Book cover of “Coerced Wedlock“ by Chhavi Gupta

Coerced Wedlock

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Chhavi Gupta
“Dad, is it some kind of prank you are playing with me?” “Megha is a gem of a girl... You will be very happy to have her as your wife.” “But, dad, it is not fair. I don’t want to get married like this.” “Mehul, you are getting married in a week. You have no other option. I want you to marry Megha. If you do not do what I say… I will disown you.”... 

Chapter 1

Mehul's POV

"Mehul, your dad called up. He wants to talk to you immediately." Mom told me as soon as I came back after walking my friend Rahul and his wife Priya out.

Rahul was going to London for 2-3 weeks so he came to meet me. They are so cute and made for each other. I am really happy for Rahul he has always liked her.

"Ok mom, I will call him right away, but can you tell me, it is regarding what?"

"How do I know beta, why don't you call and ask him?" Mom said.

I called up my father, he picked up the phone on the 4th ring.

"Hello dad!! Did you call me? Mom said you called up and you wanted to talk to me immediately. What is the matter? Dad, is everything alright? Are you fine?"

"I am fine son, I want you and your mom to come here immediately. Take the next flight and come to Surat it is very urgent son come fast."

"Ok dad, we will be on the next flight, but you are scaring me. Is everything alright? Why don't you tell me? Is everything alright dad?"

"Trust me, Son, everything is fine I just need you and your mom here. Please come fast. I will tell you everything once you are here. Okay now go and pack and before that just book your tickets."

"Ok dad," I said but I was sure something was not right. What was it?

"Mom, dad is calling us there as soon as possible. So please pack, we have to be on the next flight. I am a bit worried... What is the problem? Why is dad calling us so urgently?"

"I have no idea Mehul now please go and let me pack for both of us." I went to my room upstairs to get ready.

Though I tried not to think about it, I was still wondering why was dad behaving in a mysterious way. Dad went to Surat all of a sudden about 3 days back. What was going on?

Why is he not telling me anything? I am missing Mudit bhai. He is just 2 years older to me but I am very close to him. He is my elder brother, friend, mentor and partner in crime.

He handles our dad very well. Much better than I can. He has this natural ability to make people confess. I wish he was here right now. He would have solved the mystery in no time. But he is on a world tour with his wife Sneha.

They got married last month. She is a wonderful girl. They make just a perfect couple... Cool, funny, witty...

Missing you Bhai. We reached Surat and drove to our ancestral Haveli (mansion). Our family have been dealing in diamonds for many decades now. My father Mr Vipul Damodar Shah is the most famous diamond merchant of the country.

Most of the time he and mom are spending in Surat and Mudit and I work from New Delhi. We have our own jewellery houses all over India. I joined my family business only last year after finishing my MBA.

Bhai is managing the overseas orders and I am managing the store chains with him.

Gopal Kaka is waiting for us anxiously. He is the caretaker of our ancestral haveli in Surat." How are you Gopal Kaka?" I hugged him and he hugged me back.

He smiled brightly and said, "I have been waiting for you Beta Ji." and then he asked a man servant to take our luggage to our rooms. He went inside to order the Maharaj Ji (traditional chef or cook) to serve food for us and went to inform dad that we have reached.

Everything looked normal so what was the urgency? Let's forget that and enjoy food... I really enjoyed the Undhiyu - poori, khandvi, raita and shrikhand.

Dad came home after a few hours. I went running towards him and asked, "What is the matter dad? You seem to be very tense. Are you alright? Is anything wrong with the business? Dad, please tell me."

He smiled and told us to relax and get ready as we had to go to his best friend Suresh uncle's place.

What????? Here I was anxious that something was wrong somewhere and my dad wanted us to go to some dinner at his friend's house?? Seriously?

"Dad you wanted us to come as soon as possible to go and have dinner at Suresh uncle's place. Are you serious? I was so tense that something was wrong. We came all the way from Delhi to Surat to attend a dinner? Is it some kind of a joke dad.?"

"Relax son, trust me nothing is wrong, go and get ready. We are getting late. We will talk once we get back."

I was irritated but got ready as I didn't want to argue with him. We all reached the uncle's haveli. It was as lavish as our's... standing there in all its glory.

Suresh Uncle, I mean, Mr Suresh Mansukh Kothari is a very traditional man. His values are quite deep-rooted. He is one of the biggest exporters of Indian ethnic handicrafts. I was always fascinated with the beautiful artworks that increased the glory of their Haveli (mansion).

But this time I felt that it was looking even more beautiful... I used to come here as a child as uncle's son Vimal Bhai and Mudit Bhai were very good friends. Vimal had a very irritating sister.

She was very young and used to follow us everywhere. I still remember the way she was. following us like a shadow, I used to avoid her like plague as she used to fight with me and then tell our parents that I was teasing her.

Our parents always scolded me, though they knew it was the other way around.

"Welcome Vipul, Sita Ben and Mehul. Nice to meet you after such a long time. Mehul you have turned into a very young and handsome boy. I remember you coming here like a small boy and now you are taller than me." I smiled and touched his feet.

He patted me on my back and gave his blessings and then hugged me tightly." So what are you doing these days? Vipul told me that you have joined his business and you are taking care of your jewellery stores in Delhi and all over India?? That is incredible beta. I know you are working very hard, God bless you." He said.

We all went inside their haveli it was looking as if I am visiting some palace because all the art pieces were incredible. The work was so intricate, everything was looking very pretty, the perfect combination of traditional and modern.

Whoever had designed the interior of the house must be simply incredible. I greeted Reema aunty and smiled at me and hugged me. My mom and Reema aunty both went inside. We all settled in the drawing-room and I asked uncle about Vimal.

He said, "He is taking my business to a higher level. He had even started the online store of our products. So he is usually travelling. He was in London last week and will come back in a couple of days. Our handicrafts are famous worldwide. We have the best artisans from all over India. We buy the best of their products at very good prices so that they can also lead a respectable life."

"That is incredible, Suresh. Our sons are working very hard and I am sure they'll take our business to the next level. Even Mudit is doing very well he is taking care of all the overseas orders in most of the countries and all over India with the help of Mehul. Right now he is gone for his honeymoon... but he'll be back in a day or two. By the way, why didn't you come for his marriage? I was too upset with you," said Dad.

"I know Vipul I would have come at any cost but you know that my mom was not well. She was unstable at that time. Doctors are saying she might not survive for long now. All she wants is to see all her children settled before she dies."

The food was laid out on the very huge dining table. All the traditional Gujarati food was served there. Just then I saw a tall, beautiful girl with long, black hair entered with mom and aunty.

She was wearing a beautiful white long suit. She was looking very elegant and pretty. She came towards us looked at me for a few seconds.

Her eyes were black just like her hair, with very long eyelashes which framed her doe eyes perfectly. Beautiful!! very beautiful... I was mesmerized by her beauty.

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