Book cover of “Dragon Rises From Nothing“ by Yay Yay

Dragon Rises From Nothing

  • Genre: Urban
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Yay Yay
Benjamin Arnold was a recently discharged soldier with no job or stable life. However, one day, a man named Bahjat Taylor appeared and insisted that Benjamin marry his daughter, Isabella. Without money and his sister gravely ill, requiring costly medical treatment and surgery, Benjamin had no choice but to agree to a marriage of convenience with Is... 

Chapter 1. The Son-in-Law Is Looked Down Upon

"What are you doing? Who allowed you to walk beside me?" 

In the grand lobby of the largest hotel in Blue Sea City, a beautiful woman was wearing a form-fitting dress that accentuated her stunning curves. She was casting a disdainful glance at the man walking beside her. 

The man appeared somewhat embarrassed, touching his nose and taking a small step back, while a sheepish smile appeared. 

Benjamin Arnold was a recently discharged soldier. Because his sister was seriously ill and needed money for treatment, he had no choice but to agree to an arranged marriage with Isabella Taylor and live with the Taylors. Due to her need for him to address some personal matters and his need for money, a marriage of convenience subsequently occurred between them. 

Benjamin spoke in a low voice. 

"Wife, is it okay if I walk like this?" 

"Silence! Who permitted you to address me like that? Remember, you are only my husband in name, and we have no relationship whatsoever. Do you understand?!" 

Although she tried to keep her voice low, people nearby could still hear her outburst. Consequently, many curious eyes were directed at the couple. This only infuriated the beautiful woman even more, making her feel like thousands of needles were piercing her chest. 

Annoyed, she huffed and quickly walked ahead, leaving a dumbfounded Benjamin behind. 

"Hello, beautiful lady! Can I have the honor of offering you a drink? 

Feeling frustrated about Benjamin's affairs, Isabella was suddenly approached by someone who spoke to her arrogantly. In an instant, her face became highly irritated. However, upon seeing the confident smile at the beginning of the man in a vest standing across from her, Isabella's annoyance quickly faded, replaced by a charming smile. 

"Of course! This glass of wine is from Director Edwyn. How could I possibly refuse?!" 

As she spoke, Isabella reached out, intending to take the wine glass from Edwyn's hand. But just then, another hand grabbed the glass tightly, and another arm purposefully pushed her back a few steps. 

"Don't drink! You absolutely cannot drink this wine!" 

Seeing the man who appeared in front of her, Isabella's face instantly turned somber. 

"What are you trying to do?" 

"Please trust me; you really cannot drink this wine!" 

The man who appeared at this moment of course was Benjamin, Isabella's nominal husband. His actions, however, only added fuel to the fire, further igniting Isabella's fury. 

"Get lost!" 

A loud shout rang out, followed by a hand swinging forward, slapping Benjamin squarely in the face. 


"What the hell are you? How dare you interfere in my private affairs?!" 

Isabella's move surprised Benjamin, he hadn't expected her to slap him. Consequently, her slap landed directly on his slightly dark face. For a moment, Benjamin's face flushed with anger for a moment, and his gaze quickly shifted to the woman being protected behind him. 


Furiously glaring at Isabella, Benjamin's facial muscles twitched a few times. If his former teammates saw this scene, they would undoubtedly recognize his anger. 

However, given his dependence on this woman, in front of the crowd, Benjamin ultimately decided to restrain himself, not wanting to retaliate. He simply showed his irritation with a hoarse voice, then turned away and walked towards the hotel's upper floor. 

This action did not appease Isabella's anger. On the contrary, seeing Benjamin's annoyed demeanor only irritated her. Her voice even carried a hint of menace. 

"Where do you think you're going? Stop right there!" 

Nevertheless, Benjamin's footsteps did not pause for a moment. His silhouette quickly disappeared behind the elevator door, leaving behind a gloomy and frightening expression on Isabella's face. 

A grinding sound emanated from between her clenched teeth in a split second. Isabella's jaws were now tightly pressed together, and a soft growl escaped from the corner of her mouth. 

"You scoundrel, just wait for me. I'll make you regret going against my orders." 

Of course, Benjamin couldn't hear her words. Even Edwyn, who stood across from her, only cast a skeptical glance at the disappearing figure of Benjamin behind the elevator. 

"Earlier, my subordinate was a bit disrespectful. On his behalf, I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies to Director Edwyn." 

After regaining her composure, Isabella slightly bowed and apologized to Edwyn. However, he didn't seem to hear her words. His gaze focused entirely on Isabella's chest's deep, alluring cleavage. 

Just now, her bowing gesture was a bit hasty. Moreover, she was wearing a tight-fitting dress that clung to her body. As a result, her movement inadvertently exposed her cleavage, which she had not yet managed to cover appropriately, causing Edwyn's throat to involuntarily swallow saliva continuously. 

