Book cover of “Eternal Obsession“ by Failia_Baighaan

Eternal Obsession

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Failia_Baighaan
It is neither love nor lust. It is nothing but an obsession. I am nothing but his eternal obsession. Violet Cadhill was an ordinary girl enjoying her life and doing a simple job at the bakery, dreaming of opening her own one day. Being a painfully oblivious girl, she couldn't notice the despair chasing her. When Raymond Smith, an arrogant bill... 

Chapter 1

Raymond's POV

There's happiness in his heart... But, not for me. There's anger in his eyes... But, not for me.. There's love in his soul... But, Not for me.

“Father, Please, I apologize!!” My cries echoed in the room, marks being imprinted on my skin for not being able to be a perfect son according to their definition but-

“Please stop! I am sorry!” What did they gain by this? I say, what defines a perfect son or their method of taming could cease the agony of my heart? Or would I rip the tiny shred of non-existent emotions from my soul? Well, you are going to find out now. What my damned Father turned me into…

"Raybro!!" My younger sister called me jumping into my arms, hugging me tightly.

I hugged her back and kissed the top of her head, "Welcome home." I said softly, pulling away from her. My dear sister, Celine, had just returned from her trip, being a journalist. She is the only person I have loved in my life, my reason to smile.

"How was your trip?" I asked, patting her head. She grinned, being cheery as usual and replied, "It was great! God, I can’t tell how pretty Italy is! I have stayed in Rome for now but I wanna try other cities too!" Being a twenty years old woman, she is very childish and unnecessarily loud that her tone sometimes goes beyond bearable.

"Anyways Raybro!" She called me, being loud as usual. Sometimes it feels as if she has a speaker in her vocal cords. I hummed and she continued, "Can you get me a cake? You are going out as well. Get me a cake before you go." She said sweetly.

"Celine, I am going for my meeting. I-" She cut me off.

“Please.." She gave me her puppy eyes, she knows I cannot refuse her demands no matter how busy I am and sometimes she takes advantage of my leniency towards her.

"Celine, I-" I tried to say firmly but her look made me melt and after returning, the first thing she does is to send none other than her brother to get her some damn sweets. There were a million things I could do in the morning but no, here I am. “What was it again?” I asked myself, holding my chin.

She could have done it on her way back or sent someone else but no. I sighed as I was about to enter the bakery. I bumped into someone who was extremely impudent.

"What the hell! Can't you watch where you are going?!" A woman yelled at me. I was already irritated and she made me more annoyed, narrowing my eyes in ire. I raised my infuriated gray orb only to meet a pair of hazel eyes, shimmering in the sunlight like a crystal one desires. “Can’t you watch?”

Her slightly yet attractive hair tied in a side messy bun. Her eyes filled with pure innocence, it was anger but no menace- I can tell. She looked so pure.. She is somewhat..different or is it the effect of my gaze but I felt a pinch in my chest upon seeing her. Of course I have seen girls more alluring than her but that girl has another charm on her- a privilege to be noticed by ‘me’. “Hmm?” When I looked at her, my heartbeats got out of my control, sending eerie sensations to me. I don't understand what happened to me that time, I was still watching her, immersed in the enthrall she induced by her insolence foreseeing-ly.

“Hello, Mr? What the hell?” She snapped her fingers in front of me, dragging me out of my thoughts.

Making me remember she yelled at me while being in a hurry herself and placing it upon me, moreover being rude to me. Me, Raymond Smith. "I am watching, but there are some people like yourself that do not possess a blessed human feature known as eyes" I retorted, rolling my eyes off at her, irked by her behavior.

"Okay. If you possess this blessed feature then, you should have used it and stopped where the hell you were." She hissed. Lips curled downwards and It was clear on her face she had a rough start of the day and used me as a medium to shift her rage towards.

“Stop being a nuisance about a measly cake, Woman.” I scoffed, rolling my eyes off. And at least people like you don’t get to be starved to sleep for not getting desired marks by your own parents. I sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of my nose, considering it frivolous to reply and extend this argument needlessly.

She scoffed at my lack of response, and turned back to the bakery and bought another cake as I watched her leave.

My eyes affixed on her form, my eyes lacking any emotion, I glanced at the cake and walked up to her, speaking softly, barely controlling myself.

"I can pay for that." I told her as an act of apology or tried to be polite. Whatever.

"Oh, No Thanks. I am not dying for you to show your little act of courtesy, Sir." She mocked with a smile while closing her arms at her chest. Despite my need to crave her. This woman is getting on my nerves, testing my patience and trying to overflow the emotions I am keeping at bay.

“Whatever, your loss.” I sighed and went to buy sweets for Celine, ignoring her fatuous words consoling myself that she might have had a bad day so she ruined mine too- or not?

But the last thing I heard is a blessing,

"Jeez, Violet. Can't you show some politeness?"

“I don’t know. My mind is not functioning right now.” She growled. “Calm down, everything will be done soon.” Another girl tried to calm her.

“I hope so. By the way, can you ask someone to clean up the mess outside?” She asked.

“Yeah sure, and you might wanna apologize to our gentleman?” I pretended I was not hearing but I looked from the corner of my eyes.

“No.” ‘Damn you, woman.’

“Come on, learn some matters, Violet.” The girl sighed and left.

I smirk as I get her name and it is all I need. Violet. I wonder how perfect it would sound on my lips and it made my heart skip a beat to call her name. I spared a glance at her aesthetically beautiful features and thought to myself.

‘Don't worry Violet... I shall teach you some manners.’

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