Book cover of “Tough Love Series: Deal Breaker. Book 2“ by J.R. Campbell

Tough Love Series: Deal Breaker. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: J.R. Campbell
For Shane, his first meeting with Noelle was forgettable. But the second one is not. Shane Davis is handsome, tall, with a brilliant mind. But he doesn't commit. He's a hit-it-and-quit-it kind of guy until the day he is slapped back into reality by the most unlikely of candidates. Noelle Spencer's bad luck in love has almost turned into a joking ... 

Chapter 1

A word from the author…

I would like to extend my deepest and most sincere gratitude to the people who helped make this book happen. I don’t know what I would do without you. 


My family for accepting that I am most definitely more of a pervert than a lady. 

(I’m not sorry though.)


The Monine Family – My family by choice.

Thank you for all that you do, and for believing I would one day get my shit together. 

Don’t give up on me. It could still happen.


My beta reader and sister. 

Thank you, Camilla, for plowing through a rough draft no one should ever be forced to look at.


My editor – ellie with Gray Ink. As usual, you make sense of my jumbled words and help turn them into the story I was trying to put together on my own, but failed miserably.


For sharing knowledge, experience and having a limitless supply of patience.

Having your help is like winning my own personal Super Bowl.



Shane leaned back against the wall of the hotel suite and scoped out his surroundings. The party was going strong and chaos seemed to be the name of the game. The girls who still wore tops were the minority in this crowd. Most chicks were proudly showing off perky tits and giggling while the drunken guys around them copped a feel.

Shane was glad Theo had left when he did. Theo Collins – his best friend and ex-teammate. They had grown up together and had tossed a ball around in the backyard since they were toddlers. Played together in high school and proceeded to receive athletic scholarships to the University of Texas where they both earned starting positions.  A two-man demolition team that was well known all throughout the football world. During his second college game, Shane’s dream of going pro ended abruptly when a tackle gone wrong resulted in a compound leg fracture and a completely busted knee. Both his ACL and his MCL were torn. After extensive examinations and consultations – second and third opinions - the orthopedic surgeons gave him no hope. His athletic career was over before it had even started. As a permanent ‘fuck you,’ the injuries left Shane’s right leg a tiny bit shorter than the left, resulting in him walking with a barely noticeable limp.

The choice between moving on and wallowing in self-pity was an easy one. Shane sucked it up and switched his major to sports management. Theo instantly promised he would be his first client when he made it big. That’s how good he was – Theo. There was never any question of him NOT making it to the NFL. Only what round he would be drafted in, and what team he would go to. Today they had gotten their answers. Theo was picked in the first round by the Washington Wolverines. The money was excellent, but would be even better once he proved his worth.

Shane and Theo had joined a bunch of the other newly drafted athletes and partied for a few hours in the hotel suite some poor schmuck was paying for. Theo had left at the first sight of trouble, namely a small, neat pile of c****** on the coffee table. Theo was levelheaded and smart. That’s why Shane was convinced his first and only client would make it in this business. Pending injury, of course. No one knew better than him how quickly things could change.

So with Theo gone, why was Shane still standing there, watching dudes snort c*** from some skinny chick’s ass? He had no idea.

“Yo, Davis.”

Shane turned to the guy calling his name.  Lenny Coleman. They had played together in high school and now they were reunited here, years later. Lenny with a fresh new contract to play for Miami, and Shane with a percentage cut of Theo’s salary.

“What’s up, Lenny?” Shane asked and nodded his greeting.

“You know this is a party, right?” Lenny questioned. “You look like you are ready for your own funeral and shit. Turn that frown upside down and come hit this.”

Lenny gestured to the line of c*** prepped and ready for the next t****. Shane shrugged. He wasn’t into the whole d*** scene, but today really had fucked his mind up. It was a bittersweet moment, seeing Theo accept his new jersey with a massive grin on his face. Shane was happy for Theo. More than happy. But man, it hurt that he wasn’t there for the same reason. He missed the thrill of the game. Missed the camaraderie and brotherhood between teammates. Shane sighed and tried to shake off the uninvited feeling of misery.

“Yeah ok.” He finally decided and stalked over to the table, his six foot three frame every bit as impressive as most of the guys in the room. Lenny handed Shane a rolled up hundred-dollar bill someone had thoughtfully provided, and he snorted up the line without a second thought. Why the fuck not, he figured?

The rush was instant, and Shane rolled his neck and loosened up his shoulders as the d**** brought on an intense feeling of invincibility. No matter what was thrown at him tonight, he could handle it.

“It’s that good shit, homie.” Lenny grinned and Shane couldn’t help but grin back and nod. “Ready to party, Davis?”

“Yeah,” Shane agreed, and when a slender brunette pressed her naked tits against his arm, he smiled down at her and smacked her ass. “Fuck yeah!” he said again and accepted the drink she put in his hand.

“You are hot,” the girl whispered in his ear and he felt her hand move down his chest and over his abs. He might not be a professional athlete, but he worked out like one, and he looked like one. He ate clean and rarely partied, although today was clearly a massive exception.

“You think so, sugar?” He chuckled and looked her over again. She was sexy. She looked like most of the other chicks scattered around the suite. Expensive and probably great at yoga. “Wanna show me how hot I am?” he asked, feeling slightly ashamed for being a creep, but curious to see how easy she would make it for him. She nodded, and he raised his eyebrows in surprise. Too easy. His mom would be ashamed of him, he knew, but he felt too good to care about his manners at the moment.

