Book cover of “Divided Amongst the Alpha Brothers“ by Mystarionn

Divided Amongst the Alpha Brothers

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mystarionn
Abducted and forced to kill in a labyrinth of fifty women, Cataleia Reiss was one of the people that stood last and was accepted in a Black Auction. A mysterious stranger bought her, claiming to be a dominant Alpha; however, her master is suddenly assassinated. As the rights and the will were read before his coffin, Cataleia witnessed the event tha... 

Chapter 1

The synchronization of applause tore the silence as the infamous auctioneer paraded his subjects in an iron kennel. Two asymmetrical, buffed men pushed the cart into the flashing stage which held the auctioneer’s prized possessions. There were covered in a red satin fabric, and only their faint, delicate silhouettes could be seen as the light cast them.

On one of these kennels, sheltered a woman by the name of Cataleia, a criminal from the Human Territory, rumored to have killed her groom before her wedding, she fled the country in order to escape the authorities finding her. What was worse was that her groom was the governor – himself.

Tonight, Cataleia sold her soul to another human, a premise she had always been against of. But due to the severity of necessities, she needed to do it. There was no other way for her to guarantee survival other than this. She was not a quitter.

This… though the thought was vile to advertise yourself, she saw it none other than as mercy. To her, the auctioneer was a hero for giving her another chance at life.

She cannot go back to her world now. If she returns, she will be executed.

She can hear the growling of the nightly creatures behind the fabric. She knew what she was getting herself into, but she didn’t know how much worse it could get.

She was to be sold in an auction, with mythical beings as her bidders.

The world was a vast place. Territories were made after mythical beings emerged from the land. This time, she had fled to the Country of the Wolves and was fortunate enough to cross paths with the auctioneer – who was human too and running away from the government like her.

Cataleia’s shivering was visible even if the auctioneer had dressed her in the thickest clothes he could possibly give her. Unlike the other two girls with her, Cataleia made no effort to what she wore. The two girls were clad in stunning robes and flimsy, see-through fabrics – all in a hope that they would first be sold that night.

But Cataleia did not care about any of this. It didn’t matter to her if she was sold tonight. She just wanted to live another day. She will be sold eventually, she thought.

The clapping rose more, and with this, Cataleia’s heartbeat skyrocketed too. She glanced at the two girls beside her and saw from their shadows that they were relaxed.

“Cataleia,” one whispered behind the curtain. “…when the sheet is removed, remember to smile.”

Cataleia shuddered at the fact of smiling. It had been hard to smile these past few days. She wouldn’t want to expose her teeth too.

“I told you to wear the dress,” the other scolded her from behind the curtain. “Cataleia, there is no forever in this auction. You’ve been in the auctioneer’s care for weeks. Remember when I told you that he doesn’t keep those who do not benefit him?”

“I know,” she replied in a defeated tone. Those two girls were just like her, but they weren’t humans. They were outcasts. And they became her sisters when they were recruited by the auctioneer. “You two will be sold today. You looked so pretty earlier.”

“Today is the big day, Cataleia. The auctioneer is going to return you to the streets if you are not sold today. Do you want that?”

She pursed her lips and lowered her head, fidgeting and playing with the hem of her clothes.

All of a sudden, the kennel shook and the girls let out a short expression of shock. “Ah!”

“Quiet,” the creature pushing their carts snarled behind them. “Do you want me to toss you into the floor so the wolves can feed on you?!”

“Do you want me to break out of this cage and put you down?” Cataleia replied sharply to their pusher.

She felt the wagon stop for a split second.

“Perhaps you haven’t seen our portfolio?” one of her sisters said. “Can you read the kennel’s sign?”

The werewolves pushing the girls moistened their dry throats upon reading the sign.


The werewolves didn’t say anything further and just pushed them into the center of the stage for display. The clapping ceased, and it was finally time for the show.

The auctioneer grabbed the microphone and then introduced his subjects.

The bidders were excited. This had been what they were waiting for. Anyone would pay such high prices for these girls.

Though they may not sell on the streets, technically because no one would want a female hitman, these bidders were more than likely to spend their fortune to get one from the auctioneer.

He bragged them as the bests of the bests.

Finally, the stained cloths were pulled and the girls were revealed to an enormous crowd of wealthy people – kings, dukes, alphas, faerie kings, and more.

One of the bidders in the crowd was the elite pack of the werewolves, the Midnight Legion. The top of the packs roaming the smoky streets of the wolf territory. The most violent, psychotic, and dangerous elites that basically run the land.

In this sense, the Midnight Legion was an equivalent to a parliament. They were vicious and had always been undefeated.

The Alpha of the Midnight Legion took interest in the auctioneer’s recommendation. He says that women are more likely to complete shady tasks than men.

Women are powerful in their own ways.

The Alpha was accompanied by his five sons. And they took the first seats in front. Alphas were known to make decisions for the pack, but this time, he had given his sons the chance to choose.

The oldest, without hesitation, had his eyes fixed on the fierce girl with a thick jacket.

His four younger brothers also focused their gazes on Cataleia. A chill ran down her spine when she saw the brothers turn their heads on her in sync.

Their hungry eyes and sinful smirks made her heart skip a beat. Cataleia shied her eyes away, her limbs trembling at the sight of predators preying on her body. The brothers were dangerous men, and their bodies could inflict pain more than pleasure.

Why wouldn’t they stop looking at her? There were other girls much prettier and healthier than her.

The Alpha turned to his sons and saw their eyes focused on the girl, and they never batted an eye. His sons were never the type to ask for anything or demand. But at that moment, it was different. For the first time, they wanted something. They wanted nothing else in the world but the young woman in ragged jacket.

“We want her, Father.”

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