Book cover of “Fables of the Past: Medusa. Book 2“ by Erarexon

Fables of the Past: Medusa. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Erarexon
Those golden orbs were windows to her soul, she could see in them and find herself more beautiful than she ever imagined…divine, Rhysand’s eyes were divine, stunning. His chest was inked with a wolf howling to the moon and her lips itched to kiss him on his heart. Touch him like he was her god and tug his chocolate silky strands. If Rhysand thoug... 

Chapter 1. Prologue

Malodorous odor filled the atmosphere engulfed in smoke. Cruel laughter of the rogues is the only sound which could be heard in between the chaos trying to shatter the foundation of humanity.

The houses were ransacked brutally and again a whole village was wiped out without spilling a single drop of blood.

The King of Rogues watched the whole ordeal without blinking, he despised those weak creatures who didn’t use their full potential to achieve what is fated, instead they accepted to be tied down to a mate and live the life of nothingness.

He killed his own mate with his bare hands; the shine dimming in her eyes satisfied him to his core, no more interruptions and obstacles in his ambition.

And now his ultimate dream is coming true and soon he would be the undisputed King of the werewolves.

All because of her. The Rogue King wrapped his arm around her shoulders trying to distract the petite girl but she remained rooted in her position. He hated everything which could be breathing but her… oh! He loves her.

Why wouldn’t he? She is his strength, his biggest weapon but is she? No, the girl is his pride. The only thing which he loves far more than his ambition.

On the other hand her mind is swirling with self-loathing and soul being devastated…again. She is the reason for this catastrophe, is the sole reason why the Rogue King managed to win each and every battle without losing a single soldier.

A lone tear trailed down her cheek followed by others.

“Hush, sweetheart, don’t cry. You saved them, no one died.” Her head snapped to him in fury.

“You are a monster!”

“No, my love, you are a monster.” His hand gently moved her chin in the direction of the destruction.

“Look at their figures, once living but now carved into stone, heart no longer beating and blood no longer flowing, they are dead and, sweetheart, I didn’t make them that way, you did. You took their chance of life away.”

“My Lord! The victory is ours.”

“I KNOW YOU FOOL! MOVE AWAY FROM HER SIDE.” The rogues were not all bad and the perfect example of that was the subordinate commander Lucien.

He saw her crying and couldn’t help himself but scoot closer to comfort her. She is dear to Lucien and his heart clenched when he realized it was inevitable that she would be used again and again till her soul cracks with the burden of lives she had taken.

And the day will not far when the filthy Rogue king paints the entire kingdom red with blood to ascend the throne.

But if the Rogue King would be the Highest Lycanthrope Monarch, what would make the silver haired girl who had her small fists clenched and crystal tears streaming down her face?

It will make her the heiress of the throne of Lycanthrope, the only daughter of the Rogue King – Princess Medusa.

Oh you wish it was that simple.

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