Book cover of “Ash Thunder“ by E.V. Ometan

Ash Thunder

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: E.V. Ometan
“You’re a little rag doll, aren’t you? You want to be tossed around, you want me to use you any way I see fit. Because you know… you fucking know…” He thrusts so hard, pain stabs my stomach. “You’re my favorite toy.” They say bad boys don’t fall in love. It’s even worse when the said bad boy is the head of the LA mafia group. Ash Thunder is a d... 

Chapter 1. Stardust

Ash’s POV

At least twenty new people hate my guts every night. On a good night, thirty people. As I watch the man zip past me, I realize he’s the thirty-first. I roll my eyes and spit on the floor. I could care less.

“He went that way.” Koldis throws at me over his shoulder.

The wind slaps me in the face as I thunder after the man, who, by the way, seems like he has the wind beneath his feet. Fear will do that to you, I reason. My night vision kicks in, and I pick up speed.

I catch up with Koldis and pass him as the wind continues roaring in my ears. Even before I get within thirty yards, I smell it. The strong, unmistakable smell of the sea. There’s nowhere for the man to go. I stop running and take up a leisurely pace instead.

“He’s got nowhere to go now.” Koldis echoes my thoughts as he catches up with me.

“Got a light?” I bring out a stick of cigarette from the pack in my hand and stick it in my mouth. I watch with raised brows as fire springs from Koldis’s forefinger. “Nice trick.” I lean forward and squint as the butt of the cigarette lights up with orange flames. I move back, inhaling smoke into my lungs.

“You taught me.”

Koldis’s voice has a tinge of emotion attached to it. I turn away and stalk off before I can see the naked adoration shining in his eyes and walk toward the wall that leads to the harbor.

I hear him coming up behind me, so I throw over my shoulder. “You better go get him, we don’t want him getting away by hiding in one of the ships.”

I lean against the wall as I watch him sprint forward. The wind has gone out of my sails at this point. I’m so over the whole bullshit. Chasing down strays and misfits is getting tiring. It isn’t like I can’t allow the guys to handle it, 'cause that would be a gross understatement. The truth is, I’m bored. There’s no action, no momentum, nothing to set my blood aflame.

It has been too long since something interesting, something worthwhile, has cropped up. I flex my trigger finger and look up, watching as Koldis prances in and out of different ships. I light another stick of cigarette from the dying embers of the first one and close my eyes.

“Ash, my boy, it’s time to take up the reins of the family business. To do that, you’ve got to have big balls; that’s something you need to acquire.”

I open my eyes as my father’s words echo loudly in my head. That was sixteen years ago. I had grown big balls alright, they were so big that the Thunder name had become something to be reckoned with ever since then, and it had come at a steep price.

When people set eyes on me, they see the definition of bad with a touch of evil. Suits me just fine, actually.

I drag deeply on the fourth stick of cigarette, wishing it was something stronger I’m dragging on. Maybe later. Now, I have more important things to take care of. I push away from the wall and stalk forward as Koldis comes out from one of the ships dragging a man. Even from a distance, I can hear his cursing.

I smile grimly. He won’t curse for much longer when he finds out what’s in store for him. I catch up to them midway. As soon as the man sets eyes on me, his face pales, and his mouth falls open. 

“Please, sir, please, I-I am sorry. I won’t steal from you a-a-again. I’ll pay you back every-”

Koldis’s fist comes down hard on his jaw. “Shut up, you punk.”

I remove the half stick of cigarette from my mouth and throw it onto the ground, then I step on it. “Heard your cursing some seconds ago. I assure you where you’re going, you’ll have plenty to curse about.” I turn to Koldis. “Get in touch with the guys, then take him to the warehouse. Meet me at Stardust immediately after.”

The man’s mouth opens wider, and his eyes bulge. As Koldis drags him away, his pleadings reach a feverish crescendo. As I walk back to where the car is parked, a noise catches my attention. I stop and strain my ears to listen, but I don’t hear it anymore. As I resume walking again, I hear the noise, and it’s more distinct this time around. Without overthinking it, I bring out my gun from the waistband of my jeans and head toward the direction of the noise.

It takes me back to the seashore. I nose around a ship pulling into the sea, so I stay close to its edges and away from prying eyes. As it moves fully into the sea, a rowboat becomes visible. Two men are about to get inside. My eyes flit to the tarpaulin in the middle of it. That’s where the muffled sound is coming from. I see movement underneath it, and I know instinctively what this is all about. They’re transporting cargo. Human cargo.

“Get up slowly,” I say to them, whipping my gun between them back and forth.

Their heads whip around, and a myriad of emotions flies across their faces. There’s confusion and shock, but one stands out the most – anger. I don’t have time for this. I shoot a warning shot at the edge of the boat, and they scramble out.

“Uncover that,” I say, waving my gun at the tarpaulin.

They hesitate, but only for a second before one of them moves forward. He uncovers the tarpaulin revealing a huddled form. I move closer, not shocked when I see a female staring wide-eyed at me. She’s bound hand and foot with a rope, and a gag is in her mouth. I remove it, and she immediately lets out a gasp.

“What are you doing here?”

Her eyes go around in fear as tears spill from them. “These men kidnap- watch out!”

From the corner of my eyes, I see the men charge. This is where it gets interesting. Two men against one. I’m not a fool to know they won’t have come without their own weapons. A shot rings out, and I duck.

So they want to play that game? Let’s fucking do this.

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