Book cover of “Blood Lust“ by MuchoCutie

Blood Lust

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: MuchoCutie
"Feeding, baby, this is feeding," he said last before he went down my neck again. And I just screamed at the pain that pierced my skin. While his lips lingered on my neck, my whole body became hotter, and at the same time, I softened. Am I thinking correctly? Are they really true? "You really taste sweet." My eyes are getting blurry, and I can'... 

Chapter 1

I just woke up because of the fragrant smell of flowers. I love the smell of flowers. Feels good.

If only I could just sleep like this without thinking about classes, assignments, or boring recitations. Damn, but I know at any moment my grandmother will wake me up to go to my beautiful university.

Please, I need 5 more minutes.

I don't want to open my eyes yet. I need to sleep more; I want to feel the softness of this bed. I want to feel the warmth of this comforter. I wrapped myself in it even more. What if I'm absent? Even now.

I even dressed myself in fetus style. Why is it too cold today? It's too lazy to get up when the climate is this cold.

"Claret..." I ignored the call to my name. Please let me sleep.

"Claret.." damn it. I quickly grabbed the first one near me and put it over my ear.

"Claret.." I woke up violently when I heard my name again from the unfamiliar male voice. Who is this man calling me?

I remained motionless. What is the man doing in my room? Where is Grandma? I'm starting to get nervous; having a man in my room is a huge sin. My grandmother would surely burn me alive.

But what I noticed almost made me stumble. What the hell? This is not my bed! How did I get here? Damn, I cannot remember anything. Did I drink last night? What the hell is happening?

"Come on Claret, stop that act." Why does this man know me? Acts?!

I just screamed when, suddenly, the thick comforter that was hiding me was pulled away. I quickly sat up and backed up to the headrest of the bed. And my eyes almost widen from what I see.

I'm in a strange room with this gorgeous stranger. Who the hell is he? Why the hell am I here? I'm just sitting on a red bed full of white rose petals. What's with this setting?

And I looked down on me, sh*t! I don't even own this dress! I'm wearing a silk black dress, and I can vividly see my body in this thin kind of dress! Has something happened to us? I automatically covered myself to hide whatever was leaking from this thin dress. Who dressed me?

Who the fuck is he?

The moment our eyes met, I couldn't help but swallow a few times. damn

He's too beautiful and damn topless. What am I doing in this room with him? How did I end up in this room and wake up dressed like this?

He now sits in front of me like a king as he gently sips red wine. He has this intense eye on me that I can't explain. My chest was beating faster at the way he was looking at me. He looked familiar, as if this was not our first meeting.

"Why am I here?" I asked him hesitantly. The last thing I remember is that my grandmother and I were still talking. Shit! I can't remember anything.

I was just surprised when he suddenly disappeared from my sight. And I almost jumped when I felt his hot breath on my right ear.

My heart beat faster and faster as I couldn't move myself. What's happening to me?

"Open your mouth." I had no intention of following his order, but I don't know why my lips opened on their own.

Did he cast something on me? I can't move. I couldn't do anything but watch what he was doing to me. I could feel some of his fingers above my teeth. It was like he was trying to grind my teeth. Damn, is he some sort of dentist?

I frowned at his shocked expression. What's wrong with him?

"I didn't turn you," he whispered. Turn me? What?

I was even more surprised when he suddenly laid me on the bed. My own body didn't do anything, and it just seemed to be one after another with this man. What is happening to my body? Why does this man seem to be the owner? I can't command my own body. I can't utter any words. All I could do was look at this man, who was currently tilting his head.

I just closed my eyes when I first felt the warm breath on my neck. but what he did next made me catch my breath even more. I felt his tongue gently licking my neck. What the hell is he doing?

When I felt the warmth of his lips on my neck, I felt like I had my own control over my body again. I immediately moved my hands and pushed him with all my might.

But he didn't even move, as if I hadn't done anything.

"You are really something," he said to me, waking up. He quickly locked my hands on my head.

"Are you a kidnapper and are you going to rap-" I struggled. I couldn't finish what I was going to say when he spoke again. damn

"Feeding, baby, this is feeding," he said last before he went down my neck again. And I just screamed at the pain that pierced my skin. While his lips lingered on my neck, my whole body became hotter, and at the same time, I softened.

