Book cover of “Love and Vampires. Book 1“ by Little Maze

Love and Vampires. Book 1

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Little Maze
On the day he turned nineteen, Lim Heyon was invited by his best friend to the city cemetery to lie down on the legendary vampire's grave. It was all just a silly joke between friends that ㅡ as Heyon believed ㅡ was just to prove himself brave, thus making them believe that he was becoming an adult without fear. However, the act had nothing to do... 

Chapter 1. Prologue

Since a very young age, at only three years old, I faced terrible pain and suffering. My father was a wicked, cruel, and authoritarian person who seemed to enjoy hurting me. He behaved like a true demon, casting a dark and cursed shadow over my life from the very beginning. Each time he hit me, humiliated me, and treated me as if I were insignificant, my hatred for him only grew stronger.

This dark atmosphere was like a furnace that shaped who I am today, an enigmatic figure carrying deep scars from that tragic past. But the blame wasn’t solely on him; another traitor played a significant role in my story.

Fate, like an invisible weaver, intertwined my life with that of someone I trusted blindly, thinking he was a true friend. However, behind the facade of loyalty, he hid a treacherous heart, plotting a betrayal that sealed not only my dark destiny but also my own death.

This individual, Kim Seok, who used to be dear and reliable, revealed himself as the sinister architect behind my downfall, leading me to an untimely death. But my journey didn’t end there. With death as a human, I was reborn as a supernatural being, a vampire with an even deeper and mysterious past. And even with all that hatred, there was still a small glimmer of love for him, a memory of the good times we shared.

From this devastating betrayal, a series of unexpected events led me to encounter Saejin — my beloved Saejinie, as I fondly call him. A proud vampire, his immortal existence intrigues and torments me, sometimes even wishing he didn’t exist.

But it was by his side that I discovered my true self, uncovering the hidden layers in the shadows of my suffering. With Saejin, a deep connection formed, transcending time and destiny, uniting us through forces beyond our understanding.

Each person who crossed my path bears some responsibility in this dance of death and rebirth, contributing to who I am today. Amidst pain and turmoil, a strange sense of gratitude arises, for it was through the actions of each one that I became the enigmatic being I am today. With Heyon’s death, betrayed by Seok, I was reborn as a vampire beside Saejin, embarking on a new journey marked by pain, hatred, and an unwavering determination to never forgive my father.


In a quaint village nestled amidst the lush landscapes, young Seok lived a happy and carefree life with his loving parents. His days were filled with laughter, playful mischief, and the warmth of a close-knit community. But fate had a cruel twist in store for him.

One fateful day, tragedy struck when Seok’s parents were tragically caught in a web of deceit and betrayal. Falsely accused of treachery by those they once trusted, they were condemned as traitors and condemned to an unjust fate. The once welcoming village turned its back on the orphaned boy, leaving him alone and abandoned.

Amidst the bleakness of his world, a mysterious figure emerged from the shadows. Saejin, an enigmatic vampire with a heart that had known sorrow and loss, took pity on Seok. He saw the young boy’s pain and felt a strange connection that drew him closer. Unfazed by the accusations that had befallen Seok’s parents, Saejin embraced the role of protector, mentor, and caregiver.

For centuries, Saejin became the only constant in Seok’s life, an enduring presence that guided him through the vast expanse of eternity. Under Saejin’s wing, Seok found solace in the darkness, learning the ways of the immortal world and finding comfort in the companionship he thought he had lost forever.

Yet, as the years stretched on, the weight of immortality began to wear on Saejin. The endless nights blurred into an unending cycle, and he grew weary of the burden that came with living an eternal existence. The desire for rest consumed him, and he decided to retreat to his tomb, longing for eternal slumber.

But Seok couldn’t bear to let go of the one who had become his lifeline. Unable to accept Saejin’s choice to rest forever, he sought ways to awaken his friend, to bring back the light that had illuminated his existence.

Every 200 years, Seok would attempt to awaken Saejin from his eternal slumber. With determination and hope in his heart, he delved into the depths of forgotten rituals and lost magic, longing to reignite the embers of Saejin’s life.

Yet, all his efforts proved futile, and Saejin remained undisturbed in his sleep, heedless of Seok’s persistent calls.

However, during their most recent encounter, everything changed. Saejin, stirred once more by Seok’s impassioned plea, proposed a deal that would forever alter their fates. He requested a sacrifice—the blood of a sweet, pure, and unadulterated human—as the price for his return, to walk alongside his young Seok for all eternity.

Seok’s heart trembled with desire and conflict. The prospect of having Saejin by his side forever was intoxicating, but he knew the price was too high. Desperately, he searched for someone who could offer such a sacrifice, but fate had a different plan.

Amidst his quest, Heyon entered Seok’s life like a gentle breeze, offering a comforting presence he had never known before. Heyon’s sweet smile, kind eyes, and intelligence forged an unbreakable bond of true friendship—a love born of loyalty and understanding.

Heyon became Seok’s confidant, the one with whom he shared his deepest thoughts and fears, filling a void that had existed in Seok’s heart for centuries. For the first time in eternity, Seok felt truly seen and wanted.

Overall, the text flows smoothly and creates a captivating atmosphere. Great job!

But his desire to bring Saejin back still consumed him. Blinded by his wish for eternal companionship, Seok’s judgment faltered, and he made a terrible choice. He decided to ensnare Heyon on his nineteenth birthday in a cruel trap, tricking his beloved friend and using his blood to awaken Saejin.

However, Seok had no way of knowing the ramifications of his actions, the consequences that would unfold from this ill-fated decision. As the blood touched Saejin’s tomb, an ancient magic surged, intertwining the fates of Seok and Heyon in ways they could never have foreseen.

Little did they know that the second chapter of their lives was about to unfold, filled with mysteries and challenges they could never have imagined. As the shadows of their past resurfaced, they would be tested by the very essence of eternity, bound together in an intricate dance of fate, love, and betrayal. And thus, their entwined destinies would lead them towards an uncertain future, where the lines between darkness and light blurred, and the true meaning of devotion would be unveiled.

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