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Big Bro

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: RizzEditions
Kim Dongyoung was the best big brother anyone could ask for. Caring, responsible, understandable, supportive, and appreciative. His only motive was to keep his little brother happy till his last breath even if he had to sacrifice anything and everything to his little brother, Kim Jungwoo. Even the love of his life, Moon Taeil. 

Chapter 1


“Doie… I’ll miss you soo… muchh!”

A slightly pitched and childish voice rambled as the owner of it looked at his best friend gleefully. His little bestie then quoted, “I’ll miss you more Taeillie!”

The elder child, Taeil, was at the verge of tears with a puffy pout on his face. “Is it necessary to go? Can’t you stay with me? Illie will be so lonely if you’re gone…” He exclaimed while sniffling.

Dongyoung wiped the tears from his friend’s face and nodded slowly with sad eyes. “But I promise you that I’ll come back to you after I grow old and become a man like daddy.”

“Even if you won’t come I’ll follow you and reach you and hug you tightly like this!” Little Taeil then hugged little Dongyoung tightly as if he would leave him if he would lose his grip. Dongyoung smiled sweetly showing his bunny gums a little and wrapped his small arms around little Taeil protectively.

“And I’ll protect you in my arms from the entire world, always.”

Taeil giggled at the younger boy’s action as he pulled away slowly. “Doie, you know? You’re so cute, so handsome and so strong. Just like a charming prince.”

“Really?” Dongyoung asked surprisingly but sounding proud, of course. “Two hundred percent!” Taeil confirmed, showing his two little fingers.

“If I’m prince charming, will you be my princess charming?” Dongyoung asked Taeil in a serious tone to which Taeil blushed but answered nonetheless.

“Of course, I’ll be your princess, my prince charming!” He then kissed Dongyoung on the cheek and went redder as a tomato while hiding his face in his tiny hands.

Dongyoung touched his cheek where he just was kissed and smiled at the feeling. “So, after we grow, will you marry me also?” He asked Taeil and the said boy looked back at him straight in the eyes.

“If that will make us stay together forever, then yes! I will marry you Doie!” Taeil beamed.

It was then Dongyoung’s turn to hug Taeil. “But Taeillie, I have one request. After marrying, can we let Jungwoo stay with us? He’s my beloved brother! And I can’t leave him alone. He’ll be sad and I’ll be dead!”

“Doie! Don’t say things like that. Woo-ah is my little brother too. We all will live happily together!” Said Taeil as he held Dongyoung’s hands in his, reassuring him.

The two children looked at each other with an unpredictable gaze in silence for a few moments.

“I love you, Taeillie.” Dongyoung confessed slowly with his little pitchy voice.

“I love you too, Doie.”

Little Taeil and Dongyoung did not even realize that they were leaning in and were only mere inches away. Soon their little plumpy lips crashed on each other’s and they stole and became each other’s first kiss. As well as, first love.


The concerned man was being even more concerned as he waited for his brother’s call or even just a message. His little brother was supposed to be calling him and informing him the time he’ll be arriving at Seoul airport so he could go and pick his little brother from the airport.

He could call by himself and it was really urging him to do so but he decided not to as he had already contacted him multiple times since the morning that day.

He massaged his temples to sooth his head and leaned a little more comfortably on his cabin seat.

The sudden ringing of his phone startled him a little but he sighed in relief as soon as he saw the caller’s ID. “Woo-ah where were you? Where are you? You told me that you’d call me but you didn’t and didn’t even pick my calls. Are you alright? Are you already here? Should I come and pick you?”

The man kept bombarding his younger brother on the other line with questions that Jungwoo had to interrupt his rant. “Big bro, I’m fine and I’m sorry. Now, can I speak?”

“Sure Woo-ah.” The elder brother said as he felt a little embarrassed because of his rant. But he was glad that his brother was all good.

“Okay so, yes, I was supposed to be arriving today but the flight got cancelled because of some technical issues. I’ll probably be coming by tomorrow or the day after.” Came from the other line.

“Alright but you should have told me before. Anyways, you’re all fine right?Are you done with your business there? And, are you still alone or is there anyone with you? I hope you got someone to accompany you but I also hope you didn’t knot ties with the wrong people.”

A chuckle could be heard over the line as the voice started to continue, “Doyoungie hyung… Don’t worry! Yes. I finally found the book I’ve been searching for. I’ll ask Miss Wendy to get these editions to our library. And, no. I didn’t get in touch with any person. I didn’t interact that much with anyone at all. It was all fun just by myself. I just missed you big bro.”

