Book cover of “Billionaire’s Secret: Single Dad’s Love Affair“ by Summer Deity

Billionaire’s Secret: Single Dad’s Love Affair

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Summer Deity
Edward has become a better person since his daughter came into his life. It became more meaningful, colorful, and joyful. Everything was perfect until one day, Rose, his daughter, started to look for her mother. But Edward was clueless as to how he could find the woman who happened to be his child's mother. She was nowhere to be found, and Edward f... 

Chapter 1. Prologue

Mila had fun at the beach, while her twin sister Lia did nothing but watch her. Lia was already happy when she saw her twin's eyes light up with joy.

"Lia! Lia! Come here and hang out with me. Let's go swimming, the water is so nice!"

Mila told her twin as she splashed around in the water. Her smile was even brighter than the sun. It was as if she lit up all of the sun's light with it.

Lia didn't want to go with her sister because she was cold. When she was near Mila, she felt like she was sharing her twin's happiness. 

But sometimes she liked to look at her twin from afar to admire her.

She took out a camera to take pictures of Mila without her knowing. She loved every moment she spent with Mila. She couldn't picture herself without her.

Mila was only half an hour older than Lia. Their mother thought that Mila was older, and Lia agreed with her.

Lia couldn't forget what their mother had said.


Sandra told her children, who were fighting over silly things, "Come here, my beautiful daughters."

"You shouldn't argue with each other. You should care for each other and love each other. Lia, you should remember that Mila is your older sister and treat her with the same respect you have shown me. Mila, you shouldn't fight with your sister. Since you're older, you should be the one who stays calm. You were the one who needed to clear up the confusion. If you were wrong, you should apologize to Lia, and if Lia was wrong, you should explain to her why she was wrong and get her to apologize to you.”


When they were young, they didn't fully understand what their mother was saying, but as they got older, they saw how important her words were. 

Because as they got older, they didn't turn against each other and they stopped fighting.

Mila was always the older sister who looked out for and helped her younger sister.

People thought she was easy because she was friendly, but she was stronger than they thought.

Lia talked about how Mila always looked out for her when they were young.


“Hey, hey! Why are you hurting my sister?" Mila, when she was younger, told the other kids they were playing with.

Mila stood in front of Lia and put her arms out so that nobody could get close to her. Lia was already crying and sitting on the ground.

“Nothing! She was just clumsy that fell by herself," said the other girl, crossing her arm.

“Nothing, really? Don't you get it? Her hands and knees are scratched up. Can't you see?" As Mila went up to her sister, Lia, she said, "Let them see her wound."

"Did you fall on your own?" Mila calmly asked her sister.

Lia, the little girl, shook her head quietly, but she still cried.

"Look, someone pushed her down. Tell me, who did it?" Mila asked one of the other kids.

"S-She isn't telling the truth. She fell down on her own. She wasn't pushed, right?"

When the girl replied, the other kids nodded to show that they agreed with her.

"Lia might be a fragile child, but she's not that clumsy and she's not a liar. She never would lie!" Mila defended her sister.

"Well, whatever, I'm also not lying. Let's go, I'm tired of playing with these two brats. And we're no longer friends," the girl said, and the other kids laughed along with her.

After all the crying, Lia finally said, "I'm sorry, Mila. I shouldn't come with you to play with your friends."

"Don't worry, it's all right. They hurt you, so I don't want them to be my friends. I don't need them because I have you. We are sisters and will always be friends!" 

Mila said with joy to cheer up her sister.

“Really? Will we always be together?" Lia's eyes glowed when she heard her say that.

"Of course. Together, forever!”

Mila took Lia's hand and said, "Let's go home and play in our house."

As the sun went down, the two girls walked back to their house together, holding hands the whole way.


Mila had always looked out for Lia since that day. Whenever someone tried to hurt Lia, Mila would rush to help her.

Mila was brave and happy, while Lia was shy and quiet. Mila was always happy and carefree, so you would never guess she was the brave one. 

Mila talked a lot, while Lia never said a word.

Even though they were different, their love was like the end of a rainbow: you couldn't see it or it went on forever. It was different from everything else.

Even though they didn't look alike, their mother and their later grandparents always treated them fairly. 

And the twins were fine with it. They liked it when people said they were one because they saw themselves as equals.

Both of them got the same amount of love, and they couldn't have asked for more.

When Mila was happy, Lia was happy, too. 

Mila was her light because she shone brightly like the sun in the blue sky. 

Mila's smile was also always Lia's favorite because it was so sweet. Lia's life was wonderful because of Mila.


When his younger brother Kayden came into the room, Edward was busy getting ready.

"B-Brother, are you leaving me for good?” Kayden stuttered, “I don't want to be alone," because he didn't want to cry in front of his brother.

But Kayden's eyes really showed how sad he was.

Edward stopped what he was doing and said, "Kayden, come here."

"Didn't we already talk about this? I'm not leaving you. I'm going to school in Barcelona to help us out," Edward said again, but his brother didn't say anything.

"You knew this was what our parents wanted. You're not the only one, so you shouldn't feel like that. Uncle James and Aunt Perla are with you. They'll be sad if they hear you and think you don't care about them," Edward told his younger brother.

"No, that's not true. I love them. When our parents died, they took care of us and were our guardians," Kayden said.

Kayden knew what was going on even when he was young. Still, he couldn't get used to the idea that his brother would be far away. 

When their parents died, Kayden was only eight years old and Edward was fourteen.


"I'm sorry for what happened."

"My heart goes out to the family."

"I hope you're both feeling better soon."

At their father's funeral, these were the words that were always said.

A car accident took the life of their father. He was drunk. He was always like that because he couldn't get over the fact that his wife had died.

Before their father died, their mother died a few months ago. She died because of the breast cancer she had. 

Their mom and dad worked hard to help them beat the cancer, but it was too late. They really lost.

When their parents died, Edward didn't cry at all because he had to be strong for his brother.

He always thought that they were all alone now. So he should be tough and feel nothing so he can forget the pain.

He promised his brother that no matter what, he would never leave his side. As long as his brother was alive, they would be together.

But when their mother's younger sister, Auntie Perla, and her husband came to the funeral, it made him feel better when she told him something that touched his heart.

"It's okay now, and we're here to help. It's okay to cry, you don't have to keep those feelings to yourself," she told him as she hugged him.

Edward started crying. He didn't think he'd ever find someone he could trust. He was glad her aunt was there to help.

They couldn't have asked for a better aunt. They knew both of them well. They were the ones who helped Edward and Kayden move forward in their lives.

Auntie Perla took care of the brothers like they were her own.


They had finally moved on, so it was up to them, especially Edward, to do what their parents had asked. 

He needed to go to school in Barcelona so that he could run their business and company when the time came.

"Okay, you can leave now. I will also do my best in school," Kayden said, making his brother smile.

They said their goodbyes and said a few words as they sent Edward to the airport.

"Don't hurt yourself, Edward.” Auntie Perla told him, "If there's a problem, call us right away."

"Don't worry, he'll be all right. Uncle James said with pride, "He's all grown up now."

"Do your best and come back as soon as you can!" said his younger brother with a lot of energy.

Kayden was no longer feeling sad. He promised to do the same thing as his brother. He wanted to be someone who would make his brother proud.

As Edward walked into the airport, he gave one last wave.

They knew they wouldn't see each other again for a while, so when they did, they were sure it was worth the wait.

And Edward promised himself that he would never leave the people he loved again once he got back from college. 

And that will be the last time he puts himself ahead of other people.

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