympathy and self-preservation. He knew getting involved with a heartbroken and intoxicated stranger was risky, but he couldn't ignore the genuine pain and longing in her eyes.

"You might regret this later," he warned, his voice mixed with both concern and lust.

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