“Lead the way,” he commanded and drained his glass.

Shane followed her through the masses of people and she led him to a bedroom where several unspeakable acts were already in progress. The smell of sex hung heavy in the stale air and the sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed through the room.

Two naked women were busy with one newly signed quarterback on the bed. A running back Shane knew from college was pumping into a girl who was bent over a desk. Shane couldn’t see her face, but her ass looked ok.

“Hey, Lana.” The QB on the bed grunted and the girl holding Shane’s hand answered with a smile.

“Hey, you.”

She clearly got around. Somehow the c*** made Shane not give a shit.

“On your knees, doll,” he ordered and leaned back against the wall in an unoccupied corner and closed his eyes in anticipation.

She did as he asked. No surprise there.

Shane felt Lana unzip his pants and grab his cock which was currently at half-mast. Her wet mouth quickly sucked him in and his cock responded instantly. He hissed and grabbed a fist full of her hair, while she worked him over. His high school buddy looked over from the desk, not halting his movements while he spoke.

“Shit Shane. You packing like that? You almost got me beat.”

“Quit checking out my j***, you perv,” Shane answered and closed his eyes again, trying to shut out the fact that they were not alone in the room. It didn’t work. C*** or not, the whole group thing was not for him. He pushed Lana’s head away gently.

“Sorry doll. It’s not you, it’s me,” he apologized. Maybe more for using that tired old cliché than for walking away from her.

She started to protest, but he ignored her and tucked himself back in his pants before making a hasty exit out of the room. Feeling slightly disgusted with himself, he hit the john and washed his dick in the sink. Maybe he had gone a bit too far with the partying thing today after all. Without saying goodbye to anyone, he left the suite and took the elevator down to the hotel restaurant. It was fairly busy considering the late hour. Shane made his way up to the bar, sat down on the only empty stool and ordered a beer. He couldn’t stop his foot from tapping against the footrest a million miles an hour. Why had he snorted that c***? Now he was filled with enough energy to keep him hyped until the next day, but with nothing to actually do.

“I’m an idiot,” he stated out loud.

“Most of us are, honey,” came a silky-smooth voice from behind him. Before he could turn around, a tall and slender woman sidled up next to him. She was fairly striking with glossy dark hair - so dark it looked black, but he spotted some brown and reddish streaks in it – pale skin and green eyes. Quite the combination. He figured she was somewhere in her late thirties, early forties. His freshly washed twenty-two-year-old dick stirred in his dress pants.

“That so?” Shane asked with as cocky of a grin as he could muster. He couldn’t help but enjoy how her elbow grazed his body when she placed her small clutch bag on top of the bar. She sent a look to the bartender who brought her a glass of champagne with no words spoken between them.

“I’m Maggie,” she said and took a sip of the chilled bubbly liquid, leaving behind a perfect red lipstick print on the glass.

“Shane,” he responded, slightly nervous that she would notice his hard c****-up cock, which clearly found her way more enticing than the topless chicks in the party suite.

“And what are you doing here all by yourself, Shane? Are you a football player?” she asked, her slightly hooded eyes roaming over his body. Shane swallowed and wondered if he was reading her wrong. She was clearly not some groupie and she was definitely not in his normal age group. Maybe that’s what made it so hot, he thought.

“Just having a nightcap before I go back to my room. And no, I’m not a football player,” he answered and leaned toward her slightly. She noticed his movement and he saw her lips curve up slightly. She took another sip of her champagne.

“Big bed in your room?” Their eyes locked. “Does it have enough space for two?”

Shane’s cock jumped, and he struggled to hold back a groan. This woman was straight to the point in a classy way unlike the groupies and it was sexy as hell.  “I think we could manage to fit.” He nodded and quickly put some cash down on the bar for the bartender. Stay smooth, he chanted to himself. Act as if this is an everyday occurrence. He cleared his throat and turned to face her. Now that he was on his feet, he noticed that he was towering over her. He liked that.

“And what room is this big bed in, Shane?” Maggie questioned, and he felt her hand caress his thigh discreetly. He clenched his jaw and took a deep breath.

“Six oh nine,” he managed in a thick voice. He grabbed her hand gently before she caressed her way to his crotch. Not because he didn’t want her to touch him, but because he didn’t want to embarrass himself by blowing his load in his pants. It was truly embarrassing how turned on he was, considering nothing had happened yet. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.

“Meet you there in a bit?” he offered and turned back to face the bar so no one could see his massive erection.

“Hurry,” Maggie whispered back before turning and walking away from him. Shane glanced over his shoulder and watched her. Her body looked impeccable in a simple black sheath dress and stilettos with red soles. He closed his eyes briefly and tried to will his cock to deflate. Her scent was still in his nose. She smelled like expensive perfume. Not too much, and not too little. Simply perfect.

It took a few minutes of visualizing starving children before Shane could finally walk away from the bar without alerting everyone around him to his above average dick size. With one goal in mind, he hurriedly made his way to the elevators and then to his room where he tried to calm himself down. Yeah, she was older and more mature than any chick he had ever slept with, but he HAD slept with a shameful number of girls, so he knew what he was doing.

Shane had barely finished pouring himself a drink before there was a soft knock on the door. He opened it and let Maggie in. She smiled slightly and walked up to him, her body flush against his. She took the drink from his hand and put it on the table.

“I hope you are ready Shane, because this will be a night you will never forget,” she promised breathlessly.

She was right. He didn’t.

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