Book cover of “Aurora's Vendetta“ by OliveWrites

Aurora's Vendetta

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: OliveWrites
Returning from work to discover that her parents were murdered by a dead Capo, she seeks answers from her uncle. He tells her the truth, and that strengthens her resolve to get revenge. Finally, she gets to the Capo's house to get vendetta from his children, especially Matteo — the first son and mafia boss of the New York gang. But what will she do... 

Chapter 1

Aurora’s POV

"I want revenge for the death of my parents." I fumed, but a tad bit scared at the decision I had made.

"What do you mean by having revenge?" He asked, looking bewildered.

"I can't think of anything else to do, Uncle. The thirst for revenge doesn't want to be quenched even if it's all in the past."

"You can't have any revenge and you won't. This isn't the right time."

"No! Uncle. There is no way I'm going to let the death of my parents slide. Those people made me orphans and even though they aren't alive to face the consequences as I'd have wanted, their sons will pay for it." I spat, my fingers clenching into fists as my face turned red.

My uncle, Lorenzo, had told me the truth about the death of my parents yesterday and I couldn't just stay still. Anger boiled in me as I remembered the story he told me, and I wanted nothing more than to kill them myself.

It wasn't possible as Aldo Moretti was dead and so was his wife.

"No, principessa. You are a woman and you should concern yourself with getting married, raising kids and pleasing your husband. Not going on some revenge mission like your life depends on it." He snapped, getting frustrated at my resolve to get revenge.

"Unfortunately, my life depends on what I'm about to do. There's no way I can live like a normal human knowing that my innocent parents are still stirring restlessly in their graves. My decision is final and I'm leaving for New York next week." I concluded, with my jaw ticking in absolute resolve.

There was nothing he could do to change my mind.

I stared at my uncle's house one more time as I stood at the facade. My eyes darted to the flowers that decorated the porch and the white frangipani trees that were planted in a straight pattern. I could remember feeling whole whenever I inhaled the vanilla scent of its flowers.

The beautiful bungalow I had known to be home wouldn't be one anymore.

Finally, I'd found a way to convince my uncle on my revenge mission. I had to do it for my sanity to remain intact and also to honor my late parents. They didn't deserve to die as the reason for their death still sounded trivial to me.

"Promise me you'll be fine, Principessa." Uncle Lorenzo tugged my arm like a little child and I could see him struggle to keep his emotions in check.

We were both strong people that taught ourselves never to show our emotions. I'd have cried if I was any other girl, but I wasn't that type. Crying wasn't just my thing.

"I'll be fine, uncle and I promise to text you every day." I promised as I put the last box in the car's booth.

He hugged me as I relished every moment of our time together. I was taking a big risk and Matteo would never forgive me if he found out my true intentions.

"If things spiral out of your control, please come back home."

"Sure thing." I said as I pulled out of his embrace and hopped into the 2018 Toyota Mirai that was to take me to the airport.

Everything was set in place. I'd found a spot in the Capo's house which was what I needed. There was a saying that the easiest way to get a man was his stomach, I wasn't sure it applied to him but I still had to try.

My flight was scheduled for 2pm and I just had thirty minutes left to get to the airport. Streaks of nervousness were already flowing into me but I calmed myself.


Three hours later, I was heading to the Capo's mansion in a luxurious limousine. My uncle made sure that I was comfortable and I almost ran back to thank him.

The closer we got to his house, the more anxiety overwhelmed me. How was I going to cope with the devil himself, someone that reminded me of my parent's killers?

The chauffeur took a narrow bend and drove straight ahead. I fed my eyes with the sight of high rising buildings with some bungalows in between them.

"We have arrived, Signorina." He said in Italian and I opened the car door.

I got out to meet a huge house standing in front of me. My eyes darted to my sides and I realized that unlike other buildings that we passed by, the Capo's house was secluded from the view of others.

The chauffeur brought my medium sized box and a bag and offered to take it to the house.

"No, sir. I don't want to be a bother. I can take care of myself." I refused and bowed.

He smiled kindly and drove away, leaving me to my fate. My heart thudded faster and I felt like changing my mind as the reality of what I was about to do dawned before me.

The gate opened before me and a hefty man stood by the side with an emotionless face, just the way I did.

"Good evening, Miss. The Capo's brother awaits you inside." He announced with a slight Italian accent then took my box from me, dragging it while I walked behind him.

The mansion was a sight to behold, yet it echoed blood money in loud volumes. The lawns were decorated with different types of flowers I couldn't identify, then a pool was pitched at the farther end of the building.

I stopped ogling and increased my pace to match the man's step as I didn't want to miss my way.

He opened the door and handed the box back to me while I walked in. I was greeted by dark marble columns and floors which matched the white grandeur ceilings. There were several large windows with brown flowery curtains draping over it.

A woman who was likely to be in her mid-forties came to me with a curt smile plastered on her lips.

"Good evening, ma'am." I greeted and swallowed.

She scrutinized me slowly, giving a frown at the sleeveless blouse I wore. I had taken off my denim jacket earlier and forgot to put it back.

"What is your name?" She asked coldly, as she retreated to an armchair that sat in the middle of the living room. The seat looked fluffy and soft.

Obviously, Matteo had a high taste in furniture.

"Aurora Mancini." I replied quickly.

My uncle and I had argued about changing my name but I found no reason to. Besides, my killers were dead and I doubted that Matteo Moretti, the ruthless Capo, had any reason or time to search for me.

"Aurora.. That's a strong name." She muttered as I bit back the scoff that nearly fell off my lips. "My name is Ginevra. Sit there and make yourself comfortable, I'll be back soon." She ordered and I lowered myself onto the armchair.

The softness and fluffiness helped me relax a bit as my eyes kept darting to every single furniture in the house. The center table was made with the finest wood which was smoothened to perfection.

The doors were wooden too, but they looked very hard, maybe harder than steel. That I couldn't tell as I just wanted to be done with the introductions.

Heels of shoes clicked from the stairs. I watched Ginevra and a handsome young man walk towards me. His face was cold and his eyes emotionless as I had seen in pictures.

I quickly stood up to greet them, but my heart tinged with disappointment seeing that it wasn't Matteo.

Damn! Why was he looking like a Greek God? I noticed that I was drooling then batted my lashes while he observed me slowly with a subtle expression that revealed desire in its tiniest bit.

Did he like me?

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