Quickly, Isabella also noticed Edwyn's abnormal expression. Thus, she stepped back and stood up, her face revealing a hint of embarrassment, flushed red. 


"Knock, knock!" 

Resting in his hotel room, suddenly, there were a few knocks on the door from outside. Initially, Benjamin thought it was hotel staff looking for him. However, very quickly, he heard Isabella's urgent voice. 

"Benjamin, where are you? Hurry up and open the door for me!" 

Hearing Isabella's voice, Benjamin's eyebrows slightly furrowed. But his movement was not slow, and he quickly opened the door. 

At this moment, Isabella's appearance seemed highly distressed. Although her clothes were still neat, her face turned beet red, and her eyes somewhat panicked. Moreover, her body was covered in a thick layer of sweat. 

She had just run quite a distance. She wasn't even wearing her high heels but held them in her hands, anxiously waiting at the hotel room door. 


Before Benjamin could speak, Isabella's figure quickly darted inside as soon as the door opened. Simultaneously, her commanding voice rang out again. 

"Later, if anyone comes looking for me, you must say I'm not in the room. Understood?" 

Without giving Benjamin a chance to respond, she entered the bathroom and locked the door. Then, Benjamin heard the sound of running water. He had no idea what Isabella was doing inside. 

However, before Benjamin could think further, footsteps sounded outside the hallway. Immediately after, he heard a very familiar voice. 

"Isabella, which room are you in? Don't run away; we haven't finished discussing work yet!" 

Benjamin quickly deduced that something had happened from Isabella's previous expression and Edwyn's sudden appearance. But he didn't care. After all, his relationship with Isabella was just a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Seeing Edwyn approaching, Benjamin didn't want to face him and promptly shut the door. 

But Benjamin's action only drew Edwyn's attention. As a result, Edwyn's footsteps became even faster. Then, the knocking on the door resumed. 

"Isabella, I know you're inside. What just happened was just a misunderstanding. We haven't finished discussing work yet, can you come out and let me in?" 

Hearing the yelling outside, even though she had locked herself in the bathroom, Isabella couldn't help but stick her head out, looking at the door worriedly, thinking: 'He found me. What should I do now? What should I do now?' 

Although Isabella didn't directly speak to Benjamin, seeing her expression, he couldn't help but inquire. 

"What on earth happened between the two of you? Why did you run to my room?" 

As Benjamin's voice rose, Isabella's eyes instantly lit up. 

"Right, you need to quickly think of a way to drive the person outside away. Just as long as you can drive him away. I can let go of what just happened downstairs!"   

Upon hearing her words, Benjamin's eyebrows couldn't help but furrow. However, her following terms left him with no way to resist.   

"So, you don't want to help me?"  

Seeing her demeanor, Benjamin could affirm that he would face significant trouble if he dared to refuse. Therefore, despite his extreme discomfort, he could only put on a smile in response.  

"Of course, I will help you. But you must listen to me, and you're not allowed to scold me or resist. Do you agree?"  

Initially, Isabella thought Benjamin would take this opportunity to impose some conditions on her. However, after hearing his request, she didn't hesitate and nodded in agreement.  

"Fine, I agree with you!"  

Then, from within the hotel bedroom, heavy breathing and the moans of a woman could be heard. Outside, even though the hotel room was well soundproofed, the noises within quickly reached Edwyn's ears as he leaned against the door.  

In a flash, Edwyn's expression became hard to read. He then became angry, swearing a few times before finally leaving in frustration due to impatience.  

At that moment, in the bedroom, after hearing Edwyn's departing footsteps, both Benjamin and Isabella exchanged glances.  

"Is he gone?"  

"Yeah, he's gone."  

Fearing that Edwyn would discover the noise inside the room, they whispered to each other with very low voices. Furthermore, their bodies were pressed tightly together, their breaths mingling.  

"Can you... move a bit?"  


After confirming that Edwyn had indeed left, Benjamin softly asked. However, his words momentarily made Isabella suspicious. Soon, her face flushed red, and she angrily scolded him.  

 "A, you pervert!"   

During the act, Isabella mistakenly grabbed Benjamin's 'that thing', causing it to react and stand up. After hearing Benjamin's reminder, she naturally jumped back.   

However, since they were lying on the same bed, and she didn't let go when moving back, their bodies ended up pressed against each other again.  


Isabella croaked, but her current expression made Benjamin feel even more excited, unable to control himself.  

 "Weren't you just calling me a pervert? Today, I'll show you something even more perverted!"   

As he spoke, Benjamin lunged forward, and his lips pressed tightly against Isabella's rosy ones.  

"Don't... mm... I don't want to..." 

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