Book cover of “Mated to the Lycan“ by Lustre Okengwu

Mated to the Lycan

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Lustre Okengwu
"You marked me," she said slowly. "Yes, I did. And I plan on doing more than that." Lucien growled. *** Lucien, a tough Lycan, discovers his unexpected mate, Daciana, in a tale of growls, pack drama, and steamy romance. When everything turns into a howling mess, Lucien must navigate pack politics and save his feisty mate. Can love survive in a w... 

Chapter 1

A thousand years ago

The thunder decorated the sky, and everything synced with nature as the wind blew. The full moon shone brightly on the hill, and the villagers watched from the bottom as their sacrifice blew to the heavens.

They hoped it would appeal to the moon goddess enough to have mercy on them and send them a hero to help them in their time of need. For years, they came to the bottom of the hill to offer their thanks and give more sacrifices to the gods for creating them.

They hid during the night, never stepping out because of the monster that lurked around the bushes at night. It has taken almost everyone, ripping their hearts out and leaving the villagers trembling in fear.

It urged them to pray faster for help every year. It didn't seem to work, but today, a miracle was happening.

They watched as the tree danced, almost like it was doing it on purpose. The village leader stepped forward, and in a loud voice, he cried out,

"Beautiful goddess of the moon, please come to our aid. For years, our children have suffered from these monsters. Accept our sacrifices and help us."

The villagers watched their leader as he trembled in fear; it was unforgivable to challenge the gods, and it was more unbelievable to stand still after you had done so.

They turned in fear when their sacrifice went up in flames, the fire cracking loudly as it shone brightly. The orange color turned blue for a second before it turned pure white, almost blinding them.

They shielded their eyes from the blinding light, which stayed that way until it completely disappeared.

The villagers could have sworn they caught a glimpse of the lady floating in a white dress, but their eyes could be deceiving them.

"Did you see that?" one asked,

The leader nodded, "I did. She heard our prayers." He breathed in relief.

They rushed towards the hill, curious about what she had left for them. They came to a stop at the top of the mountain. Eyes wide with shock at the sight they are seeing.

Nobody said a word. They kept staring at the package the moon goddess left for them.

"Is that a …"

"Yep," the leader answered,

"Is this some kind of sick joke?" an aggravated villager yelled at the sky.

"Shh! Do not say a word." The leader whispered to them.

The baby in the basket looked at them and let out a giggle.

The moon goddess left them a baby.

They gazed at the baby, who had his fingers wound some sort of scroll.

"He came with instructions," one pointed out.

"He is the one meant to save us? This child?" They cried out.

"The moon goddess has her reasons. We prayed for a miracle, and now, we have got one." The village head advised his people.

The village head had no choice but to take the child home, they had asked for a miracle, but the mood goddess gave them a child. He supposed that could count as one.

Maybe it was some test to determine if they were ready to be saved. The leader looked down at the drooling baby in his arms. The baby, in turn, looked at him with curiosity.

His gray eyes told him everything he should know about the child. The little boy watched him.

The strange human carrying him appeared sad, but that's why he was there. His mother, the moon goddess, assured him that in no due time, he would be able to save these people and put a smile on their faces once small.

The leader's wife touched the child's cheek, her eyes welcoming tears she didn't know could fall for something so happy like this moment. For years, they have prayed for a child, and now this?

"This is crazy," she whispered to her husband.

"I agree, but I feel this is the miracle we have all been waiting for." He told his wife.

"I agree,"

She kissed the baby's cheek, her heart constricting when the baby grabbed her finger.

"Oh!" she exclaimed.

The baby smiled at her, his smile warming her heart even more.

"I am going to take good care of you," she whispered against his forehead as she kissed it.

Her husband wrapped a hand around her, surrounding her with his warmth. The three of them together as the baby cemented his place on earth.

"What should we name him?" she asked her husband,

"He was sent from the moon goddess. It's only fitting we give him a name that suits him."

The leader gazed at the child, his big round eyes peering up at him innocently like he was

curious about the name too. He had no idea what his name would be; his brain searched for a name, but none registered.

The baby gazed long and hard at him. The leader felt his headache in all places. Why is naming a baby so tricky?

For some reason, he wanted to give it a name that suited his arrival. This baby had come to save them, so he needed a special name.

"What do you think?" He asked his wife.

The wife shrugged, "how about Darnell?"

The baby made a sound that sounded so much like disapproval.

The village head laughed, "I don't think he likes the name that much."

"He is a baby," the wife said.

"I know, but he is special, and we need to treat him as such." He told his wife.

"You are right. He is special." The wife agreed.

He had to name him. His head whipped around when he heard the whispers of a name around him. He looked to his wife to ensure his ears weren't deceiving, but she focused on the baby making a face.

The name was constantly said like whoever it was wanted him to hear it. He looked at the baby, who was already looking at him expectantly.

"Lucien?" He asked, unsure.

"Lucien," he whispered, making the baby giggle.

"We will name him Lucien." He said.

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