Book cover of “Chained by Choice: Slavery Series. Book 3“ by LiL A

Chained by Choice: Slavery Series. Book 3

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: LiL A
Julia's love for steamy fiction takes a turn for the unexpected when her husband catches her devouring one of her favorite books. Intrigued by the content, he suggests they try out some of the games they've been reading about. Julia eagerly agrees, and soon she finds herself living out her wildest fantasies as her husband's obedient slave. "Now ... 

Chapter 1

Warning: The book contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and situations. It may be distressing for some individuals and could trigger emotional or psychological discomfort. Reader discretion is advised.



That made me stop and think. Would I feel better if my slaves had sex with male slaves more than I would if they were having sex with men in general? Theoretically, a male submissive was completely in the control of a dominant and could never have sex with anyone unless given permission. Unlike Lisa and Julia having sex with anyone else, from my friends to complete strangers like Marcus, his ability to have sex would be under my control. Despite what they said; how they'd willingly surrendered power to me and didn't expect quid pro quo for my ability to have sex with other women for sex with men, I still felt somewhat guilty to be the only male they could have sex with. Fortunately, they seemed to enjoy sex with other women, but I felt guilty. I needed to think about this some more.

I'd missed some of the conversation while deep in my own head, but Rhonda thrashing through an orgasm on her Domina's fingers brought me back to the present. I supposed it was only her day at Brianna's on Sunday before she left. When Rhonda's spasms ended, she was made to serve Julia and Lisa again. Her oral services were offered to me, but I politely declined, having been drained dry.

"You may go shower, slave, clean the cum off your face and prepare for work," Julia said.

"Of course, Domina. Thank you."

I waited until she was gone. "It was nice of you to give her another chance to abandon her slavery now Lucia is gone."

"It was the original reason for her interest. How did you like fucking my slave?"

"She's so tight. I don't know if it's the martial arts, her previous lack of male partners or what, but she can really exert pressure with her cunt. I can hardly wait for her to be on birth control. I want to feel her unwrapped. You're going to make her have sex with me each time before you let her cum?"

"Yes, Master, most of the time. If she's my slave, she's your slave and of little use to you unless she's fucking you. Of course, if she's not fucking you, as she won't most days, as Lisa and I have first dibs on your cum, she'll do without. In order to cum, I expect she'll soon be begging to fuck you. You may grant her relief or not as you choose. You might as well have another cum hungry slut at your disposal."

Another female sex slave for me to fuck. A male slave to share the burden, was sounding better and better. We snuggled close to one another, a slave on either side of me. We kissed goodnight and drifted off to sleep. This bed was great for fucking and multiple bodies sprawled out, but the three of us barely took any space on it as we slept together.



Monday and Tuesday, we were all back at Mistress Dark's. Lisa, Reneé and Janet finished one of the bondage pieces last week, but one more needed to be completed. We managed to knock it out on Tuesday. Mistress Dark had already sold them, only waiting for them to be finished and shipped before she got paid and could pay us. She told us we could start on another three bed frames, two kings and a queen, and two bondage units, having already received inquiries on more. I notified Master and he ordered the materials for delivery Wednesday. MD told us she could probably sell as many as we could crank out. We need not wait for orders to proceed with building them. She would be able to sell it.

Monday night, Rhonda wasn't allowed to cum. She had to watch Master, Lisa and I have sex, but was herself, left high and wet. She'd become a needy slave like us. I wanted her primed when Master fucked her bareback on Tuesday night. I left strict instructions for her preparations before we left Tuesday morning.

We finished the last unit at four.

"Just let the last coat of varnish dry for a day before taking it apart and shipping it," I said. "Thank you again for letting us stay and work here while we had problems with Jack. It was very kind of you."

"It's been nice having the five of you running around here naked," Mistress Dark said, hugging me. "Don't be a stranger."

"We're anticipating having a bondage ceremony a couple months after I deliver Junior, at Mistress Brianna's estate in LA. We'd like to invite our friends witness our commitment to each other. Would you, Rose, and Penelope like to come?"

"We wouldn't miss it. Give us a time and place and we'll be there."

We all hugged and kissed one another before leaving. Speaking of Brianna, before inviting any more people to Brianna's, I should make sure her offer was still available and if she could accommodate the plans I had. While Lisa drove home, I called her.

"Hello, Julia. How are you?"

"Fine, Mistress. How's Lucia?"

"Very well. We're glad to have her back."

"When we were there a few weeks ago, you offered the use of your estate for a bondage ceremony between my Master and his slaves. Would that offer still be available?"

"Of course. I thought you wanted to have it in Fresno to be closer to your family and friends?"

"We did, Mistress, but if we're going to bond to our Master as sex slaves, I feel it's appropriate we do so as naked slaves, and at the restaurant where we'd tentatively planned it, we couldn't be naked. I also felt there should be some sex to seal the deal, and that could get us arrested."

Brianna laughed. "When would you like to have this ceremony?"

"I want to do it a few months after I deliver, so I can look like a sex slave again and not a blimp. Then I thought why not around the one year anniversary of when I first became a sex slave. That would put it mid-May of next year. Would that be a problem?"

"No, it provides plenty of time to prepare."

"We'll reimburse you for any expenses you incur, Mistress."

"How many people do you expect to attend and in what proportion of sexes?"

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