Am I thinking correctly? Are they really true? Why do I have to?

"You really taste sweet." My eyes are getting blurry, and I can't see him properly.

I tried to reach his face despite my blurry eyes. I can see red liquid on his lips.

"You're a vampire."

"Yes, I am," was the last thing I heard before I finally closed my eyes. It's not a dream. He's the guy from that dark room.

The man with my blood on his lips.


I was currently groping in the mirror, watching my own reflection. My grandmother made me realize that beauty is very important. Beauty that all women dream of, beauty that only a few have. beauty that no one else can ever take away.

I don't know why it was so important to my grandmother to preserve my beauty. Yes, I know it's natural for a woman to take care of the beautiful things she has. But my grandmother's way was really hair-raising. If I hadn't been with her for so long, I might have thought that she was just preparing me to be offered to some powerful person. Damn these thoughts.

My grandmother raised me with a lot of teachings. sermons that I heard almost every day until I memorized them because of her repeated reminders.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the most gorgeous woman of all?" I asked my grandmother's huge antique mirror, which seemed to answer my questions at any moment.

"You, Claret Cordelia Amor," I replied to my own reflection. My own answer brought a smile to my lips. I'm going crazy.

"Claret! go down! You're going to be late for your class!" Grandma yelled at me. I was alarmed by grandma's call, so I quickly combed my short hair, which barely touched my shoulders. I also put on my glasses because I'm a woman with very blurred vision.

So what? I'm a beautiful girl with glasses. I hurried out of my room and almost ran to the kitchen. Grandma still doesn't like me being late for class.

"Good morning, grandma!" I greeted my beloved grandmother with a kiss on her cheek. She was busy mixing what she was cooking.

"Take it easy and eat. You know I don't want you to go hungry; that's not good for your body." I just nodded to what Grandma told me. Here we go again, my sensitive body.

My food is on the table.

For Grandma, I'm like a fragile thing that can't be scratched and scratched. All the things that can destroy my beauty, she takes away, and all the things that can keep my beauty, she tries to give me. I don't want her to be in trouble, so sometimes I refuse what she gives me, but she forces it on me. Sometimes she even threatened me that she would be angry with me, so I couldn't do anything but follow everything she wanted for me.

"Grandma, my 18th birthday is coming up. Give me a present, okay?" I jokingly told her.

I frowned when I noticed that she was slightly stunned by what I said. Did I say something wrong? Wasn't she happy that I was the right age? I am now a full-fledged young woman.

"I'll give you a gift if you keep yourself clean and pure." I laughed again at what Grandma told me. How many hundreds of times have I heard these two from her?

this word? 'clean and pure'

"Come on, grandma, I know that. You raised me right; I will never flirt with any man there." I just got tired while chewing soft bread.

I'm just a simple girl with a simple life. We are not rich with the ownership of various types of cars; we are not stockholders of various famous companies, and I am certainly not a girl who was raised in luxury.

I am a simple girl whose family is not complete but very happy. My grandmother never made me feel like my family was incomplete. Even though I have lived through her teachings, I know and feel her love for me, which cannot be matched by a father or mother.

My grandmother is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me. And I will do anything to please her. And following her, which is also for me, is a reciprocation of her love.

My parents? I didn't even see them. My father died when my mother was pregnant with me. Whereas my mother has already lived in another country and has a family of others. Sometimes my parents cross my mind, but what am I going to do? if one is dead and the other has abandoned me?

Anyway, I have my grandmother. I don't care about my mother anymore.

I live in the mountains with a very cold climate. The mountain is famous for its medicinal plants and rare trees that rarely grow.

I'm in a simple paradise. A peaceful paradise, a quiet paradise, a peaceful paradise that makes my heart flutter

How I love the scent of nature. I belong to nature. Sometimes I think that maybe I'm really a fairy that grandma forgot in these mountains. I just grinned.

I've grown reserved. My grandmother raised the idea that a man would come to the top of this mountain to take me and marry me. The man said to be meant for me, the man who should only focus my attention,

The man who can claim my lips Every time I think about it, I can't help but touch my red lips.

