Book cover of “Everything Romantic. Book 1“ by Zephyr

Everything Romantic. Book 1

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Zephyr
When you pick up a romance novel, what do you expect from its pages? That bad boy billionaire (who is actually an asshole) gets the poor girl who eventually changes him. Or two sworn enemies who, after sharing a kiss, realize that they were meant to be together. Or that dork who falls in love with the popular girl, only to realize that the one w... 

Chapter 1

Trope One: Romance Novels Are for Girls

Bill’s POV

We all have that one a****** that others might find weird. Some may say it’s not for your age.

Take for instance my father, Matthew O’Hare, a millionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist. A symbol and figure of success for the citizens of True Heights City.

I’ve known him for a couple of years until I was 10 when I realized there was something about him I didn’t know.

You see, he had a room, which he instructed me to never enter. I had always wondered what was in there. Pictures of him in high school or younger? Secret love letters?

Fantasizing about it was all I could do as I wasn’t allowed to go in until one day, he left the door open after coming back home from working late.

I took a peek and saw my father playing with some commando action figures.

“Gahh, I’ve been shot,” he said as he held the toy up, “But I’m not going down alone.”

I think the person, who was shot, had a bomb or something on him because dad made explosion sounds and threw his arms in the air while running around the room.

He spotted me from the door and he stopped.

“Eh, these are…” he started to explain while looking at the toys, “We’re testing a new product we can sell.”

“Aren’t we an agriculturally inclined company?” I asked.

“Go to your room,” he said.

That was my dad’s secret a********.

For me, it was novels. Romance novels to be exact.

I loved the ones with the tired clichés; you know, the ones where there’s that dark brooding dude whom no one seems to understand. Heroine to the rescue, not only does she see something in him, but she changes him.

Cringey, huh?

But I like it.

I picked up one by accident, I think it was called His Potion. I thought it was about a magician, but it was actually two magicians falling in love with each other and fighting off a dragon.

Ever since I was unable to put the genre down, and at the age of 16, which by the way is when our story begins, I had read almost every trope out there.

I dreamed of having my own romance story just like the ones I’ve read.

I already got the rich CEO part down, but that’ll have to wait until I take over from my dad.

My school is pretty boring, I’m already popular and have tried to do the thing where the popular boy gets with the unpopular girl.

But all the unpopular girls avoid me cause, well, they know my status and that makes things a little difficult.

Strange, in the novels, the girls would be difficult to approach at first because they were skeptical. Then with time, they’d grow to like you back, then there would be the usual bossy, snotty cheerleader girl who would get between and proceed to bully the unpopular girl. The unpopular girl would overcome this because of her insane love for you and work on herself and would become popular by becoming the lead role in a play or something.

Wait… that usually ends with the unpopular girl realizing that the one who really loved her was either her childhood friend or that equally unpopular kid.

There was no way the trope would work in my favor.

“I see you’re studying,” my dad said, “But the weekend’s tomorrow, why hurry to finish today?”

It was a Friday evening, and I was trying to get my homework over with.

“Because I have something of importance to attend to this weekend,” I replied.

“Aww, to think you’re trying to hang out with me tomorrow for my birthday,” he said with satisfaction, “Oh well, I guess I can arrive at the office later than usual.”

“It’s your birthday tomorrow?” I asked in confusion.

“Yeah, I mean you marked it on the calendar,” he said as he pointed to the one in my room.

“Oh that,” I said as I turned to look at the calendar and back at him, “That’s not for your birthday. Tomorrow is the book release for the series I’m following.”

“Oh,” he sniffled, “No birthday presents for me I guess.”

“Come on, Dad, I did get you something,” I laughed.

“Thanks, son.”

I probably should mention this, but my father was a single parent. My mother died when I was just 8.

He didn’t remarry, but when he told me how they met, it felt like a story from my novels.

Rich bachelor forced to marry someone he didn’t love but found love in the arms of someone in a lower caste system. Overcoming trials together and eventually getting wed.

And then…. It hit me!

That was what I was missing!

In my favorite novel, ‘A needle in the haystack’, the male lead is a business tycoon, and he goes to the countryside and falls in love with the local farm girl.

That’s what I needed – a local farm girl.

The following day before my dad left for work, I handed him his gift.

“This is one of the Star Wars action figures that hit store shelves in 1976!” he exclaimed. “I haven’t seen one since… Wait a second… how’d you get this?”

“In the magical online marketplace,” I said.

He looked at the toy and back at me and sighed, “Fine, what do you want, Bill?”

“Me? Dear father, how would you assume I would need something other than to see you smile?” I asked.

He stared blankly and was about to say something but I interrupted.

“But since you insist, I wanted to go to the countryside and stay for a while, possibly for my sophomore year,” I said.

“The countryside? What for?” he asked.

“I have decided that this is where I would find true love,” I replied.



“No, you said ‘decided,’ but since it’s the context of love, you’re supposed to say – ah, never mind,” he sighed. “But please tell me it’s not because you read it in some book?”

“Wonderful weather we’re having,” I replied.

“Look, son, it doesn’t work like that,” he said.

“But I want to find a romance just like in the novels… just like you and mom did,” I said.

“Our story is a different matter, and I…” he stopped and sighed, “Tell you what? You’re free to go.”