Dongyoung chuckles at the younger’s brief. “Well, glad knowing you found what you’ve been looking for. But to correct you, it’s actually not good being alone all the time, Jungwoo. You should make more friends and even to date someone. A day will come when I’ll not be here anymore. And for that time I want you to have someone to be by your side always.” He said slowly making it sound sincere and understandable.

“Hyung, please, don’t say things like that. I’m just fine by myself. I don’t know why but there’s no one whom I could picture myself with. And I don’t even care about that. I have my best brother, interesting books and endless exploration. What more I could ask for? Also, the dating thing goes the same for you. When are you going to bring my sister or brother in law home?” The younger brother teased, making the Dongyoung sigh. Dongyoung was about to lecture another statement but the binge of his mail interrupted him.

“After fulfilling my little brother’s marriage duties, of course. Anyways, I’ve to go now. Duty calls. Make sure to call me later otherwise you’ll be spammed again. Bye and take care. Hyung loves you.” He said, receiving a, “Love you too big bro.” And then the line was disconnected. He then went on his system checking the regular official mails and continuing his regular routine.

Which also consists of being worried for his beloved little brother. Well, it was actually understandable for Kim Dongyoung.

Being the eldest in his family, which actually only consisted of him and his brother, Kim Jungwoo after their parents passed away in some unfortunate accident, he had to look over his business, home and obviously, his family, Jungwoo.

He worked hard and never took any break from his responsibilities in order to achieve success and a stable status for his brother’s education, expenses, needs and everything and anything that made him happy.

His hard work did pay him off as he was the manager of one of the grand motels in Seoul. Having all the facilities and sources they needed. However, likewise mentioned, Dongyoung’s only concern was his brother.

It was not actually that he was being too much or something. The situations got him this way. When their parents left them, Jungwoo was just lost, blank, emotionless and depressed. He never spoke. Never ate. Never even smiled at the funniest things. He always kept himself locked in his room away from everyone’s reach.

It hurt Dongyoung. It hurt him so much seeing his brother losing himself and he was unable to do anything but see and regret for being a bad and irresponsible brother. Yes. He always blamed himself for Jungwoo’s sadness. For the dullness in his life. For the loneliness he was suffering and sometimes he even thought that he was the reason for their parents’ death, too. If he was able to help them back then and was mature enough to keep his responsibilities, they would have been alive. They would have been them. With Jungwoo. Jungwoo would be so happy and full of himself.

Though, it was only during the back days. He was very thankful that his brother did console himself through the time. He started smiling, eating, laughing, exploring and enjoying himself. Dongyoung always made sure to get his little everything he needed or wanted. He could always turn his meetings and others schedules if it came to his brother. He did his best to keep his brother always full of happiness. His brother’s happiness was his happiness. There was literally no other thing he needed than that.

But still he wished that his brother would find someone who will always be with him when he won’t be there anymore. Who will always listen and support him when he won’t be able to anymore. Who will love him and marry him which actually seemed so difficult since his brother never took a bit of interest in this certain topic. They were growing and would get old someday, obviously. And people must find their life partners before life comes to an end. Yes. At this part, he didn’t think of his relationship nor marriage. But that actually had two reasons. First, he was more worried for his brother’s marriage, obviously. And second…

“Sir, there’s a guest and he has some concerns regarding his booking which I couldn’t resolve and I think other staffs probably would also end up coming to you so I’m just right here.”

Dongyoung looked up at the man and smiled. “Sure, Jaehyun. Just serve them well and I’ll be there in a bit.”

The young man smiled back at him while nodding and then he left Dongyoung’s cabin. Dongyoung yawned and stretched himself a little. He checked his wrist to check the time in his watch but oh, he didn’t have one. “I will purchase one tonight for sure.” He promised to himself and started fixing himself so he could meet and greet their new motel guest.


Dongyoung was soon at the motel reception and he saw a very fine man around his age. Maybe one or two years older. He did seem familiar. Very familiar to him but he couldn’t recall exactly who as the man’s head was down. He went to his side and started greeting the said man.

“Good evening, Sir. My name is Kim Dongyoung, the manager of this motel. How may I help you today?” He asked the guest, showing his bunny smile and waiting for the newly arrived guest to look at him and share his concern.

The man finally looked at him after a few moments and he wasn’t actually ready for such an encounter that late in the evening. “D-Doyoung?”


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