What does it feel like to be kissed? Sometimes I catch a couple kissing in the locker room. and based on their actions, they're loving and enjoying it.

Is it great to exchange saliva with someone? I just shook my head, thinking about it. It might be virgin problems.

Grandma told me several times that I should only show my complexion to this man. the man who had been planted in my brain since I could think.

Who would believe that? I never saw his face. Is this man real? Why doesn't he even show me? Am I not pretty enough so that he doesn't show up right away?

Is he handsome? Is he masculine? Does he have a good body?

At first, I was still afraid of what my grandmother was saying. I feel like a fat pig who has to maintain quality for the deadline.

Every few weeks, my grandmother used to soak me in pure cow's milk to keep my complexion beautiful. If my complexion is compared to that of actresses who have been brought to the famous doctor of beauty several times, it is not trivial to caress my complexion. Grandma is also serious about keeping my body in good shape. She knows what foods I should and shouldn't eat, and she also wakes me up early to exercise and whatnot.

I even beat the doctor's veil and gym instruction. I felt like I lived to participate in a beauty pageant. But never once did Grandma accept the invitations I received about the beauties. Her reasoning was that it was not a good idea. It is not good to ignore the beauty of a woman because it is said to be a temptation.

I didn't argue anymore, so I just agreed with her.

At school, I was known as the "Grand Daughter of Of A Witch." Yes, my grandmother is a beautiful witch. We are the famous witches of Mt. Impressive. My story is not a typical witch story with a tradition of burning rituals, which are said to be a plague on witches, and other weird things.

People today are not the people of the past, who, when they found out there was a witch, would immediately burn them alive. My grandmother is good at treating diseases.

We are not considered a plague in the mountains because no plague can give life in these mountains. Mt. Malondogo is a mountain of life because of my grandmother. And I'm so proud of her.

Knowing that I was the granddaughter of a witch, no one dared approach me. They were very afraid of my grandmother because it was reported that the man who first approached me had not been allowed to sleep for a week because of bad dreams.

Oh well, it's up to them.

"Go home early, Claret; you need to soak your body again in pure milk," grandma told me seriously. If I'm not really used to her, my hair will probably stand on end.

"Yes grandma.." I answered her enthusiastically. I drank the milk she gave me again before I stood up and said goodbye to her.

"Alright, grandma, I'm going in." I motioned to her. I immediately took my bicycle, which she always prepares every morning.

"Be careful; don't scratch yourself," she reminded me.

"Yes, grandma!" I grinned at her again before getting on my bike. I started pedaling my bike when suddenly Grandma called. Did I forget something?

"Claret! You forgot to tell me something." I just winced as I remembered what I always told her. I almost forgot.

"I won't let them touch me. Just let them stare until they die." Grandma nodded at what I said, and I just continued pedaling my bike.

I just shook my head. Every day, that's what I always say before I leave the house. Maybe I'm the most virgin of all virgins. At least not yet.

I can be held by any man or stared at for too long. because as soon as they stare at me for a long time, they will be immediately beaten. Damn, I no longer care about men in the environment.

But what I'm wondering now is why I have to take a milk bath again later. It's like Grandma gave me a bath just the other day. Weird.

I just shrugged my shoulders at my own question and continued pedaling.

Maybe even though we don't have any property, I can say that my grandmother and I are capable because the huge land on this mountain is full of my grandmother's crops, from which we source food and medicinal plants for the people.

My grandma is kind to people; just don't touch me. Lola treats me like a delicate object that cannot be handled lightly. So they're sorry until they just stare at me, and that's if they can.

Next week is my birthday, and my grandmother said I will meet the man I will love and who will love me. Is that possible? Love at first sight? Could it be him too? Was he raised too reserved? Was he also raised with knowledge of me?

Is he a good kisser? I feel my cheeks heat up as I think about it.

"Claret." I suddenly stopped when I heard a male voice in my right ear.

I looked around. Where did that voice come from? I was the only person, and I was sure I heard a man's voice. What the hell?

I just marveled at the noise from above. Many black birds are flying. I rarely see so many black birds in these mountains.

"Crows..." I just stammered. My hair rose, and I started pedaling again.

Maybe I just imagined what I heard.

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