“Really? Thanks, Dad,” I tried to hug him, but he stopped me.

“You’ll break the action figure,” he said.

I was free to go, and by September, just two months after, I moved in with my Uncle Harry, his wife, and their daughter.

“So many boxes, what’s in them?” Lilian, my cousin, asked as I tried to set up my room.

“My tomes,” I replied. “Don’t touch them.”

“What’s a tome?” she asked.

“An item of nonya,” I said.


“Nonya business,” I smirked.

She scoffed and opened one of the boxes, “Wait… these are novels… romance novels… aren’t these for girls?”

“That’s just a misconception,” I said as I grabbed the book from her. “Now, scram the hell out of here.”

She stuck her tongue out at me and left.

“Romance novels are for girls, huh?”

Well, that was the talk. It would be weird seeing a boy reading one.

“Hope you’re feeling at home?” Aunt Karen asked as she served us dinner.

“I’m doing just fine, thank you, ma’am,” I replied. “You guys live quite a simple life.”

“It makes things easier,” Uncle Harry replied. “I’d ask that you do the same, trust me.”

“Okay, sir.”

This was perfect – a prince in disguise of a peasant was also part of the tropes. However, I’ll have to go with the unpopular guy approach and find myself a popular girl to swoon.


Kate’s POV

“You always have to complain about everything, don’t you, Lilian?” my father said calmly.

“I’m not complaining, I’m just saying you need to make more money for us!” my mother yelled, “She’s going to college soon, and we’ll need every dime to ensure she finishes properly.”

“I’m trying, Lilian, if it’s that hard, why don’t you work then?!” he raised his voice.

“Work? Work?!” she asked in disbelief, “I cook the meals, I clean the house, I do the laundry… and I should work now?!”

“Enough of this, I’m going to work,” he sighed and got up to leave. He ruffled my hair, “Have a great day, champ.”

I smiled.

“Damian? Damian!” my mother called, “Stupid fuck.”

Kate Andrews, 16 years old, and that’s where our story begins. My parents, as you’ve already noticed, were not really on the best of terms.

It’s strange… When I was much younger, I heard a lot of stories about how they used to be sweethearts and all lovey-dovey everywhere. I didn’t just hear about it; I also saw it in photos they took together.

But ever since I was born, I have never seen the two of them in good times. Most times I felt like I was the cause of their problems.

“Maybe I should pick up another part-time job,” I thought to myself.

I had a part-time job during the summer and didn’t have to deal with the problems at home.

The school was an escape mechanism for me. Not to brag, but I was popular. No, I wasn’t in the cheerleaders’ club, I was in track and field. Sprinter basically.

You’d think I was planning to maybe make sports my main career path, but trust me, I had no interest in it.

I only ran because it made me feel I was running away from all my problems. Cowardly move, yes, but it helped.

If this was a romance novel, I’d be the tragic heroine.

And sooner or later, my hero would swoop in and save me.

Pfft, yeah right.

As if those stupid tropes happen in real life.


Bill’s POV

“Man, this place stinks,” I exclaimed as I looked around.

First day of school in a new town, or country rather, and I was already ready to return to the city.

It was too soon to give up, however, I knew my heroine was waiting for me. All I needed now was to look for the most popular girl.

But since this was a high school, my goal was to find that special character that enabled my role as the main character easier.

I needed a side character.

For male leads like me, it was inevitable that I’d find the side character, the one who had information about every girl in the school but had no chance in hell of ending up with any of them.

His best bet would be to be the heroine’s friend.

Characteristics include: he would be a dork, and that would make me look good. Also, as it’s a Monday, he would probably be the kid getting bullied.

I looked around and found a kid being hassled by a bigger kid.

“Hey, Rodman, looking as dumb as usual,” the bigger kid said, “Could you lend me some cash? I promise I’ll pay you back.”

“No, you won’t, Kevin,” Rodman replied.

“I know,” he said.

Rodman sighed and handed him the lunch money.

“Thanks, Rodman. Stupid name by the way,” Kevin said, and his goons started leaving.

Rodman sighed and started to place his books into his locker.

On closer look, he didn’t look bad, but his face had a few pimples, and he had a squeaky voice probably due to puberty.

I’ve read about characters like him before.

He was an ugly duckling character. He was definitely going to turn into a delectable hunk. We’ll slay a lot of chicks in the future as a duo.

“Hey, Rodman,” I called.

He turned to look at me.

“Bill O’Hare is the name, and I’m your new friend,” I said proudly.

He looked around to see if I was talking to someone else.

“If you want my lunch money, Kevin has it,” he said.

“Nonsense, I don’t want your money, peasant,” I said, “I’m here for your talent.”


“You know all the popular girls here, right?”

He nodded.

“Good, now I’ll need all the info I can get, but before that,” I said, “I need to become unpopular.”

“But… how?”

“It’s quite simple, all I have to do is be in the presence of you that is already unpopular, and the rest would be smooth sailing,” I replied.

“Yeah… I don’t know.”

“You see, my friend, I also have a trait of unpopularity,” I smirked.

“And what would that be?”

“I love ROMANCE NOVELS!” I yelled.

And just like that… just by that one exclamation… I became unpopular.

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